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31 Mar

Listening to 4, why am I so addicted to this record? It is chill psychadelic elevator music and makes me think of long car rides winding through mountains and over streams. It is smooth, it is lilting, it is a little like the inside of my head is when I’m relaxed and calm. It imparts a softness to the room that lasts longer than the actual CD. And I could listen to it for hourson end.

Besides that, feeling a little apprehensive for tomorrow as there is a chem test and I have been gone for two days. Shiiiiiiiiit. I am a little screwed.
Also: April Fool’s Day. It is tomorrow! I have a feeling someone is going to play a horribly mean prank on me, just to make me feel bad. I hope not. I am very, very gullible and would probably burst out crying.
I have a hunch it’ll be love-related. Fffff…

Will write a little more later.

labrynthine pomp

31 Mar


Today sucked. I got a bunch of tests back that I forgot I’d taken, and I did pretty bad on all of them. Report cards are coming home today. I am screwed the fuck over.

Will write after my parents attack my fat ass. Shit!

sweater on the ocean floor

30 Mar

Quiz Bowl! Woo!
I’m currently in the lobby of the ghetto hotel, sitting next to Kathleen and Wil. Mr. Marin is talking about how great we all are, I am not listening because it makes me embarrassed to be complimented so eloquently.
Feel like a hot water bottle, all squishy and warm. Meh. We have another two hours to wait here before the games actually start, so might as well blog a little. I figured somethin exciting would happen as I was writing this, but no. Nothing.

Will write more later, when there are things to write about.


30 Mar

Lost a game, won a game, going to bed exhausted and limp.

I got angry and am feeling the effects of it now: tired, kind of annoyed, wanting to get a hug.
There is a reason I don’t get angry often. I have a very, very long fuse, but it burns quickly and then smoulders for hours.


sun hands

30 Mar


My nose is running, my head hurts, I am thinking in loops of thought, this sucks and I want to die.

(Metaphorically speaking, that is.)

We got 2nd place. Woo!

Going to sleep. Will write more when able to think/function properly.

i will sing you songs

27 Mar

Home at last. Home, home, home… it is wonderful to be back in the warmth and the sun.  Hopefully tonight Lil and I will be able to do something, otherwise I am packing and doing laundry for the day. Woo!

Nothing else to report at the moment.

Here! A picture!

second addition

26 Mar

Also, I apologise for the lack of order in these posts. They should, properly, go:

And by my spouse,
One big holiday,
and it’s a choice,
why do we all go in flames,
first time high,
stock och stern,
blue sky,
people always told me,
under the sky-eye,
målerås finest,
migration wind,
but it’s now or never