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two thousand and ten

31 Dec

Well, only a few hours to go.

I kind of wish I could spend New Years with my friends rather than my parents-maybe have a little champagne (like a single glass- I am not an advocate of binge drinking) and count down together, loudly. Haha! Oh that would be fun. Perhaps next year, if I can arrange it.

I think it’s about time for an AWESOME THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THIS YEAR list. So:

•France. I went there.
•New Orleans. The Quiz Bowl team goes there and proceeds to have a blast. Besides Monty, of course, who sat in his hotel room and ate Pop-Tarts and drank Coke. Ew.
•Ryan first sets foot on island.
•Sierra comes down to visit, tells me about all her boy-drama and gets burned at the beach
•I get into DUNGEN.
•MJ dies.
•The 80s experience mass revival by teenagers
•Passion Pit.
•The Xx.
•I go to Vancouver.
•I get a bass!
• Kyle and Lillian finally are an item… for a month. Then Kyle starts being a bit of a dick and the relationship decays from there, leading to me squishing the tears out of Lil.
•iPhones. Everyone has them.
•Death Note. Bleach. Japanese things are suddenly very cool.
•Lots of new album/EP releases (see earlier post re: releases)
•Bortglomt worms his way into my conciousness
•Lonely Island.
• Flipper babies make Wil cry (from laughter)
•I watch Donnie Darko and instantly respect Jake Gyllenhal
• Sudden Kid A epic
• I start this blog!
•White Denim
•Another Bonnaroo
•French class suddenly gets REALLY HARD
• A Clockwork Orange. Stuck. In my head.
• Dark Knight, Avatar, New Moon all released

I can proabably think of more, but I’ll finish this list tomorrow.
One more blog post today. Probably at eleven/12 or so.

a universe of petticoats

31 Dec

well it is raining. Woo-hoo, festive weather.

I’ve been internet-overdosing lately, but for some reason my dreams aren’t reflecting it, which is okay. But last night I dreampt that I got my report card from the office and I’d failed World History. I took that class last year. My mother proceeded to freak out at me, not for failing, but for jumping around on springy shoes.
Trippy dream. I woke up all paranoid that my mom was gonna burst in and yell at me about my grades.

Also did some midnight drabbles last night, here they are:
oysters/ you are my personal machine, my robot my crab my scorpion of how how does the moonlight do that to our eyes, you are heavy and unweildly but I think you are wonderful nonetheless.
Our malchicks are yelling terror-sounding slovos, they’re not hurt stains there’s only us our pride our trust our sad goodbyes our mothers’ cries there’s something new
Oh you are mine.
Sometimes it frightens me, makes me sick ‘n’ stupid over the phone in my mind I sound a lot more intelligent. You are sad and disjointed.
Funeral pyres wires hires oh the rain, ruining almost everything and teaching you hey, that’s kinda cool, you know the way to San José baybe our flower petals shocking our coloured x-mas trees, japanese votes flowin’ round your feet into the terror and the beauty and the reeling and the reeling calls us crossed—
I wanna dry your tears every time you’re sad I wanna be your what’s happening. Let’s all be gaytastic even not every
You’re that blue kid thing kale kamiiiinnaaa

What the shit.
There was a page of completely unreadable scribbles, so I didn’t include any of that. Maybe another day I’ll take the time to decipher it. Today is not that day.

Will write more later.

gallery piece

30 Dec


This is a page for the Skeletal Lamping webcomic.

I drew it.

It is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever drawn. I am going to draw another page of it later,  based on the next verse (my favourite) which goes:

“I wanna squeeze your thighs/I wanna kiss your eye-/-lids and corrupt your dreams.”


Anyway, Kevin Barnes and his married-man sexiness aside, I sincerely hope that the person who is drawing/writing this comic is kind and uses my pages. If you haven’t checked the rest of the webcomic out, you really should: it’s on the Webcomics page or (if you’re lazy like me) here. It’s awesome. It is also a little unsafe for work (there are boobs w/e coverage)  but aside from that and a bit of swearing, quite PG.

