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srs bsns

28 Sep

alright guys, the reason I haven’t been blogging for a while is this:

my computer’s monitor has fizzled out and I am left estranged without a computer to use. I do, however, have my iPod touch, which is a bloody godsend! It allows me to check both Facebook and my email! I can also read webcomics! Too many exclamations!

So thank you guys for hangin’ on for a while, I’ll resume my frantic blogging.

PASSION PIT. Ryan burned me Manners and oh my god I think I exploded multiple times from the pure awesomeness emenating from this album. It is so lovely. There are thousands of little laptop clicks and little synth-horn stings and little drummachine dumdumdums. It is so great. The dude who sings looks like a lumberjack and can sing so damn high it boggles the bloody mind.


Jamesey is currently yelling loudly about how hard his classes are, I am thinking to myself “man you are an overachiever and will not settle for less than an A, settle down man” but I don’t think I should tell him that as he may potentially eesplode.

My dog has been psycho for the last week and a bit, so my  mother looked in a Real Simple magazine (the same one, I might add, that mentioned those uber-music guitar-pimps called Kings of bloody Leon) and what ho, there  was an article about what not to feed your dog! And the effects!
Apparently grapes make your dearest furry friend lethargic: so now, my mother and sister have decided that we need to feed our dog grapes. No, mother. No.

I’ve been reading this webcomic called Jack, it involves furries, and even though I dislike said furries it is quite a good webcomic otherwise. It deals with things such as reincarnation and God and a green old bunny that happens to be both the Grim Reaper and the personified sin of Wrath. His name is Jack.
However, it is really, really sad; I’ll post a link to it on the Fab Webcomics page later. In the meantime, you can probably search Google and find it. The art gets better, I’ll assure you- and man it’s a freaking LONG webcomic and will probably take you a while to read. A long while- been reading it all weekend and still am about halfway through. Some parts, btw, are a little NSFW, so be wary- but there’s nothing too ridiculously bad.


That’s what Nikhil just said, yay.

Alright. Gonna look up some more My Morning Jacket eventually, also some Rokkurro, I’m gonna have to get another iTunes gift card soon enough.


tiny vessels

23 Sep

things are getting complicated, very complicated in my mind. There are dodecahedrons being drawn and diagrams with coloured string stuck up everywhere- I am confused about some things, but I will not write them here.

Anyway, Wil burned me The Queen Is Dead the other day and THANK YOU MORRISSEY for being amazing and lovely. One of the better records I’ve heard lately, I am ashamed that I have not actively seeked it out. Nothing, nothing to hate, though the first track is not my favourite out of all of the Smith’s songs.

However, I’m currently on an electronica rut, all the stuff I’ve been listening to (with the notable exception of Ra Ra Riot and Rokkurro) has been electronic- I found some more Passion Pit (their LP Chunk Of Change is mind-blowing, SERIOUSLY) and the newest of Montreal album is fairly okay, but I need to maybe go back to Death Cab for a while, since all this electronica is making my dreams become infused with laptop beatboxing noises. 

I have a test tomorrow, I am not looking forward to hell in paper form. I will survive.

Will blog about relevant stuff tommorrow.

there’s an angel on your shoulder, making hairpins out of glass

21 Sep

so because I have such a damn ridiculous earworm worthy of about three hours’ straight listening to the same song over and over and OOVVEERRR

but it’s a pretty damn good song, I’ll admit, so I’ll just…keep…listening to it for days on end.

Anyway. I digress.

Not much to talk about right now, play practice is tonight, I have to do homework and yell at my sister for being obnoxious.

better things

20 Sep

For once, my loquatiousness has left me hanging- I don’t know what to write about.  Not a lot has really been going on for me, so I’m kinda just floatin’ around waiting for something amazing to happen.

