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my body is a cage

25 Feb

that keeps me from dancing wih the one I love, but my mind holds the key.

Looking forward to Sunday (and the subsequent day), I am going over to St. Thomas with Wil and Lil and Genna and J’nee and Dylan and Jorge and Ben and Matthew and Udi and I think that’s it. It is going to be wondrous fun! All us female types are rooming together, which will make for some interesting sleep arrangements (I usually thrash around in my sleep).
Actually, that reminds me of Science Bowl two years ago, when Genna and I were sharing a room with blissfully seperate beds. I kind of half-woke up in the middle of the night, staggered over to Genna thinking “She looks cold,” and fell asleep on top of her. She had a fever. She continually reminds me of that sleepwalking episode, which is probably the only one that I’ve had.
Sleep is very, very strange. Usually I sleep like a worn-out five-year-old; soundly and limp as a towel. I am not easy to move when asleep: 157 pounds of deadweight is not fun to lift.
But I dream.
I dream often and vividly, and lately I’ve started writing down bits of my dreams so I’ll remember them. I haven’t had a nightmare in at least eight years now, partly because I realize halfway through said nightmare that it’s a dream so I start over again, and also probably because I have three dreamcatchers hangin’ by my head.

Gahhh headache feels like someone’s driving long nails through my cranium


Oh, and previous post is merely a list of inside jokes that I need to remember. Nothin’ special.

well i see you as you take your pride-

19 Feb

my lion(ess)

Today was quite magnificent. I don’t believe I’ve done nearly as little as I have today- oh, it was an awesome non-productive eight hours. I am a junior, I relish these things.

Kind of wishing I had some money with which to buy some CDs, but I’m saving it all up for France (assuming I’m accepted) to buy things at that Japanese store on Rue Mouffetard. Onigiri avec thon! I got one during Mini Gusto, Audrey couldn’t stand the smell of tuna in our hotel room but it was SO worth it. Delicious!
I also hope that wherever we stay has a proper shower, not the strange little bath/showerhead combo that was in our hotel. I didn’t figure out how to use it until the fourth day- I took a lot of baths. I like being nice ‘n’ clean.

Well, going to probably do some more redecorating tomorrow, perhaps- maybe I’ll go to the FrameUp and buy some new tubes of acrylic paint (or poster paint) ‘cos the ones I have are dried out and thouroughly unusable. Gonna paint somethin’!
Speaking of painting, the one I’m currently working on is nearly done. I need to retouch the background in some spots and shade the skeleton’s ribs nicely, and then I might do some minor changes at that point.

Gonna do a drypoint after that! I actually really, really like prints. I enjoy both the process of carving them out and actually printing them, but in terms of finished product I like the blocks better. They’ve got more personality or something, I guess.

Will write more either tonight or tomorrow; expect large amounts od midnight drabbles. Cheers!

i was only joking when i said

2 Feb

I’d like to mash every tooth in your head…ohhohohhhh, Sweetness-
Ah, Morrissey.
Well, today was pretty great in comparison to other days (I guess)- though it feels like thursday and it most definitely is not.
Also been thinking about doing more (smaller) hourly comics, the only caveat with that is it takes me forever to ink anything, so I might just use a dark pencil and be done with it. (Maybe.) I’ll be posting them here, if I ever get around to making them.
Also: I’ve settled on two topics for my Think Tank class: the collective unconcious, and gender roles as illustrated by the media. (Or something like that.) I’m going to check ted.com for relevant videos.

Well- homework needs to be done. Will write more later.

red morning light

31 Jan

So: good news! I am going to Paris this summer! I am ridiculously excited! This will very well make me jump around like a bunch of angry bees…
Wait, that made no sense, but I DON’T CARE! So excited!
Unfortunately, this means Bonnaroo is a no-go, much to my dismay. But there is always next year. I will go to Bonnaroo eventually, mark my words.
So, just wrote my essay thing for the application, it is pretty alright but needs some revision, which I’m going to do in a few days. Well, when I’m finally able to do the application online (the internet has been running ridiculously slowly lately).



Have a good day, y’alls. Might write more later, if I feel so inclined.


27 Jan

okay, maybe I just like abusing special accented characters, so sue me.

Anyway. Today was pretty great, nothing really new to report EXCEPT
that Jenna (w/ a J) is probably burning me one of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s CDs AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Cue gasp! I cannot wait to stick it into my boombox and start drawing; it opens up awesome ideas from the deep crevasses of my cerebrum.
No progress on my paradigm. Been feeling little pips (okay, strange word, but that is quite accurately what they feel like) of love or something whenever I see either of them- oh, what will I do?Hence the paradigm, as above. I will hopefully come to a conclusion soon- but I’ll probably keep stewing about it for a few months more.
Going to take a picture of my room (or my cave, really) and place it upon here at the soonest opportunity so y’all can see where I live during the weekdays. I merely come out to use the washroom and eat. It is a magnificent cave, if I do say so myself…and pictures will be provided later.
Cast of Characters page will be updated hopefully sometime this weekend, if not then the following week. I will get it done, just there are obstacles in the way (namely, my little sister) that I must first move/get rid of.
Also: I need new headphones. I am going to check Urban Outfitters (they have some nice-looking ones for 60 bucks, but I’m more concerned about durability than sound quality at the moment). Anyone got a good brand that is very durable and has a reasonable price?
Will write more tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.

