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elephant in your brain

4 Feb

Reminding you you’ve got to make a choice: put his arms around you slow, ‘cos you tense up like an armadillo…

Sorry, got a little carried away there with the lyrics ‘n’ all.
My room smells like incense. It is rather nice. I am suffering from over-internet usage (and yeah, I know, this is also the internet but I DON’T CARE

Today, besides being awesome, was just one long day of Taschen & Hove battling it out inside my cranium. Not going to comment any more on that-

More midnight drabbles! These are from Tuesday, I think.
The meaningless statues of our fathers’ childhood have become another villain to fight with our popularity figures who wear for to may gin and tonic. We would have known your practical preparations, yearling right alone with you I decided to change the feelings but never too, perhaps I’ll not make a fool of myself especially seeds
There is a lot I wish I could read, but the ink overlaps itself in so many areas it is incomprehensible.
I want to sleep, but I know it is too early as of yet. Could I be reeling at this moment? Circling, waving like a flag in the breeze, wihout moving at all, yet- steam engine through me, my heartbeat an engine’s steady throb, a hum that permeates thought and soul and body
Of course, I am a waxing poetic, weaving my sentences together in time, time, time, and a sort of Runic rhyme- well I suppose this is where I leave, drop me off at my stop, please.

it reels and calls us

28 Dec

Drinkin’ sinus-clearing tea, hopefully it does me some good as my nose is running like Jesse Owens. But I’m recovering. I hate being sick. It is the most feeble thing for me to be, all sniffly and pathetic rather than my usual She-Hulk stride. Bah. Plus I also hate the hundreds of Oriental pills my mother forces me to take, ones that probably have mandrake root and lemongrass ground up inside.
I like lemongrass, actually. Smells delicious.
I just caught a sneeze. Hell yeah.

Aaaalso, also also, I believe I may have boken Agætis’ heart again. Well shitshrooms. Hopefully he does not dwell on what has been said- oh, have I mired myself in a swamp of friendship-turned-romance? Dear god I hope not.

Also, I have a prom plan. Ooohoo. I am not the sort of chickadee who waits for a guy to ask her to prom. No. I am asking peeps. The first one is Bortglomt, though I am pretty damn sure he is going to decline. Then I go to Agætis, who I believe will accept, but if not I go to Jamesey. Well, if he doesn’t accept I start asking random dudes. That’ll work eventually.

Haha! Oh, this’ll be fun.

Aaand going pier jumping tomorrow, woohoohoo.

Will write more later tonight, probably in the next ten minutes.