Oh, and I still can’t rant about Passion Pit because acquaintance Jake burned me Of Montreal instead, which is just as wonderful but not what I was expecting.
The album(s) he burnt for me are rather early Of Montreal, and I am very used to Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer which is very electronic and happy and NICE, but this stuff is acoustic-y and actually better than I thought. There is an entire song about gay relationships and how awesome they are. I…I’m not sure what to think about that, but the song is kinda quirky and nice.


I cannot believe I forgot yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, I feel very left out from all that piratey goodness. Sorry, me hearties. But next year, next year I will be pirateliscious and blow tout le monde away with my pirate speech.

I finally got around to writing down stuff about stuff and I’ve found a bunch of stuff



Really don’t have much to blog about right now, besides the fact that I think if I continue bruising my legs from sailing like this I may die
from bruising
that would be a very wimpy way to die

But now I’m listening to Me And You by Slow Club, and man, I wish I’d heard of them before because they are just so darn happy! They’re like…like if Noah and The Whale ONLY played stuff like Five Years Time without any fancy instruments besides a guitar and some drums. GOOD STUFF is what it is, GOOD STUFF (even with caps lock! I really mean it!)

I tend to go in and out with my proper punctuation, don’t I? Sorry, guys. It’s how I think.


Basically, this is Paris. France is really, really, really cool and you should go there if you like pastries and people who eat them.







sailing conspires to hurt me

20 Sep

i don’t know what I did to you, boat, but obviously I have wronged you in the past.

Gonna go sail. See y’all laterssss

high heels are devilspawn

18 Sep

seriously they are, they are terrible and give me blisters and make me feel like She-Hulk, seriously. Plus I cannot walk up stairs with them on because I can’t really walk up stairs all that well anyway.

I don’t know what the bloody hell to blog about, but yay my acquaintance Jake has burned me Passion Pit, I will rant about it later or whenever I track Jake down and say “HEY I NEED MY CD, MAN”, and he will probably do a very Jake-y sigh and hand it over, much to my joyful…joy.

I actually feel less terrible than yesterday. This is nice, as I was half-asleep while trying desperately to finish my Art History powerpoint from HELL and woke up feeling like a dog had chewed me up, crapped me out, and chewed me up again. I can say without having any experience whatsoever that this would be terrible and would scar me for life.

I want a freaking ice tea, I do not want to go to sailing, I am a complaining fuzzbucket of ick.

Wil is looking up bands beside me, there is one called And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead or some such slovos, I do not understand, let’s try to get to a relevant topic…

Still on a Dungen rut, I cannot stop listening to Tio Bitar because that Swedish psychadelica has firmly imbedded itself in my brain and will not come out. URRR URRR URRRRRR but C. whatever whatever is just such an amazing song urrrurrururu

Alright I’ll blog more later, ciao.

audrey told me to write this

17 Sep

She really did, I’m sitting next to her in Mrs. Grace’s room and being forcefully told to “PUT ME IN YOUR BLOG!! I READ IT EVERY DAYYYY!!” Alright, Audrey. Alright, you have been mentioned.

Anyway, I currently have the Yo La Tengo version of Raspberry Beret going round and round in my head, closely tailed by the Ra Ra Riot song I downloaded last night called Oh La. I cannot decipher most of the words to the latter, and the former I have not listened to enough to even know any of the words. It’s the curse, I tell you! All the songs that worm their way into my head are the ones that I do not know the lyrics to. In seventh grade I was running the required mile and I suddenly had the chorus of Beautiful Day by U2 get lodged firmly in my head and I COULD NOT GET IT OUT. I was singing “Beautiful day, don’t let it get away…uh blah blah blah…and the blah blah…” the entire time.

Wasn’t fun, I’ll tell you that much.

So right now I really should be working on an Art History powerpoint, but I am not nearly motivated enough to actually write more than some gibberish about Aegea. Come on. Minoan civilization was ridiculously cool, but I really don’t want to write paragraphs upon paragraphs about bare-chested snake goddesses.

