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18 Mar

Going to Disney World tomorrow, hopefully we will have a blast and do cool things.
Internship? OVAH.
Me? Wondering if Wilco had mind reading powers.

Anyway, going to buy clothes ‘n’ things up thar in Florida. Probably going to pick up the My Morning Jacket album It Still Moves, and if I can find it I’m gonna get Rokkurro’s debut album. (Probably not.) Not getting any Modest Mouse, as I have already coerced Nikhil into burning a few CDs for me. Of course, this is if I can remember to bring him some blank CDs.
Also probably going to get some books, I don’t know which ones yet. Maybe some manga? I haven’t read any physical manga in a few months, I think that’s telling me something. In any case, I am going to hit up a Borders, I am pretty sure.

So an advance apology for the lack of post that you all will suffer through for the next few days.
Maybe suffer’s too strong a word… Whatever. I won’t be writing, unless there is wi-fi at the hotel and I can hook my iPod up to it.
last words for now: The Internet is a series of tubes.

Also, I hope all you guys in Spain get back safely and without rape memories. And for Adara, I hope those stairs left you alone.
Love y’alls.

early 70s gymnastics

16 Mar

Feeling marginally better, which is nice. Still have a terrible sore throat, but I think I’ll be able to go in tomorrow.
So! What did I do today? Nothing. Nothing useful whatsoever. Hopefully tomorrow stuff will be done and cool things will happen, but atm I cannot think about future possibilities as my head is fit to burst and I’m thinking in loops of thought as opposed to more coherent sentences. My condolences.

Here, some midnight drabbles. Been a while since I’ve written any, hasn’t it?
my heart beats like a drum, reverberating through my shattered frame my enlightened skeleton. But our inhibited mysteries flood your soul. Leak through the openings. I am unsure of any an bass great guy he kind of bugs us [I cannot read the rest of this page at all.]
Inside the other rules and rumours when the sunbeams dodge the universal id our minds were sprained those social beauties crave terror-stricken heads under the planned escapades of thousands within our edgy thing that allowed off with the quiet team therapy
[next page:]
Oh the fickle stew of love, it thunders through my bones like a tiny apocalypse now under the skin under her bones she was nothing if not terrible. You are not the sort of person we’d known if given the chance-however unlikely. Your wrist? Gone. Back muscles? Yes. I don’t care about the cinema, but if you love the people make seams they have and hunt (scribbles) toast toast toaetsnfk
Lately I’ve been kind of lax about writing these. Going to do some tonight.

Will write tomorrow.

try to focus on the third eye

9 Mar

Title is from the song Temple Pressure by Alvin Band, it is like an Animal Collective expy except he does not use any instruments besides his voice. It is electroacapella! AWESOME.

So. Today was just jam-packed with nonsensical happenings: I did stuff! I walked places! I used Rayquan as an armrest (he is the perfect height for armresting, I hope he doesn’ t grow until after I leave)!


into the deep

we fall/
straight down
know not where
/and we will never land

through stratospheres and windy pastures

until/I wake
you push me/
i fall again—/


waves lapping over our souls
you turned to me, quiet, sincere
and planted a sticky kiss on my cheek

i didn’t move to wipe it away
in that moment i was paralyzed
subcutaneous breakers sending
white foam over my nerves


underneath the verdant skin
underneath the brown dirt
there is life.
rolling and flowing
beneath our feet,
it connects our hearts
with so many thin wires

electricity flowing
or something else
more intimate and sharp

we cannot see this energy
but yes, the feel is there
running through our veins
so many tiny shocks
dancing and dancing.


I keep telling myself I need to write more, but the spark has bled (kudos to anyone who gets that reference) and I’m out of creativity. Third quarter apathy can do that to a body, it really can. Hopefully I’ll get some ideas over Spring Break and will be able to pass them on to YOUUU!

Ffffffffff, things could be better.
On the plus side, though, I found today that I have pretty much memorized all the lyrics to “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal”, which  is quite an achievement as that song is eleven minutes long. Haha! Kevin Barnes, I can do it! Now let me design the cover for False Priest!
Speaking of which, False Priest is their next album, coming out probably at the end of the year. I like how they’re doing the titles of them: they all come from this lyric in Fauberge Falls For Shuggie: “Skeletal lamping/false priest/the controllosphere/oooOOOhh!”
Baah out of things to write about.

back to the life

6 Mar

What did I do today?
Let’s see…

-Finally ripped Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, though I’ve had the CD for probably five years. It was about time I’d gotten around to it. A Day In The Life? Yes!

-Checked my formspring three hundred billion times, no one is asking me questions. -tear-

-Did Chem homework. Hess’ Law! Yay!