Oh! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! Well, I’m gonna do some resolutions on here. Be ready, it’ll be a long list as I am quite a flawed person. Gonna have a fun time, drinkin’ coffee to stay up until like one. I will not fall asleep.

Neee-onnn biii-blllle, nee-onn bii-blle, it’s true

manhattan river line

30 Dec

Kind of feeling nostalgic.

Anyway. Today, once I finally got out of bed, I decided it would be “Dress Like You’re Going to a Concert” day. I don’t know why. But well, there was a lace petson-cozy in my closet and my awesome silk-screened eagle t-shirt had just been washed aaaand
Well, it was fun to run round the house. I like dressing up.

Currently on the couch debating whether I should recommend more bands for Jenna even though I’ve given her like fifty already. Haha. I love being part of the indie subculture.

Speaking of which, when did the indie subculture even pop into existence? Probably sometime around Radiohead’s advent. Maybe. Possibly… Well, it’s a question I will research, I’ll get back to y’alls on that.
Will write more later.

mystical air ducts

30 Dec

Title took me like an hour to type out on my iPod (my fingers are too big and hit more than one letter at a time), but really has no relevance. I am almost over my cold! Woohoo! And I have not taken any drugs whatsover! Yeah!
See, a triumph for holistic medicine. My mother really got into it a few years ago and started buying thick volumes of “Nature’s Drugstore” and “Crystal Energy” and the like. Her acupuncturist also is big on that sort of thing (well, he’s kind of a licensed practitioner of it) and happens to have thousands of varieties of Chinese herb-pills. Jars of which are filling up our medicine cabinet.
That aside, I do not doubt their usefulness/potency. My mother had bought some ‘cold prevention’ pills while the whooping cough outbreak was going on at school, and forced my sister and I to take them every single day. Hannah (my sister) got pneumonia (she’s better now, it didn’t last long) and I didn’t get sick at all. Nice!

Also, one final business statement: If you are mentioned in this blog by your real name and do not like it, please tell me and I will remove all instances of your name and replace them with something like “a friend of mine.” I try to not put others’ identities in the spotlight, but sometimes I slip up a little. Please bear with me.

Will write more in a few hours, I think.

indecipherable titles

29 Dec

This is great. This is the greatest thing ever. Formerly, I had to get up every hour or so to press play again. NOT ANYMORE! AHAHAHAHA! Now I can listen to Hissing Fauna for hours straight without moving at all! WHAT COULD BE BETTER.

Not much, actually. I ripped my new CDs today, found I wasn’t in much of an Arcade Fire mood today, instead I listened to White Denim for like four hours and now I’m gonna change it to Sigur Rós or something calm like that. Tomorrow morning I am definitely listening to Stadsvandringar. I have neglected it.

Oh and today, I was lying in bed and my sister suddenly walked in and shoved like nine quarters down my shirt, then walked out without an explanation. I was going to draw a comic about it, then realized I cannot draw my sister’s hair. Graaahh.

Also, completely differently, recently a LOT of people have been asking me for music advice. This is new. Usually I’m the one bugging Jacob and Wil about CDs, kind of like this:
“Hey hey you know that new (band name) album that came out what do you think of it and if it’s good could you burn it for me plleeeeeease?!”
Well, that’s usually the reaction I get from Jacob, followed by a “okay I guess” or a slow nod.
Usually Wil gives me a “meh, I don’t really like them all that much but I’ll burn it for you… I guess.”
Which makes me feel real guilty, but whatever. I have offered to burn him things in return, but he declines gently.
But! Those two aside, maybe six other people I know dig the same music I dig. There is Will (two Ls and the reason for the L-distinction, long story will be told later), who I inadvertently introduced to White Denim and who is into like fifty different genres (he makes his own beats and plays like eight instruments) but has really good taste. Then there’s Adara, who shares my clumsiness factor and whose father was in a band called (srsly) Scrotum Nosedive. Speaks for itself. She has Surfer Rosa in her room. There’s also Jenna, Jacob’s little sister who is not nearly as angry or apathetic, though she shares the same ridiculous sarcasm-skillage and music tastes. Though usually what I reccomend for her Jacob already has. Curses!

