somehow, everything has changed

14 Mar

what did I do today? um
changed the brake pads on the truck (my mom is getting insurance on it for me tomorrow or sometime soon, yay)
made garlic bread, ate a poached egg
laundry laundry laundry
decided to become a waterbuffalo
thought about drawing a comic

that was about it.
currently looking up Icelandic bands on a whim, I have passed one heavy-metal one (Blod) and one ambient electronica one that was actually pretty decent, but not enough to download (can’t even remember his name) and right now listening to this guy named Toggi play something. He hasn’t actually gotten around to playing yet, so I’m actually just listening to him make funny icelandic comments (I’m assumming they’re funny, people are laughing)
ffffff wow. He has a very thick accent, that’s my excuse, and I wasn’t really listening.
Decided to listen to it later. here’s the link:

I have a feeling this week is going to be one of those weeks spent boneless and spineless, as a jellyfish. I will blog about my journalism experiences. I will blog about my thoughts.
But there won’t be much else.

To everyone in Spain,
don’t get raped.
or pickpocketed
or shoehorned into running away from angry bulls.


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