beneath my bed a monster lurks

22 Jan

So! The weekend! Oh, it is long overdue, but I am merely happy at the momen that I don’t have to do anything for two days. (Well, nothing besides perhaps helping out a public artis with this plaque idea at ten thirty tomorrow at the Fredriksted museum [COFF COFF RYAN COFF COFF]).
So I’m hoping me and my momma can go hit up Officemax and get some new blank CDs, as the ones we have are craptastic. In the meantime I’m gonna make album covers for my mixtape gifts. They will be quite the shiznit, if I do say so myself. Pictures will be provided (as well as simple instructions) once I’m done.
Listening to Sufjan, I am feeling like a jellyfish and a bump on a log at the same time: I don’t think I could be much more mellow than this. Go ahead, try to make me scream about large sea mammals. TRY.

Completely different subject: Taschen may admire/respect me more than previously thought. Updates upon that subject later, or when I can safely make a conclusion about the little phenomena that are his eyes.

Will write more later.

and i turned round- and there you go!

21 Jan

Things change quickly.
For instance: a group of friends (including me) have been planning this party for a little over a month now. A few days ago, the person who was going to host said party had to back out (he asked the wrong parent) and a backup was quickly found. Problem is, now said backup cannot host either, so we must wait until next week to have a party. Not that terrible in the whole scheme of things, but come on.

I’m overreacting, I know. It just bothers me when people abandon things last-minute.

And and- I may ask Hove. I’ll wait a few days- but- I am 50% sure I’m going to.

Tonight: gonna play some guitar, do a few midnight drabbles, maybe draw a little bit (just sketches), write a little.

Hopefully your plans work out, as mine usually don’t.

only a steelman

21 Jan

can be a lover/we celebrate our sense of each other

Thanks, Sufjan Stevens.

Well, today was pretty unremarkable besides the sort of depressing assembly (Haiti). Lillian and I revamped the ancient “riding the waves” inside joke, it was marvellous, Wil could not figure out what the hell was going on. In short, a regular day, a magnificent day.

Well, I decided on the bus today that I’m going to attempt to place the song I reference in the title into my post- so you can hear it. Maybe later for this one, as I am writing it on my iPod and cannot be bothered to go out and write it properly on the big computer. Bah. I only wish I could add files onto my posts on here… APPLE I’M TALKING TO YOU!

Did some very brief midnight drabbles last night, here they are (translated to the best of my ability):
sometimes it makes me wonder why I exist. Why did that grand fella in the sky create us, if not to let us find each other and fall in love. Perhaps it’s oneof the intense/amazing accomplishments of life. Consider your question answered- love love lvoe someone wih neural voices under our terror visits haha your hand me your brain repeats in crazy circles, your jade rule under the sinclair serious and your strange clarity through smoke. His legs seem as ladders- how do they work, knees like diamonds under the brett worldly attacks of very small question marks and equally small whitedad git of-
I can tell the exact moment I started falling asleep- my handwriting suddenly becomes much smaller, my hand not pressing so hard on the page, suddenly making littler and littler sense- and then it abruptly becomes indecipherable.

Sometimes I wonder why exactly we are here- what higher power (or what method of evolution) decided to place us upon this earth?
Why am I here? What will I do to change the lives of others?
Who, essentially, am I?

I am especially concerned with that question because I am a natural actor (my family has called me one since I’ve been little, I am not trying to toot my own horn), and I tend to take bits and pieces of others’ mannerisms and adopt them as my own. I have done this for so long now that I sometimes wonder who I really am, what my personality is like. Forget those stupid quizzes- I know enough about psychology that I can rig it and answer how I’d like to be, rather than how I am.
That’s why I’m doing the midnight drabbles. I am hoping (if Freud was right) that maybe a bit of my ‘id’, my primal conciousness, will maybe take shape and show me something.
In any case, it’s a great place to take song lyrics/painting ideas from.

Will write more later.

leif erikson

18 Jan

Everything is looking up, everything is suddenly becoming glorious. I am actually kind of surprised about this: I’d expected by this point to be a morose mope, but I didn’t think Hove would help and well I was pretty wrong.
Anyway, I am currently trying to write a short movie, or at least the skeleton of one. I don’t know how successful I am, since the script so far is a short six pages but will be longer. I might type it up later today.
Been looking around for more bands, unfortunately I’ve hit kind of a slump in my music-procuring skills- I need to talk to Jacob or Wil pretty soon to get some reccommendations.
Meh, I’ll write more later.