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staring at the sun

6 Feb

so, even though I am quite an indie-geek, I have realized that I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to bands. I’m going to start making a list of bands I need to listen to (and possibly bother people about) in one of my books that I got for christmas. It has a monkey sitting on an alligator eating a mango on it. Awesome? Yes!

Listening to The English Beat (or just The Beat? That’s how Last.fm corrects it) and it is catchy as all go out. Ahaha, it makes me want to do a little dance. It’s proto-ska! It’s got the little horn stings! The syncopated guitar bits! Ahaha, I love this stuff. I cannot stand current ska (well, I don’t listen to it for hours in my room), but this is just on the high-key side of low-key.
If that makes any sense.

Well! Going to apply for the Paris summer programme today, I’ve filled everything out and am waiting for my mum to come home so she can yay or nay it. I am excited! I am also kind of bummed because the Bonnaroo artist list comes out on the ninth, and I will be very peeved if of Montreal and the Flaming Lips are playing and I do not get to see them. That would be terrible.

On the other front of confusion (was there an initial one? Ff, whatever-), I still haven’t reached a consensus about ANYTHING and I’m ripping my hair out over it. I’m doin’ pretty well sittin’ here in the middle, but eventually I’m gonna have to make a choice (I’ve got an elephant in my brain, reminding me), and that’s going to be the hardest thing I’ll do. Well, at least in high school.

…I have three Sigur Ros albums.

That is pretty cool. I am going to get more. Maybe Von? Probably Agaetis Byjrun (or however the devil it’s spelled).

As soon as I write three or four songs, I am going to record them. Then I am going to make people listen to them. And then I’m going to check off one of my things to do before I explode. THAT IS MY GOAL TODAY; WRITING SONGS.

Except I am absolute crap at doing so.

what in the name of robert plant is going on

9 Jan

Dang I had some good dreams last night. Quick recap:
The one that’s really clear in my memory right now took place at a beach with a low floating pier that a bunch of people were swimming beside. I was swimmin’ alongside Taschen and a few of hs friends, and we were talking about the Steam Age. I pointed out that if they’d invented vinyls (in the dream I said it “vin-yulls” but then correceted myself) back then, who knows where we’d be today.
Apperently Taschen liked that idea, and he laughed for a bit. Suddenly, the pier (rocking back and forth) forced us close together and he kissed me.
As we swum back towards the beach, one of his friends said to me, “oh, btw we’re water spirits. Taschen just took your soul.”
Cut to a trailer on the beachside, I am telling Genna and Lil about this encounter and taking a shower at the same time. Suddenly Kiaya appears, sees I’m in the shower already and expresses regret, which makes Lil ask me if I used the outdoor shower. I say no. She reaches in and turns the knob all the way to the “cold” side and doesn’t let me fix it for a full five minutes. A conversation with Jamesey about how much ick dudes spew followed… Then I woke up and cursed quietly to myself.
Second dream I am a lot more unsure about, but it involved Jake (not the formerly known as Accquaintance one) and some girl I didn’t know. Apparently Jake could turn into a woodpecker by twisting his elbow a certain way, and we all watched while he flew around. I was wearing a hoodie with a patterned inside of the hood (yes, I remember stuff like that). It culminated in Jake giving me a hug after trying to turn into a seagull twenty times and failing. Woke up and turned over.
Last dream I really don’t remember, I think it may have to do with Hove lying on his stomach but I could be wrong.

Dang I’m glad I remember these suckers. I love having dreams.

reeling beneath my skin

7 Jan

now i’m crying.

Fu- no, no; this is not the right time for that, this is a time for the tears to flow, for my heart to try to heal itself.

Why am I so affected?

Why do I want to leave this place?

Why do I want someone to encase me in a warm hug?

Well, hell if I know, but i am a gibbering mess right now and would love to vanish, maybe, into the clouds above and rematerialize somewhere where I can cry out all my tears and fix this torn heart of mine.
Hove, Faschen- where are you when I need you?

And not even the relentless joy of Steam Engine can help me now.

let’s pretend we don’t exist

4 Jan

Let’s pretend we’re in antarctica!
Haha, awesome song. Anyway.
Got my report card today, I am doin’ pretty okay if I do say so myself, all As and Bs. My parents, however, are rather nitpicky and continually ask me to do better and better. Okay, so I don’t always do my homework in French class. Okay, so I am extremely bad at getting good results for Chem labs.
I am not a perfectionist; however, my parents are and expect me to be one as well. My little sister is, so they are happy with her (she also has a reason to get good grades besides university), and thus heap their attention on my scores.
I, for the record, am extremely apathetic about these scores.

But that’s a long-winded arguement for another day, so I’m going to tack right to another topic:
Yo Gabba Gabba.
This is the most awesome kids’ show ever. They have musical guests like mgmt and of Montreal play on the show. Andy Samberg did a little dance with some anthropomorphic things. They are encouraging hipster babies.

I currently have the song of Montreal did for them, “Brush Brush Brush,” stuck in my head. It is, quite appropriately, about brushing teeth, but so extremely catchyyyyyuuhhghg

Also, downloaded Rökkurró’s song Ferdilangurinn, it is the best thing ever.

that my soul can take two stowaways

3 Jan

listening to Interpol, wondering why I’ve been up since seven and have not been able to sleep since. I want to sleep more. I had a dream that was awesome and involved a lot of wish-fufillment. I want to re-dream that.

Also, school starts on Thursday, so I am doing laundry and trying to figure out how to solve this one pre-calc problem that is making my head hurt. I do not like trigonometric identities because I can’t remember them. I should fix that.
Today I’m gonna download some music offa iTunes (namely Crystallised and the Justice remix of Electric Feel and Rokkurro’s song Ferdilangurinn) then do some drawing/comicking. I got really inspired to draw last night at like eleven, but I was tired and full and decided to wait till the morning. Way to go, self. Now I’m not even sure what I was thinking of.

No midnight drabbles today, sorry.

And for the record, I’ve explained the main plot of House of Leaves three times now. It takes roughly a half-hour. I am going to do another post right after this one, but on the computer (typing this on my iPod, hence spelling errors) so I can type more quickly.

Alright! Mission recieved!

chez youri

2 Jan

Achat & vente vinyls.
The above is from a shopping bag I got in France, appropriately from a used-record store. It was probably the coolest place I’ve ever bought music from. Basically, there was a giant (seemingly abandoned, as well) building with about forty little flea markety shops stuffed into it. This recod shop was on the second level, tucked away, and the only reason I found it was the jazz music (might have been Dizzy Gilespie; I can’t remember) spilling out gently from the doors. I remember the smell, too- musty, like cardboard left in water then dried slowly.

I want to go back. I want to go back.


16 Dec

Studying for the Chem test tomorrow w/ Genna, listening to Kevin Barnes being rather unsubtle about boning some chickiwick.
Kind of a good day today, took a shitload of Art History notes and list the plate for a print, as well as finding a real cool one in the trash can. I took it home. I am not sure who made it, though I suspect it may be Acquaintance Jake’s.
But anyway. Everyone has been given their poor-artist christmas gifts (aka prints). I am pretty happy.
Will write more later.