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wind cries mary

30 Jun

Tomorrow is Canada Day! That is exciting, I think.
So what did I do today? Well I went to Switzerland via TRAAAAIIIN and ALLLLPS and realized that German is a goofy-sounding language, really. Lots of “kchhh”s and umlauted üs. I found it rather entertaining. I kind of want to learn German now so I can sound as goofy as I want while actually saying important things. Awesome! All the German I know right now is “Guten Tag,” “guten Morgen,” “Danke schon,” and “Ich spraken Deutch.” Oh, and “Nien,” also, which is very helpful in the event of facing monolingual Bond supervillains.
What fun I could have!

Anyway. The Alps were nice and also very cold, I almost fell asleep on the train but was revived with the help of a… CAPPUCHINO! OOOWEEEOOOOWEEEOOO!
(Siren was not necessary, but I am kind of punchdrunk due to a tad bit of sleep deprivation. Pity me.)
I will write more when I can write more coherently. Un-kssh un-kshhh un-ksssh!

excuse me mr.

28 Jun

I went to Switzerland! Apparently I look German, because all the salespeople at the stores were jabbering to me in it. I kind of stared blankly at them. Um. Maybe I should learn a little German, just enough so I can pronounce it badly and then they’d understand “no way is she a native German speaker.”
Also, whilst trying to ask for things in Broken Italian, I kept on goin’ into French accidentally. “Due gusti, s’il vous pla- I MEAN por favore! Por favore!” This earned me many, MANY blank stares. I suck at Italian, I should’ve asked if I could borrow Wil’s Rosetta Stone thingy and maybe been able to get myself understood. I wish more people spoke French here, I’d be able to be all suave and multilingual. Woo-wee!
Ate dinner at a terrace restaurant out in the Middle Of Nowhere (I love making things proper nouns. Haha!) and they kept playing Queen and Michael Buble over the speakers. And Hey Jude! Eating crostinis to Hey Jude is pretty great, trust me.
My mom just blew her sinuses out and is now repeating “Testing.” over and over. I think she can hear now, well crap.
Well then! I am probably going to sleep soon, it is almost 11 but I had an espresso so I’m kind of hyped up on caffiene, but not too bad. I can handle coffee better than my friends think I can (THIS IS TRUTH, LIL.), but I won’t be able to really sleep for a while. Gotta get the stuff out of my system.
Anyhoo, ‘night for now. I’ll try to write tomorrow morning, if I can wake up early enough.

in the morning

27 Jun

It is lovely here.
Went to dinner at a restaurant where they sat us amongst all the other English-speaking people; there was a girl with her family next to us that was complaining that her parets had “only” paid 5 grand towards her car, and her sister had gotten more. Um, what. If my parents had given me that much, I’d be leaping for joy.

doubt the daylight

27 Jun

Well, walked ridiculous amounts today. Tomorrow we’re going to a town on the Italy-Switzerland border, which is nice because I actually speak Swiss (or, really, French) and will not feel like a very sore and strange-looking thumb.
My legs hurt, though. They feel like warm and slightly tingly Jell-o. And we have to walk down to dinner tonight, and back up, and probably walk down for more food tomorrow morning. I want an espresso. Maybe I’ll be able to wake up before 1:00 tomorrow, which would be nice.

Anyhoo, nothin’ else to report. I keep on saying things in my head in French. Is this good? (y/n)
(Alors, il n’y’a pas des autres trucs de parle. Je toujours dis les mots en ma tete en francais. Est-ce que c’est bon?)

and to all the destruction in man

27 Jun

Well. Slept till about 1:00 today, it is currently a little before 2 (or after it, I’m not quite sure) and I feel ten times better than I did this time yesterday. Oh, what sleep can do.
Just finished eating some ridiculously delicious pastries, it is great to be back in Europe again though I wish I spoke Italian better than I do. (Badly.) I messed with my little phrasebook app, now I can figure out how to say “I would like” and “where is” and “what is that”. Dov’e is a lovely word to know, it has many uses and I plan to murder it by using all of them.
I still am thinking of France more than where I am now. I’m getting antsy, I want to be back where I can make myself understood without resorting to “Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?” Because in Paris that will earn you no end of looking-down-upon. Also, I want some limonade, dangit! ‘S good stuff!

