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your eyes are silent

15 Apr

Title comes from a Mondegreened line of Sigur Rós’ Gobbledigook. No idea what the actual line is.
Cannot think properly because my dad is playing the Strokes really loudly and Julian Casablancas is confusing my fingers. Baahhh.

I tried to write more songs today, all I ended up with were new lyrics for White Winter Hymnal, something based on Sun Hands, and the aforementioned mondegreens of Gobbledigook. Dammit! I wish I could write legit songs. Maybe over the summer something will click and I’ll be the new Zach Condon (No.) and write brilliant orchestrar stuff. Ppffft. Wish me luck.
On the other hand, I was looking through Goodbye Foom (the guy who does Pictures For Sad Children’s livejournal) and noticed that he’d put a link to the song he was listening to under the post. So I tried a few out. There was one (good) by Real Estate, but I’d already heard of them so I moved on. A few tracks later, I came to a song by…uh… I wrote them down, and the paper’s on my bedside table, but I don’t want to get up ‘cos I am really freakin’ tired. And comfy.
Taschen? Nothing to say about it. I am surprisingly warming up to the idea of being his accquaintance and nothin’ more. Hum!

you gave all of your savings to the poor

10 Apr

Alright! What happened this week?

I read about 7/8ths of Jacob’s book before giving it back to him, whih bugs me because it was rather good and I would like to finish it. It’s called Franny and Zooey, and it’s by the great J. D. Salinger. (Thank you, Wil.). Would reccommend. It’s not that long, you can probably get through it in two hours.
Annyway, what else? Ah- Kathleen and Rayquan and I went down to Art Thursday to satisfy the demented whims of our art teacher. There was a guy in one of the galleries who was putting on some sort of avant-garde thing; he had a bunch of rectangles of rusty metal lying about or propped up. I felt bad for him, so I talked to him and managed to drop a Stanley Kubrick reference (SCORE) before awkwardly leaving.
Then we schalomphed (that is definitely not a Yiddish word) around and ended up sitting awkwardly in the restaurant below Natasha’s house and listening to her and her dad screaming back and forth about what she was wearing. Oookay.
Didn’t record Gobbledigook yet. Shame. I’m going to bring in my snare next week and be PRO-ACTIVE about this! Jamesey, you should be proud!
Now that I’m done recapping the interesting parts of the days I missed, I can tell you about today: the NHS annual fashion show. Woo? I have to be at the Palms (a hotel) from 3:30 to midnight. Seriously? Way to sabotage my weekend, NHS… but at least it’s something to do, haha. And there are people I enjoy hanging out with that will be there as well, so I don’t think it’ll be quite as bad as I’ve heard from previous goers.
Also, I have a shitload of homework. FFFFFFFFFFFF.

Will write more later, probably at the show, but if I do the post won’t be up until tomorrow.

in the morning

7 Apr

Oh my.

Things aren’t exactly looking up for my family, financial-wise. We have a buttload of taxes to pay, and my parents are stressing out over it, which osmoses to me and makes me feel a little unbalanced.
So: going to blog.

Well, besides the above, today was alright. I got carcinogenic printing ink on my hands, woo-hoo. I also got hugged like twelve times, which was great and made my day a little better.
Here’s the main reason I started writing this post:
I want to do a cover of the Sigur Rós song Gobbledigook. Desperately. So, I am looking for volunteers to help me, whether they are singing or drumming or clapping. So far I have about four people helping me, which is more than none. If you read this blog and you go to my school, please comment if you would like to help. The song is beautiful and loud and is not that hard to learn, especially if you want to drum. I think we’re going to record it on Friday. Maybe. Possibly. There are a lot of variables. We’ll see how it goes.

Wrote a bunch of poems today, for some reason they are all love poems written from the perspective of an already-established relationship. Weird? Maybe a little.
Or a lot. I don’t know why I can’t write anything but these sappy-ass poems…
Here’s one.

neither Sodom nor Gommora could hold our fire-
we exploded in a cloud of smoke when
our lips first touched- like rose petals brushing
and it sent a crackling, burning spark down my spine.
Let’s burn this place down.
Let’s be the new Prometheus.
We will introduce the world to the smouldering coals in their souls.
We will begin anew/pheonixes rising, rising
Too long to write out all of it, really, and about a third of it is crap. Meh.
I had a creative moment today.

