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sudden realizations

13 Jan


I now will be able to do stuff in art class on friday. Hurray! Of course, this is given that my art teacher doesn’t censor my ideas.

Been sort of mentally writing stories about people I see- sort of like literary people-watching. For example, I saw this guy completely encased in a Rastafarian-coloured sack just walking along the road, his head and feet sticking out a little. Did it make me laugh? Yes. Did I take a picture? Yes. Hypothetical backstory: he works at a flag shop and sewed two together to show his rastaman pride.
Contra is growing on me, I am going to go rip it in a few minutes.
Also: any songs I should learn to play?

i was once an owl

11 Jan

I wouldn’t mind having been an owl, or maybe a narwhal or something larege and aquatic (and yes, I know owls aren’t large nor aquatic, I am not that dumb).
So Vampire Weekend’s new album came out today. Jacob is thrilled. I am not.

Meh, don’t want to write about music right now, it uses too much brain. And shit, I have yoga tomorrow. Shiiiiiit.
Basically all I want to do right now is write about nonsense and listen to Skeletal Lamping, which is what I am doing so I am happy. I am pleased as Punch.
Also going to mess with the Recommended Listening page, swap some albums around (coff coff Skeletal Lamping, your days are numbered) and add some new things. I am also planning to make a new page for my drawings- of course, this is provided I can either wrangle myself a scanner or take good enough pictures.
And I want a typewriter with which to typewrite things.