Back to Italy, as if I keep making up awesome scenarios about Paris it’ll seem like a letdown. Lake Como is gorgeous. And not in the “ooh, lake!” gorgeousity- in a “wow, that is a slightly intimidating expanse of water” way. This thing is big. I kind of want to go swimming in it, but meh. Not today. It is too late and too strenuous for my poor betrodden bones.
That about wraps it up for now. Later!

stay another season

26 Jun

Hey everyone! Guess where I am now!
Well, you’re wrong, presumably, because I am sitting on a small bed in Belaggio with my hair wet and the lights off and feeling kind of hungry. I am also waiting for my mother.
I kind of like it here, only the little “DANGER!” mechanicism in my brain keeps going off because it is a “Strange Place I Have Never Been” (which is redundant, yes. Still.) and I don’t speak Italian nearly as well as I do French, which will probably lead us interesting places.
But in other news: There is a sports club! There is also a restaurant by the sports club, which we are going to go to in order to keep ourselves from starving. I have my mind’s eye set on either a plate of pasta con pomodoro or a nice ole-fashioned Marguerita pizza. Woo!
My decolletage is being eaten by mosquitoes. It is not a pleasant feeling.

But I actually feel a million times better than I did when I first walked into this lovely hacienda. I took a shower, I got dressed, I wiggled my toes and it felt MARVELLOUS!
Going to go eat now, will write when we get back.

sugary scent of springtime

26 Jun

Where am I? In the second most awesome rental car I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in, somewhere in Northern Italy, feeling the need to sleep but trying not to act on it.
There is a lot of grass, a lot of tunnels, a lot of terraced hills, a lot of batshit-crazy drivers.
Actually, sleep would be a bloody magnificent idea right now. Muuuhhh.


26 Jun

I think Beirut names their songs based off of random French cities and bits from House Of Leaves.
But I digress, dear.
Where am I now?, you’re probably asking, and well let me tell you: midway through the final flight! The ticket snafu worked out to be utterly painless; my bag is (hopefully) with me, the rest of the family are trailing behind so I get to wait in the baggage claim until they get there. Woo! Frick’n! Hoo!
At least I’m on the right continent by this time. I could hitchhike to Paris if I really wanted to, though I’d probably have to either pay or do a fancy dance for those poor saps driving.
Or…I could take the TGV! (or as they say in French, “Tay Jay Vay.”) Super-fast maglev train ride? ULTIMATE YES, please.
I think I am digging British Airways more and more with every flight because they actually feed you, which is a pleasant change. (Hint, hint, American Airlines executives!) I would one day like to go First Class on a crazy long flight, just so I can say, “Hey, I reclined my seat once on an airplane, and it went totally flat. Beat that, bitchezzzz!”
‘Kay, maybe the bitch sting was unnecessary. I liked it.
Eating non-airline food!
(possibly) Seeing the Blogotheque dudes recording something awesome!
Meeting all these mysterious mystery people!
Wandering around Bellagio with a giant grin on my face!

That’s right. Swell.

Gonna write later, horrorshow droogies.

i swear i see in numbers

25 Jun

Six hours, roughly, have elapsed since the previous post- six hours mostly spent sleeping fitfully and squirming around fairly often. One and a half hours to go, I hope to whatever deity is up there that the British Airways desk in London is compotent enough to get me on a flight to Nice, else I may throw a temper tantrum.
Key word being “may.”
Well, we’ve passed through a few time zones, so instead of being 11:45, it’s about 4:45. Nice! I can’t sleep anymore, so I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not snoring right now. Might miss the “continental breakfast.”
Speaking of which, the lights just came on, so I’m supposing they’re going to be serving it about now. Yay food! No-yay airplane food!
Will write once either in Nice plane or safely on the ground. Aaauuugghh!

om du ar en vakthund

25 Jun

Title translates to “if you are a watchdog,” which seems kind of reasurring yet also somehow sad.
I have yet to do anything but listen to Dungen and read House Of Leaves, suprisingly they go together quite well, an odd pair. My feet are cold. I have a blanket on, I have a pillow I’ve been leaning on, but I cannot sleep. I need some water so I can take my ill-gotten pills. I need some home-comforts. I need a watchdog. I need, I need, to figure out what is wrong with my terrible and lovely subconcious, but that is a puzzle for another day or so.
How many hours has it been that I’ve sat staring into space and thinking of life beyond life beyond living? How many stories have I written halfassedly inside my head that will never see the light of day? How many broken cameras? Rolls of exposed film? Smashed, splintered guitar strings? Far too many, really, far far too many for it ever to be healthy.
And compound that with the crystallising compounds of blind and suffocating love: I am amazed I am not wandering about holding a sheaf of an old man’s papers, telling tales of houses never-ending, labrynths stretching off to infinite horizons.
I do need to sleep. I will have to wait for water, else risk gagging and coughing and waking tout le monde sur l’avion.
Mais… Je suis une voleure de ma cœur, et mes yeux ne voient pas. (Je croie que ce n’est pas tort.)
Yeah, my French is okay, I suppose. I usually end up wrting strange nonsense whenever I start drabbling in it. Ah well.

Took my pills. I should be floating off into a dream-reverie like usual soon, if not- I’ll come back here and write about it.
Goodnight? Going to listen to Takk…