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i feel i need

9 Apr

Sorry for the lack of posts from yesterday or earlier today; I didn’t feel like writing much.
There will be a proper post up tomorrow. Sorry guys!

mystical air ducts

30 Dec

Title took me like an hour to type out on my iPod (my fingers are too big and hit more than one letter at a time), but really has no relevance. I am almost over my cold! Woohoo! And I have not taken any drugs whatsover! Yeah!
See, a triumph for holistic medicine. My mother really got into it a few years ago and started buying thick volumes of “Nature’s Drugstore” and “Crystal Energy” and the like. Her acupuncturist also is big on that sort of thing (well, he’s kind of a licensed practitioner of it) and happens to have thousands of varieties of Chinese herb-pills. Jars of which are filling up our medicine cabinet.
That aside, I do not doubt their usefulness/potency. My mother had bought some ‘cold prevention’ pills while the whooping cough outbreak was going on at school, and forced my sister and I to take them every single day. Hannah (my sister) got pneumonia (she’s better now, it didn’t last long) and I didn’t get sick at all. Nice!

Also, one final business statement: If you are mentioned in this blog by your real name and do not like it, please tell me and I will remove all instances of your name and replace them with something like “a friend of mine.” I try to not put others’ identities in the spotlight, but sometimes I slip up a little. Please bear with me.

Will write more in a few hours, I think.