-Did Art homework, the assignment was something along the lines of painting something with colour, I did a self-portrait but since I cannot draw realistic noses (especially mine) I have a bandanna over my face, not that you can see much of my face anyway. I’ll take a picture of it and put it up here later.

-Phoned someone about possible job opportunity.

-Made tuna salad.

-Read about six cheesily dramatic short comics, they made me giggle. It’s one of my guilty pleasures in life.

-Listened to Contra maybe five times, skipping Giving Up The Gun (I cannot stand it, cannot stand it.)

-Tried to think up song lyrics, failed, went back to reading cheesy drama comics

-Read the rules for the France programme. Suprisingly, they say nothing about having the opposite sex in your dorm room, or doing questionable things with said member of opposite sex. Hm.

-Downloaded an excellent cover of Animal Collective’s “My Girls”, it is called “My Boys” and is by Taken By Trees. It is not electronic in the least, there is an accordion, the singer’s voice is angelic and sweeping. If you like the original, try this one out. It’s a good redo.

-Tried to learn some Black Keys songs, but I am not nearly good enough as Dan Auerbach at playing speedy licks. Dang! Maybe I need to get an electric guitar…eventually.

-Fed the dog.

-Thought about doing some facepainting, but lost interest.

Suprising lack of angsting, but then again I’ve got nearly nothing left to angst about. Sweet!
Will probably write more later tonight, or tomorrow morning.

well i see you as you take your pride-

19 Feb

my lion(ess)

Today was quite magnificent. I don’t believe I’ve done nearly as little as I have today- oh, it was an awesome non-productive eight hours. I am a junior, I relish these things.

Kind of wishing I had some money with which to buy some CDs, but I’m saving it all up for France (assuming I’m accepted) to buy things at that Japanese store on Rue Mouffetard. Onigiri avec thon! I got one during Mini Gusto, Audrey couldn’t stand the smell of tuna in our hotel room but it was SO worth it. Delicious!
I also hope that wherever we stay has a proper shower, not the strange little bath/showerhead combo that was in our hotel. I didn’t figure out how to use it until the fourth day- I took a lot of baths. I like being nice ‘n’ clean.

Well, going to probably do some more redecorating tomorrow, perhaps- maybe I’ll go to the FrameUp and buy some new tubes of acrylic paint (or poster paint) ‘cos the ones I have are dried out and thouroughly unusable. Gonna paint somethin’!
Speaking of painting, the one I’m currently working on is nearly done. I need to retouch the background in some spots and shade the skeleton’s ribs nicely, and then I might do some minor changes at that point.

Gonna do a drypoint after that! I actually really, really like prints. I enjoy both the process of carving them out and actually printing them, but in terms of finished product I like the blocks better. They’ve got more personality or something, I guess.

Will write more either tonight or tomorrow; expect large amounts od midnight drabbles. Cheers!

go ahead, everything will be explained

16 Feb

Well, today was pretty alright, as much as a disjointed Tuesday can be alright. Bluhh. Still not at 100% after being up ’till three AM last night due to womanly complications. It sucks to be a lady.
I also hit my head on sturdy blunt objects three times today, one of which was right after Yoga and I just barely stifled a “FUCK!” because it really hurt, dammit!
Then Lillian (as per her nature) randomly decided that I deserved to be smacked twice in the face and then pushed onto my ass.
Okay, today kinda sucked on the bodily-well-being front. I am going to have a big honkin’ forehead bruise.

Still have about three million midnight drabbles I haven’t written up yet, I need to get around to that pretty soon. Maybe this weekend I’ll do a MONDO-POST of chronologically-arranged drabbles.

Meaningful stuff has rapidly disappeared, I am now thinking in only loops of thought, so

and berlin is so ugly in the morning light

11 Feb

If I were any more cosy, I’d just outright explode.
Well, I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow, as there may be a chance that people have gotten me Valentine’s Day gifts (which will make me very happy). Lillian continues to vehemently deny that she is getting me roses/candy, which means that of course she is. Genna has said that she’s bought me a ticket for the Win A Date With… raffle. I don’t know who she signed me up for. If it is Shaquaaaan, I hope I do not have to suffer through the most awkward ‘date’ in three hundred years.
I may do some slight redecorating this weekend (and a definite basket-clearing), my wall o’stuff is looking pretty sparse now that things have fallen off. I must find my Blu-Tack! It will stick even the heaviest watercolor paper to any nonporous surface with the strength of a thousand ANGRY BEES!

These last few days have made me feel quite wonderful. Thanks, all who contributed to this week of cherished-feeling-ness.

Going to bed, else I will wake up cranky and unable to function properly (which is bad in Think Tank).


10 Feb


and here it is:

Pallas Athena on your doorstep
you don’t know what to do,
you’re going to quit the place, you fool.
Enjoy this false divinity while it lasts;
as much as I’d like to
give you a hand
they are bound with spiderwebs and candyfloss
and I cannot
get free.


oh never mind, I couldn’t find it.

