Wouldn’t you like to know, nosy little bugger that you are.

My name is Blare, my last name begins with a C, I am the only one with that name on Facebook which makes me very easy to find and kind of sets me on edge in case I become some sort of an evil overlord/genius type. The chances of that happening are very slim, but I worry sometimes anyway, because I have a paranoiac personality and that is what you do if you have a paranoiac personality.

My birthday is August 16. I am old enough to do some things but not nearly old enough to do others, which I guess is pretty much the norm.

I have a dog and a typewriter and I’m not afraid to use them. I also have heaps of internal boy-drama, which I spew out onto this blog. I’m sorry. You can skip the drama posts if you want, I have to make an option for that. It’ll be here soon.

Enough about me:



well okay some of these haven’t been asked yet but I’m nippin’ ’em in the bud, right? right?

Q. Why, in God’s name, would you unleash such blogging upon the Internet?

A. Things were bugging me. I wanted to write about them. Pretty much as simple as that. Though the early posts seem to think that they’re becoming part of some sort of music blog, they’re only partly right.

Q. Can I have the password for this post?

A. Maybe? It depends on who you are and if I’m able to trust you. Some of those passworded posts contain a lot of anger and just upsettingness, which is why they’re passworded. Don’t feel bad if I don’t give you the password, I’m just trying to keep some things under wraps and avoid drama. They all will, eventually, be deleted or moved to my SECRET BLOG of SECRETS. 

Q. Who is “(insert codename here)”

A. Depends. Some codenames are still being used, and are used on request of the person mentioned. Others are just me being my normal cautious self. (Though I’m real bad at making codenames that people actually don’t figure out. Strange? Yeah.) The codenames I have given away are probably all back in January’s posts, and I do plan eventually to compile them and make some sort of cheat-sheet for people who don’t know my friends very well. Or me, for that matter.

Q. Would you recommend me some bands?


Q. How tall are you, anyway?

A. I do make a lot of “lol I’m tall” jokes, don’t I. I’m 6 feet, even. In meters that’s about 1.8, 1.9 m. I’m not sure. Somewhere around there.

Q. Do you do drawing commissions?

A. If you ask nicely. I’ll draw pretty much anything you’d like, and I don’t think I’d even ask for a price unless it was something really labour-intensive. Go for it!

Q. Do you have a (insert website here) page?

A. Probably. I have a page, feel free to friend me; a deviantArt page (though I don’t really post much up there anymore, I’m probably going to make a new one); a Tumblr (follow me!); a Twitter (please follow me); and actually a TVTropes contributor page (just search “brosandi,” okay?). I used to have a Neopets one, though that was in seventh grade. I think my Neopets died.


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