There are many more people, just I’m getting a little tired so I’m gonna sleep. Will write more tomorrow.

wihout a shadow of a doubting thomas

29 Dec

I am at the point in this break where I kind of want to go back to school. Sacrelige, I know, but I am starting to go a little crazy from the lack of sensory input. I would like to do things rather than sit at home and listen to my dad cough and complain about his cold. But there’s only a week or so left, so…

“and in a year, a year or so…”
Reminds me I have to listen to some Beirut tonight. I’ve been overdosing on Black Keys and White Denim since christmas, I need to mellow out a little.
And I need to write a formal review (okay, semiformal) of House Of Leaves. After I read it again. The first time, I just really wanted to see what would happen. This time, I’m looking for the nuances.

Will write more tonight, I’ve got to take a shower.

righting the boat

29 Dec

By personal request, Agætis is Ryan.

He just started up a new blog over at , you should probably check it out as he has some very cool videos that have been/are going to be posted.

Whelp, it’s morning. I am kind of numb right now, a little shocked but I’m okay, really. Maybe. Sort of.
Psh, it’s prom. Who cares if I go or not.

You know, I’m just gonna stop writing about that sort of thing, about personal matters, because they do not really make a difference in the way this world works, how it goes round. My stupid little fucking whines about life/love are not that important. I am a drama queen. I am a denizen of the stage.
And really, besides all that, I don’t want to be ignored. Shit, whenever I speak, try and tell a story, there’s always someone who’s ready to interrupt and ignore.
Like Morrissey writes: “There’s always someone, somewhere, with a big nose who knows, who’ll trip you up and laugh when you fall.”

Did some drabbles last night, I’ll see if I can decipher them.

it reels and calls us

28 Dec

Drinkin’ sinus-clearing tea, hopefully it does me some good as my nose is running like Jesse Owens. But I’m recovering. I hate being sick. It is the most feeble thing for me to be, all sniffly and pathetic rather than my usual She-Hulk stride. Bah. Plus I also hate the hundreds of Oriental pills my mother forces me to take, ones that probably have mandrake root and lemongrass ground up inside.
I like lemongrass, actually. Smells delicious.
I just caught a sneeze. Hell yeah.

Aaaalso, also also, I believe I may have boken Agætis’ heart again. Well shitshrooms. Hopefully he does not dwell on what has been said- oh, have I mired myself in a swamp of friendship-turned-romance? Dear god I hope not.

Also, I have a prom plan. Ooohoo. I am not the sort of chickadee who waits for a guy to ask her to prom. No. I am asking peeps. The first one is Bortglomt, though I am pretty damn sure he is going to decline. Then I go to Agætis, who I believe will accept, but if not I go to Jamesey. Well, if he doesn’t accept I start asking random dudes. That’ll work eventually.

Haha! Oh, this’ll be fun.

Aaand going pier jumping tomorrow, woohoohoo.

Will write more later tonight, probably in the next ten minutes.

upon these rocky shores we shall lay our heads

27 Dec

there is, and I know I go on about it so often and so repeatedly, triumph embedded deep within our souls.
I have to remember that every time I listen to Sigur Rós, as otherwise it makes me cry. You try listening to Vaka alone in your room. See what happens. It is deep and somber and makes some little piece of my heart, some ventricle, contract and pulse in sympathy. There is a deep underlying sadness in the song. I tried to listen to it once, when I was still recovering from various revelations that shook/shifted my universe (or at least the universe I knew) and I cried, oh I cried, but when it was all said and done, when the last notes had finally faded, I realized that I had nothing more to cry about. And I wiped the snot off my face and looked at myself in the mirror, red and blotchy and bloodshot, and smiled a little.

Ah, the past. As of Montreal writes, it is a grotesque animal, and in its eyes you see how completely wrong you can be.
I was pretty damn wrong, and am still feeling the effects with Wil and the others, but I am trying to fix my wrongs. Trying.