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in the eye of os gemeos

10 Jan

Probably wrong about the Portuguese in the title, I do not speak it.
Went to Caroline’s sleepover, it was fun and I stayed up till 4 and am just now suffering the consequences. Ugh. This is probably the closest to a hangover I’ve ever come (albeit without the puking). Fortunately, I can still think and speak coherently, though that may only be due to the amount of sugar I’ve ingested since ten this morning. Also, vanilla Tootsie Rolls look like baby schlongs, according to Lil. Ah, we are entertaining people.
Well, what am I going to do for the rest of the day? Loaf around, possibly draw a bit, maybe play some Left 4 Dead with my dad… A normal Sunday. Also have to study for the ridiculous Chem test tomorrow. Gah.
My mother is talking about planting trees, I am suddenly very afraid that my loafing will be compromised.
Also, someone recommended a German band for me on Last.fm, I am going to check it out and give you the verdict. Might be something pretty great! Excitement!

difficulty befriending puffins

8 Dec

well, currently sitting in the Pub, probably should be somewhere else but I am too apathetic to even give half of a shit. Instead, I will sit here, pipe Passion Pit loudly into my ear, and attempt to ignore Bortglomt over there who is doing…something.

I just ripped the Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead, and I finally realized: it’s VICAR in a Tutu, rather than “BABBLING in a Tutu”. This makes quite a bit of my life suddenly make sense. Also, bubbles.

The kid next to me, presumably a freshman, is writing something about magical metal detectors. That find jewels. He is also watching Stewie (from Family Guy) shove someone down the stairs multiple times. I see no humor in this. I see no awesome in wistfully watching Bortglomt from across the room. I see no awesome in listening to him babble about colleges.

I see no awesome in today, thus far.

And Jamesey just asked me about French homework, much to my chagrin- I kind of suck at helping people with homework, which is why I kind of went “eh imparfait and conditional” then slowly slinked away back to my chair. There is nothing to write about today. There is nothing to do today.

Today is just a big glomp of nothing.

(and I am still wistfully staring at Bortglomt from across the room. Damned beautiful people!)