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gross innaccuracies

28 Oct

something i did, bored and lonely


I made this one day, sitting alone and waiting for time to pass. it is titled (hells of unoffically) “i dreamed and wondered but got nowhere in the summers of past lives:”

the french says “I would dream of happier times” and it is kind of deep

i ran out of paint halfway through, you can tell.


20 Oct

I’ve continually deliberating it would be high-minded to should prefer to those water jest shoes against when I do open-air sports such as canoeing and dragon boating. These certain sports shoes serve to deuterium oxide outside sports in particular because of the examination neighbourly apparatus it is made of. When I cease functioning canoeing, I used to either put aside with my bare feet or slippers, but was ever after having problems with both. Being bare-ass footed meant that I sway away mar close any debris that may summarize when I escort on the sand or in the not ring true while getting in or gone from of my canoe. When I sport slippers, sometimes it really gets in the road when my feet descend in the mud during low-lying tide. It was when my slipper got stuck when I knew I had to organize an open-air sports relaxation shoes. I decided to remember of it as a stupendous investment as it would ways gambler and cleaner feet. I don’t recognize why I didn’t think of getting such sport shoes in the senior place. I conjecture it was because my impression of sport shoes was unceasingly for running, and not for other out of doors sports.

So when I saw the == on, I was indeed stable I wanted it. Not merely can I wheedle a great tandem of outdoor shoes in place of my water sports, I can bear a fivefingers one! Not unswerving why they call it fivefingers despite the fact that, since as a matter of fact the wear shoes is in the shape of your five toes. This enables a better dominion on where you walk, which is firstly great pro walking on the beach and shallow waters. I’ve forever been a devotee of “fivefingers” or toe socks, so this green outdoor shoes of wealth is making me more fervid with my weekend outdoor sports endeavor.

=== steady made me a happy camper this but, letting me own this celebrated pair of sport shoes reasonable when I needed it. I’ve bought other lifestyle gadgets from but this is the before time I bought sport shoes from any online shopping site. I without exception brown study it unsurpassed to have a stab on any shoes, be it diversion shoes, leather shoes, slippers, etc. or else you won’t be sure whether it’s a great fit. Setting aside how, I couldn’t at the end of the day arouse wares deuterium oxide out of doors sports divertissement shoes, so this get back has undoubtedly enhanced my shopping happening, or my online shopping as a whole.

With it when I go past for my weekly canoeing or dragon boating, my teammates are all pretty amused before my fivefingers flaunt shoes, and stare at them looking for some time. I divine the toe-shaped relaxation shoes makes it look like a cobweb of some throw, but it’s not like I can swim in these fivefingers shoes. I’m discovery the alfresco sports shoes dialect right comfortable, and although I cannot beat a hasty retreat with it as I would with predictable constant distraction shoes, at least I can go out on strike along the pontoon or coast arena in plenty, atypical when I hand-me-down to shamble barefooted. My feet tempered to to hurt or communicate with scorched from the fervid clay, but not with these fivefingers recreation shoes I don’t. Take a look at the pictures to undertake how the fivefingers out of doors sports sport shoes look like from the cork and bottom.


the above is a frigging awesome spam comment I got a few days ago. Whoever wrote it needs to get a better translator, because whichever one they’re using really sucks.

“dragon boating?”




14 Oct

I think I am digging the accompanying Wolfgang Amadeus Pheonix remix CD more than the actual album. This is not suprising. I’ve been listening to the damn thing for the last three weeks, it works very well as “wake up plz” music.

“Hello moon… Bitchin’.” <- this is courtesy Parker. I will, one day, put this on a shirt and wear it and feel good about myself.

WELL this week I went kayaking with all the ladies in my class, which was supposed to be a "team building" excercise but in reality just ended up having us go into pairs and kayak around boats whilst having one person blindfolded. Yay communication! I think I can now reliably tell you which side is my right/left without having to consult any table of knowledge.
Ohhh speaking of that, I am learning to dive since I need to know in order to get a job. Also I am applying for the semifinals of the Merit Scholar, woo!
–I just had to run to the main computer and send my essay out, actually. It's due tomorrow. Phew.
That's not all I did since last post. I also fufilled my goal of making something bigger than myself- said "something" is an 8-foot long piece of paper that would've ordinarily been used to cover the bulletin board but now has a black tempera person outlined on it (kinda) and swirly things and will be camera'd tomorrow if I can wrangle it.

ALSO: a bit of drama. I'm gonna let it ferment a while and see if it amounts to anything. If so, I'll consider writing more details. If not, it shall fade into obscurity.


will write later.

enemy gene

12 Oct

today was pretty decent. I printed the last few prints in the firs run: going to be sending those out soon so if you have given me your address prepare yourself for excellence of the highest degree. Exciting!
Tomorrow morning the entire senior class is going to embark on “team-building exercises,” which sounds rather appealingly vague. We are going kayaking! The boys are doing the ropes course out at the Boy Scout camp, of which I am super jealous. I guess that girls aren’t allowed within fifty feet of the Scout area. Our cooties would infect it.

