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they called it mine

18 Aug

ah shit.

I read through the last post I wrote

and it made


so, I suppose you can disregard the NOT MAKING SENSE bit

and nod and smile while I stare at it and try to figure out what the bloody hell I was smoking while I wrote it

(it seems to have worn off by now, strange)


edit edit edit


it now makes marginally more sense! Yay!

guess what

18 Aug

i actually have a twitter!

but I forgot about it for like two years so I just went on it and pimped it out

it is now pretty



I’m watching of Montreal.

All those “@”s and “#”s are making me confused but I think I’ll get the hang of it.
Dang Twitter, why you gotsta hate?

(my username is nannerspy)

(follow me plz)

(((belly of the beast)))

5 Aug

something I did, inspired by a

Lachlan Turczan

who I met in Paris and who is bloody amazing: I have been reinvigorated to start drawing again. Yay!

nothing much else to report except that I’ve found when a wire rubs agains the inside of my elbow I have an uncontrollable urge to sneeze. Huh!

will write later.

oh my

4 Aug


and so it goes

31 Jul

this is the last day and I am very sad
and I am going to cry about a million hours
but it’s okay because
in a few weeks the memories won’t be quite as sharp or vivid
and I’ll have to go off of sounds not images
and I’ll miss you all
and I love you all
and I want to stay forever
but life won’t let me.

So I’m leaving.
Paris, I miss you already though I’m still on your soil, feeling the metro thunder away in all hours
and wondering
what made this city this way:
dark and glowing and mysterious
and full of screaming wonders

I want to come back, and I will, one day


je t’aime, Paris.

you don’t notice

18 Jul


Mainly  because no one is up yet, though it is a quarter after 9 and very chilly outside. Um. Well, I’m not worried about that, nor hungry, nor anything at all- not awake enough, you see. Going to maybe buy a soda-type-thing if I can find any loose euros floating around in my bag. Dang!

Today is my Lone Exploration day, as toutes mes amies particulaires are doing something either a) expensive; or b) for class. So I’m going to metro myself on down to dear ol’ Rue Mouffetard, partake in some lovely Japanese food, and possibly wander about. I’ll have to find an accomplice, actually, as wandering around Paris by my lonesome is not as fun as you may think it may be.

Not much else to write about, the program is half over which makes me very, very sad indeed. I’ll get into the intense stuff later, when I’m back home and have a wi-fi connection I can take advantage of.


Just two things you’ve got to remember

4 Jul


Anyway, the above is true, I am actually currently sitting on the bottom bunk of the most comfortable bunk bed ever. We got into Orly at around midnight, due to an one-hour flight delay- I slept till nine and now my mom is imploring me to rise and help her find her way around the city. I need to take a shower so bad, I cannot express it adequately. Sorry. That was a bit of a TMI.
What am I going to do today? Take my parents and sister around the 6* arrondisement and show them where I stayed with a bunch of people last year; show them Rue Mouffettard; get them week-long Paris Visite metro passes (which are ever-so-handy); buy myself a towel (in case I aim to hitchhikeon a flying saucer, preferably one that is green); get some of those giant begnees (don’t know how to spell that)…
Yup, today’s packed. And now I’m going to try and remember all of the past 5 years’ worth of French. Alors! Allons-y!

‘n your opinion-

3 Jul

-which is of no consequence at all.
On our way up from Bellagio through the rest of Italy to Nice, it has been about three hours of nasty traffic and my dad pointing out nice cars. (They are nice.)
Absolutely wiggling with excitement to get to Paris, finally, and even more excited for it to be Monday already so I can make friends with everyone in the hacienda. Or at least try to, as I am not that good at acquiring millions of friendly minions. Hee! I’d make them run about in fields of clover. That’d be fun.

Writing is giving me motion sickness, will continue when stationary. Ciiaaaoooo!

which one, which one should i choose

2 Jul


Guess where I am right now? Sitting in the apartment in Bellagio, looking kind of obliquely out over the lake, hair a mess and still in my pajamas. I feel awesome.

Why? you ask?

We’ll be leaving early, since we have to drive up to Nice and take a short flight to Paris. Then I get to lead my family round the city for a day, and then I will be abandoned at the doorstep of L’Academie De Paris. Which, in case you didn’t get the hint, is going to be magnificent.
But I digress.

I have been writing blog posts on my little betrodden iPod, but unfortunately there is no Wi-Fi so I cannot post them for a while. I will find wi-fi, mark my words. It’s out there somewhere. So if suddenly a huge amount of posts are unloaded upon this blog, you’ll know why.

Back to Bellagio: it is really, really nice. Kind of touristy (every day, you hear German, English, French, different dialects of Italian…) but rather quaint and charming. It has a lot of stairs. We are staying in an apartment that is mainly above the town. Every morning, we must get down to the town, via said stairs. Yeah. Not fun, but it keeps me from gaining three million pounds from gratuitous gelato-eating.

Jeez, I can’t think straight ‘cos of sudden Paris excitement. I will either attempt to or will write soon. Thanks for reading.


and the house on the top of the hill

1 Jul

Well, today was rather lovely, really, despite spending a few hours aimlessly driving around and nearly getting killed by those crazy Italian drivers. Went to Bergamot (which was full of Gothic architecture, early Gothic) and messed around for a bit; went to San Pellegrino and looked for a nonexistent spa. Dang!
I did not accomplish much today. I am going to write tomorrow and the next day, and then PPAAAARRRIIIIIISS! WOO YAY.

See y’alls.