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escape the carapace

3 Jan

Fjkslfh today, today why did I bother getting up today I feel like a lump of goo.
Didn’t get to download anything and currently suffering for it, I guess I’ll ask Wil to burn me the Xx’s new CD. Kind of glad about goin’ back to class Thursday, as well as getting my license next Monday. I’m a pretty okay driver, if I do say so myself.

So. Been working on a new drawing style, also been drawing some stickers to put up during Jump-Up or the like. I haven’t been to a single one this year and it is weiiird.
Also, I need to get the fuck over Bortglomt as soon as I can because I’m only going to hurt myself by falling in love with him.

Gonna draw somemore, see if I can wrench the main computer away from my daddikins.


2 Jan

Title is also a band name, but-

I need to buy the Xx’s new album. I am going to order it offa Amazon tomorrow morning. Hopefully they have a used copy so I don’t have to shell out twenty-odd bucks for it.
Well, put a bunch of pictures up on DeviantArt, I am an okay photographer only with macro engaged. I love macro. Macro makes my world go round. Macro makes every picture I take look professional, with a nice depth of field. I will post a few of the pictures up tomorrow, maybe take some new ones too.
I also discovered that you can use water-soluble pastels as face paint. Handy.

School re-starts this thursday, I am not sure if I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and taking new classes, but not really enthused about the whole homework thing. Ppssht. Ah well. It’s life.
I was kind of debationg doing an hourly comic today, but my day wasn’t interesting enough and I failed at drawing scribbly people. I need to work on that.

Will write more tomorrow. Cheers everyone.

gallery piece two

2 Jan

self explanatory title. Here:

I am so proud of myself for drawing this. It is the coolest thing ever to come from my hands on paper. Well, virtual paper. But still.

Been listening to White Denim like NONSTOP and FFFFF AWESOME