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heimsdalgate like a promethian curse

5 Apr

Pretty sure I spelled something in that title wrong, who cares.
Well, did pretty much nothing today. Tommorrow is gonna be a Crapsack Monday, woo-frickin’-hoo, so I guess I’d better enjoy my dwindling hours of semi-freedom by writing a post.
And here I am.

Nothing to write about at the moment. Absolutely nothing. There are no little clever things popping out from my brain saying “Write about me! I’m exciting!”. There are no terrible puns trying to get me shot. (Metaphorically.)
And I didn’t do my French homework. Crap!

Well, okay, here’s something: I got my report card today. Apparently they forgot that I didn’t do the “mandatory” physical fitness testing. Yay! I love passing through the radar like that! I didn’t even really have to hide, unlke Jamesey or Jenna-with-a-J. Haha! I feel triumphant!
And on the subject of report carding, I am floating by quite nicely. Maybe not getting straight As, but how about straight B+s? That’s alright in my book, at least.

Goin’ to bed. Will write tomorrow.