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in the morning

7 Apr

Oh my.

Things aren’t exactly looking up for my family, financial-wise. We have a buttload of taxes to pay, and my parents are stressing out over it, which osmoses to me and makes me feel a little unbalanced.
So: going to blog.

Well, besides the above, today was alright. I got carcinogenic printing ink on my hands, woo-hoo. I also got hugged like twelve times, which was great and made my day a little better.
Here’s the main reason I started writing this post:
I want to do a cover of the Sigur Rós song Gobbledigook. Desperately. So, I am looking for volunteers to help me, whether they are singing or drumming or clapping. So far I have about four people helping me, which is more than none. If you read this blog and you go to my school, please comment if you would like to help. The song is beautiful and loud and is not that hard to learn, especially if you want to drum. I think we’re going to record it on Friday. Maybe. Possibly. There are a lot of variables. We’ll see how it goes.

Wrote a bunch of poems today, for some reason they are all love poems written from the perspective of an already-established relationship. Weird? Maybe a little.
Or a lot. I don’t know why I can’t write anything but these sappy-ass poems…
Here’s one.

neither Sodom nor Gommora could hold our fire-
we exploded in a cloud of smoke when
our lips first touched- like rose petals brushing
and it sent a crackling, burning spark down my spine.
Let’s burn this place down.
Let’s be the new Prometheus.
We will introduce the world to the smouldering coals in their souls.
We will begin anew/pheonixes rising, rising
Too long to write out all of it, really, and about a third of it is crap. Meh.
I had a creative moment today.

Will write more later- also, this is post 300. I’d like to take this moment to thank you guys for reading, for giving me a reason to write every day. Thanks. I couldn’t have gotten this far without knowing you guys were waiting for my next post.