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4 Apr

happy easter, first of all, to those of you that practice Christianity. Yay Jesus!, I suppose.

Had some really freakin’ weird dreams last night.
In one, I was camping out in this giant warehouse-like building very similar to the huge flea market place in Paris. Nathan, Jenna-li, and I shared a little tent, and I got to keep the key.
The next day, I find that My Morning Jacket is playing a concert right next to our school, so I buy tickets (even though it’s in the middle of class) for my parents and me.
The concert is loud as fuck, they plqy Steam Engine as their first song, I am trying not to sing along as I am sitting next to an emo couple who send me death glares every time I do. Jeff James comes down off the stage and chats with me a while, then abruptly bursts back into song.
And that’s about all I remember. Not the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, but it was a good one and made me feel all concerty when I woke up.

Still sick. Bleh.

Going to…to…do something?

she flew down down down

17 Jan

Gah probly going to sleep some more, but wanted to write down my dream first:
It was my birthday party, I am at a beach with two pools that somehow looks like Christiansted, and my mother and father are drinking gin while waiting for people to arrive. Well, Fauberge does, Hove does, Genna does, oddly enough Will does… Basically, a lot of people I wouldn’t expect.
I don’t remember the specifics, but I ended up holding Hove’s hand quite often, much to the dismay of my mother. My father couldn’t care less.
There was also a bit with an assassin, bit that didn’t have any relevance to the rest of the dream.
It felt pretty real, though, Hove’s hand clasped in mine…