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it rolls on

19 Jan

Well, having my second go at getting my driver’s license. Ugh, I’m not that excited about it- it is rather stressful.
Well, if I manage to parallel park all nicely, I’m good to go- I can drive rather well on the open road, thanks very much.


We’ll see how it goes.

And as for the aforementioned Hove question, still mulling it over.

not an awesome day

3 Dec


This is the Alvin Band. They are like Animal Collective except with Vampire Weekend doing all the “wooo”s in the background. So great! So great! I need to get one of their albums! So great!



So today started out great and then abruptly bellyflopped into terrortastic areas of ugh. I drove today, it was great, didn’t run into anything and parallel parked correctly. Is this truly the greatest test of teenagehood? Driving exams?

I look a mess at the moment, but today Bortglomt and I- our eyes met again, and I was the first to look away. Is it okay? Is it okay to be so darndedly in love? Is it okay to not care what anyone else thinks as long as he looks me straight in my eyes and send shivers up my spine?

god, I sound so lovelorn, but this is only a one-sided relationship and will not amount to anything, you know.