Writing a song proves to still be ridiculous and elusive, much to my chagrin. I want to suddenly have Kevin Barnes’s lyrical geniusity osmosed into my brain. I want to be able to write semi-rhyming meter. I WANT TO WRITE A SONG, DAMMIT.


Oh and thanks to Wil for doing very kind things, if you ever need to reach something taller than you can reach and don’t have a handy stepladder, I’ll help you out.

The Bonnaroo setlist came out yesterday. I opened up my email (I’m subscribed to the mailfeed thing) and prepared to be awed…
but was severely disappointed.

Okay. Kings of Leon are playing (they are HEADLINING OH GOD WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO), which is great, sure, but I’ve kinda fallen out of favour with them ever since Only By The Night.
Stevie Wonder, okay, awesome…
Flaming Lips doing Dark Side Of the Moon…eh. I’d rather hear She Don’t Use Jelly or The Spiderbite Song…not too enthused.
The National: Eh.
The xx: WOOHOOOOOO (though I have yet to listen to more of their songs)
Les Claypool: He is the most badass bass player ever, in the history of the universe. He is friggin’ awesome. He makes that bass make sounds that they are not supposed to make. I’ve tried. I cannot do it.

Also: bunch of bands I’ve heard Wil say but haven’t actually listened to. Um, kind of a lacklustre Bonnaroo, at least to me. Maybe next year it’ll be better-


would make. my. life. A thousand times over.

Will write more maybe tonight, but probably tommorrow. I have a shitload of midnight drabbles to write up, but I don’t feel like doin’ it now.


27 Jan

okay, maybe I just like abusing special accented characters, so sue me.

Anyway. Today was pretty great, nothing really new to report EXCEPT
that Jenna (w/ a J) is probably burning me one of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s CDs AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Cue gasp! I cannot wait to stick it into my boombox and start drawing; it opens up awesome ideas from the deep crevasses of my cerebrum.
No progress on my paradigm. Been feeling little pips (okay, strange word, but that is quite accurately what they feel like) of love or something whenever I see either of them- oh, what will I do?Hence the paradigm, as above. I will hopefully come to a conclusion soon- but I’ll probably keep stewing about it for a few months more.
Going to take a picture of my room (or my cave, really) and place it upon here at the soonest opportunity so y’all can see where I live during the weekdays. I merely come out to use the washroom and eat. It is a magnificent cave, if I do say so myself…and pictures will be provided later.
Cast of Characters page will be updated hopefully sometime this weekend, if not then the following week. I will get it done, just there are obstacles in the way (namely, my little sister) that I must first move/get rid of.
Also: I need new headphones. I am going to check Urban Outfitters (they have some nice-looking ones for 60 bucks, but I’m more concerned about durability than sound quality at the moment). Anyone got a good brand that is very durable and has a reasonable price?
Will write more tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.

when roses fall from the ceiling

25 Jan

There is no need to duck.

Hey, original title! Sweet, I am creative!

Today limped along like a lame horse (in both senses of the word.) I have something wrong with my throat, though it doesn’t hurt, and cannot laugh without wheezing weirdly. On the plus side, Ryan finally presented me with a prickly pear (delicious) and then proceeded to interrogate me about who I found attractive in the high school, a question which I was rather hesitant to answer and instead just spat out a series of “I don’t know”s that he scoffed at. “What do you mean, you don’t know? It’s your own opinion.”
But I’d like to keep that particular opinion to myself, sir.

Besides that, school passed uneventfully, then my mum came to pick me up for a doctor’s appointment. Aaand, five hours later, here I am sitting on my bed, my dog lying by my feet and looking like she’s just passed out. (I took her for a long walk.)

Did some midnight drabbles last night, let’s see if they’re readable!
and other modern topics of conversation have no sense in destiny alongside the dead. Tomorrow is merely today with half a shot of scotch- our lies with noneothers’ in case of a zombie attack, I am well supplied with ninjas. I may attack you ’till the night ends, turning into the day
else I may not sleep tonight. Shock are like antler stirrel- oh that is what you are to me, an—
Merely serves to endear you in any hunted of in and underneath the hitler loves dance with an empty bar, wood slats over the top of your hand, underneath your family grew and flourished but really wasn’t all that bad. I may have broken records of honesty and terrible, lyrically axe meanies you may well me one of the awesomes fabulous things, scarves dressed into your worldly lifestyle, you could help me with an
I kind of might have eaten one of the toros on the floor. Yeah, these awesome bench wares.
A surprising amount was legible, but there are still bits and pieces that I can’t read at all.

Will write more tomorrow. G’night.