Listening to False Priest again and again. I don’t think I will get tired of it anytime soon.


will write later re: idea for project.

august flowers

9 Oct

Cheesus, today. I took the Chem SAT II today, which actually was not nearly as bad as it could have been and ended up being painless as fuck; it is also the last standardised test I have to take, ever. Yessssssss. I am very happy about this development.
Then, well, I sat around the house with Genna for a few hours before going over to Hannah’s and eating pancakes and laughing at Matt Car and making macramé bracelets (ballah.) and doing shots of maple syrup, which is exactly as disgusting as it sounds. Never again. It’s like doublefisting diabetes. Also, shotglass shaped like a boot? Yes plz.
Then we went on an adventure, Matt Car’s jeep tried to kidnap me, we played leapfrog on John’s lawn and were subsequently caught by his dad (who does not know me, hence, awkwardness). I have only met John once, and he was very drunk that one time. So I’ve no clue if he recognised me as “that sobriety fairy from the party” or “some random chick with largish boobs who hangs with Hannah” or something similar. Dudes. They are bizarre.

Hardest word to say: rural. Try it.

OKAY so I finally put together Rayquan’s toasty earrings, they are fucking masterpieces. Srsly.
And also, my principal is in my house talking to my parents during their monthly dinner party. It is feeling like an invasion of privacy. I want to get out of here but there is no way I can sneak past him, unless I kick out the mosquito grille on my window and emerge triumphant on my front lawn. I wouldn’t have a mode of transportation, though, which would hella suck.

Will write laterrrrrs.

adventures in the solitude

6 Oct

It is raining (and has been raining) absolute fucktons today. There was no school due to said fucktons of rain, which meant that Hannah and I were driven over to chez family friends’ and told to entertain the children. So: played Monopoly, messed with Playmobil (looooove), read a creepy cookbook (yes, possible), played Halo Reach. I think I might have to buy Halo Reach, it is super awesome. My dad and I would beast out and kill dem arbiters deads.

Anyway, sorry for sudden decrease in the volume of recent postage. Been doing a lot of stuff recently, to the point that all I do when I get home is eat, homework, shower, pass out. I’ve been trying to write in Physics, but I actually have to pay a modicum of attention in that class else I will fail.

Just watched the Glee “Grilled Cheesus” episode, I cried and cried and cried. I am a wimp. I am glad I didn’t go to Mrs. K’s to watch it, I’d’a snotted all over her floor and thoroughly embarrassed myself with my cry-noises (don’t even ask). I cannot watch sad things in movies or TV shows unless I can find something funny with it. I didn’t cry in the beginning of Up, somehow, but any other relatively sad movie involves me getting up to bawl in the other room. Eh. Maybe I should watch sad things drunk, or would that make it worse?

No eggs = no lemon poppyseed muffins today, dangnabit.

Will write later.

tell her tonight

26 Sep

Warm and comfortable and without a complaint worth expressing. I am in bliss. I am full of sheer and utter content. I would like nothing more than to curl up and fall asleep, but as I am still making little plans for tomorrow I think it’d be a bit of a bad idea to try and close my eyes at the moment.

Je te manques.

Going to be writing absolute shittons of letters in the next little while, mainly because I recieved a bunch and haven’t gotten around to replying, and also because I promised some people I would and then forgot. Woe!

I listened to SO MUCH False Priest today: I have Janelle Monae and Kevin Barnes running glorious circles around my head; Solange Knowles is dancing in the middle singing that Sex Karma song which kind of makes me think it should’ve been on Skeletal Lamping simply for its subject matter.


There is no Georgie Fruit.


and goodnight.


26 Sep


Today is Sunday. I swam basically all day yesterday. I made little eyeblob earrings for people. I made a sugar skull necklace for myself. I am thinking about making cake and/or cookies. I took pictures of my Yellow Book and started my Red Book, which is a baby Moleskine that is pretty swell. I am wishing I had Halo Reach because I would probably have a lot of fun playing it.

I also wish I knew what was going on.

(Norway by Beach House is a kickass song. I think you should listen to it. I think The Poet would like it.)

Will write later.

mild confusion

23 Sep

is a really fucking good song by Tamaryn and you should listen to it now.

Today: exhausting. My mom got home from her business trip. I got an 80 on half a physics test. I hate that physics test. I ate french-textbook cake. J’ai essaié parler seulement en francais aujourd’hui, but I don’t know how to quickly express certain things like “shit where is my bag, I have calc next and I didn’t do the homework- did I tell you I listened to the Wavves and I really like them but not quite as much as Grizzly Bear or Tame Impala who are just badass”. I worked on my senior page. I made a music video set to BMSR. I laughed at some orange and white day pictures. I laughed at Parker’s letter to the people from Wavves and Best Coast. He mentioned “sucking face” and tequila. Best letter ever. We should write one to Kevin Barnes one day when drunk. He would appreciate the effort. And then we’d send him a sober letter and he’d be all “oh.” There was also play practice somewhere in there, I think. Maybe.

Nothing much else to report. Nighty night.

yeah, yeah

20 Sep