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well i see you as you take your pride-

19 Feb

my lion(ess)

Today was quite magnificent. I don’t believe I’ve done nearly as little as I have today- oh, it was an awesome non-productive eight hours. I am a junior, I relish these things.

Kind of wishing I had some money with which to buy some CDs, but I’m saving it all up for France (assuming I’m accepted) to buy things at that Japanese store on Rue Mouffetard. Onigiri avec thon! I got one during Mini Gusto, Audrey couldn’t stand the smell of tuna in our hotel room but it was SO worth it. Delicious!
I also hope that wherever we stay has a proper shower, not the strange little bath/showerhead combo that was in our hotel. I didn’t figure out how to use it until the fourth day- I took a lot of baths. I like being nice ‘n’ clean.

Well, going to probably do some more redecorating tomorrow, perhaps- maybe I’ll go to the FrameUp and buy some new tubes of acrylic paint (or poster paint) ‘cos the ones I have are dried out and thouroughly unusable. Gonna paint somethin’!
Speaking of painting, the one I’m currently working on is nearly done. I need to retouch the background in some spots and shade the skeleton’s ribs nicely, and then I might do some minor changes at that point.

Gonna do a drypoint after that! I actually really, really like prints. I enjoy both the process of carving them out and actually printing them, but in terms of finished product I like the blocks better. They’ve got more personality or something, I guess.

Will write more either tonight or tomorrow; expect large amounts od midnight drabbles. Cheers!

i am satisfied

3 Feb

I had a huge lovely post written, but I did something and inadvertently deleted it all. Here, I’ll try again.

Did some midnight drabbles last night, here are all the ones I can feasibly decipher.
a diaphonous meniscus of terribleturtle dreams under an unfortunate derivation class. It is not their birthday but we will celebrate it anyway; you were part of another kingdom of wonders and well other things, I suppose. Death/pain is like the sound a piece of sheet metal makes, like a twanky twan monday besides my ballon well our hearts importants things and how are we going to pay to motley crüe umlaut.

Been having loud, rolling sweeping thoughts lately; thoughts that make me want to scream my discoveries to the heavens. I blame these sort of on the rolling lovely sweetness of the music I’ve been listening to, as well as the inherent mind-twisting properties of psychadelic music (even without drugs, it is a trip all of its own). I am imagining triumphant glowing landscapes. I am thinking of mortality, and even beyond that, the questions of beyond the grave.
It’s when I start thinking about that sort of thing that I start to feel very small, very organic: more a part of the macrocosm. We are, really, all marvels of biological engineering- how are we able to think? Chemical reactions. All we are, all we ever will be, is limited by the simplest compounds, the simplest ratios.
Oh, to anyone who wonders.

There’s also something that makes me cry about all this nonsense, all these chemicals rioting inside my brain. How does it all work? What, in essence, are we?
Is there such thing as a soul?

Well, hell if I know. But I’d like to be one of the first to find out.

Yo soy una extraña en esta lugar sin tí.

(I am a stranger in this place without you.)

sudden realizations

13 Jan


I now will be able to do stuff in art class on friday. Hurray! Of course, this is given that my art teacher doesn’t censor my ideas.

Been sort of mentally writing stories about people I see- sort of like literary people-watching. For example, I saw this guy completely encased in a Rastafarian-coloured sack just walking along the road, his head and feet sticking out a little. Did it make me laugh? Yes. Did I take a picture? Yes. Hypothetical backstory: he works at a flag shop and sewed two together to show his rastaman pride.
Contra is growing on me, I am going to go rip it in a few minutes.
Also: any songs I should learn to play?