Will write more later- also, this is post 300. I’d like to take this moment to thank you guys for reading, for giving me a reason to write every day. Thanks. I couldn’t have gotten this far without knowing you guys were waiting for my next post.


heimsdalgate like a promethian curse

5 Apr

Pretty sure I spelled something in that title wrong, who cares.
Well, did pretty much nothing today. Tommorrow is gonna be a Crapsack Monday, woo-frickin’-hoo, so I guess I’d better enjoy my dwindling hours of semi-freedom by writing a post.
And here I am.

Nothing to write about at the moment. Absolutely nothing. There are no little clever things popping out from my brain saying “Write about me! I’m exciting!”. There are no terrible puns trying to get me shot. (Metaphorically.)
And I didn’t do my French homework. Crap!

Well, okay, here’s something: I got my report card today. Apparently they forgot that I didn’t do the “mandatory” physical fitness testing. Yay! I love passing through the radar like that! I didn’t even really have to hide, unlke Jamesey or Jenna-with-a-J. Haha! I feel triumphant!
And on the subject of report carding, I am floating by quite nicely. Maybe not getting straight As, but how about straight B+s? That’s alright in my book, at least.

Goin’ to bed. Will write tomorrow.

4 Apr

happy easter, first of all, to those of you that practice Christianity. Yay Jesus!, I suppose.

Had some really freakin’ weird dreams last night.
In one, I was camping out in this giant warehouse-like building very similar to the huge flea market place in Paris. Nathan, Jenna-li, and I shared a little tent, and I got to keep the key.
The next day, I find that My Morning Jacket is playing a concert right next to our school, so I buy tickets (even though it’s in the middle of class) for my parents and me.
The concert is loud as fuck, they plqy Steam Engine as their first song, I am trying not to sing along as I am sitting next to an emo couple who send me death glares every time I do. Jeff James comes down off the stage and chats with me a while, then abruptly bursts back into song.
And that’s about all I remember. Not the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, but it was a good one and made me feel all concerty when I woke up.

Still sick. Bleh.

Going to…to…do something?

hendumst í hringi holdumst í hendur

3 Apr

What did I do today? Honestly, not all that much. I did make cupcakes and order some t-shirts from the lovely folks over at Sharing Machine (I got the I AM AWESOME hotdog, the one with the captain, and the koala farts one), and updated my iPod software over the course of a few hours. The pop-up said it’d take ten minutes. LIES.

Also, sorry for the lack of meaningful writing recently. I have been sick and floppy-feeling, and that flop has leaked its way into my writing. Daaang! What a letdown.
What else? Um, I have a Band Of Horses song stuck in my head, it is called Funeral and is not that bad despite suddenly being brought to the forefront of preteen minds thanks to this new show that features a character singing it for a talent show. It is pretty great. I always kind of wanted to listen to those guys, but then got distracted by Arcade Fire or Neutral Milk Hotel or some other band and left poor Band Of Horses in the dust. It’s okay! I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll listen to you someday!
Jeez. Played six rounds of canasta wih my family, don’t want to be concious anymore so going to bed. Night!

early 70s gymnastics

16 Mar

Feeling marginally better, which is nice. Still have a terrible sore throat, but I think I’ll be able to go in tomorrow.
So! What did I do today? Nothing. Nothing useful whatsoever. Hopefully tomorrow stuff will be done and cool things will happen, but atm I cannot think about future possibilities as my head is fit to burst and I’m thinking in loops of thought as opposed to more coherent sentences. My condolences.

Here, some midnight drabbles. Been a while since I’ve written any, hasn’t it?
my heart beats like a drum, reverberating through my shattered frame my enlightened skeleton. But our inhibited mysteries flood your soul. Leak through the openings. I am unsure of any an bass great guy he kind of bugs us [I cannot read the rest of this page at all.]
Inside the other rules and rumours when the sunbeams dodge the universal id our minds were sprained those social beauties crave terror-stricken heads under the planned escapades of thousands within our edgy thing that allowed off with the quiet team therapy
[next page:]
Oh the fickle stew of love, it thunders through my bones like a tiny apocalypse now under the skin under her bones she was nothing if not terrible. You are not the sort of person we’d known if given the chance-however unlikely. Your wrist? Gone. Back muscles? Yes. I don’t care about the cinema, but if you love the people make seams they have and hunt (scribbles) toast toast toaetsnfk
Lately I’ve been kind of lax about writing these. Going to do some tonight.

Will write tomorrow.