My sister is watching So You Think You Can Dance in the next room and someone just screamed loud enough that I can hear them through my awesome headphones of awesome. Whaaaat. Is. So. Exciting.  I actually will admit that I have a tad bit of an addiction to that show, but come on, it’s just the AUDITIONS. Pheh.

But there was a little recap thingy about the ten best routines or something, and on one of the seasons there was a guy who looked EXACTLY EXACTLY like this dude from a (uh, interesting) webcomic:


The resemblance, I’m telling you, was uncanny. UNCANNY.

and disclaimer, I did not draw that, nor did I draw the webcomic it’s from.

Okay then, listening to the Decemberists and getting marginally more motivated. A Perfect Crime #2 is quite the song. I rather dig it, I think I may have to buy The Crane Wife in a few weeks. Or any time I get around to it, for that matter.

OH AND for all you “wannabe artists” out there, there is an art contest going on over at involving, among other things, a colouring book and free CDs and badges! WHAT COULD BE BETTER! (well, of course you kind of have to win and all, but…)

The due date’s October 15, which just happens to be my best friend’s birthday, YAY GENNA! I’ve already printed out my little colouring book page. The drawings are rather nice, though quirky, and dammit they make me want to move to Iceland.

Well that’s about it.


life the universe and everything

16 Sep

‘kay so on a bit of a Dungen listening rut, man I love those fiddle-infused random little instrumental songs. I feasibly could listen to the three records that I have for days on end- Tio Bitar is a lot better than I thought it was after a few listens. I cannot listen to the intro, though, as it is totally made of screeching angry guitars that apparently I have wronged in the past. Therefore I skip that song, and the rest of the album has absolutely nothing worth hating (unless you dislike Swedish and psychadelica.) Seriously, NOTHING to dislike here.

I currently have a little bit of a Post-It totem pole beside me, I’ll read off a few of the more interesting ideas stuck on it:

okay, there is Rokkurro there! Hurray!
I only know of Rokkurro because of extensive Youtube-sifting, looking through Sigur Ros videos. On one of their descriptions was a link to one of this band’s songs- and man, it’s nice. I have yet to buy any of their music, but the stuff I’ve heard is low and jazzy and has cellos in it- and Icelandic angel voices- and I think it is pretty awesome. Still on the fence about getting their debut album, but we’ll see how the cookie crumbles.

Also on my Post-It totem is a little scrawled one that says “Donnie Darko”: that is one of my absolute favourite movies of all time. I first saw it this summer and had no idea of what the hell was going on, but after repeated neurotic viewings (and a check to Wikipedia, I admit) I figured out the whole premise of the story. But you’ll have to watch it for yourself. Frank, however, is a scary-looking bunny, holy smuckers. I think I jumped a little in my seat the first time he appears on the golf course- man if I were Donnie I’d be out of there, not grinning maniacally at this creepy black-rabbit-man. Then again, Fred’s kinda inside Donnie’s mind so that makes it a little bit more complicated.

Downloading two songs right now, Beirut’s Elephant Gun (which I really should have gotten sooner) and Ra Ra Riot’s Oh La. I heard the latter on Sirius, fell in love enough to scribble it down and have gotten around to buying it. I guess later I’ll check on Blogotheque and see if they have any little concerts by them.

Blogotheque, for those who do not know, is a French website run by a few people based in Paris proper. Basically, what they do is film bands who come to Paris for tours or the like, but acoustic and playing  just on the street. Next time I go to France, I sincerely hope I run into, say, Vampire Weekend or Sigur Ros playing in the middle of the square, or (as Noah and the Whale did) in the metro, or…the possiblilities are endless! There is a video of the Kooks playing their (rather good) song Ooh La while walking along the street, and by the end they are surrounded by French fans singing loudly. It’s a little intense.

Currently listening to that Ra Ra Riot song, I think I like it more than before. How have I not heard of these guys before? I’m ashamed at my ignorance.

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, I was contemplating putting my poems up here but decided against it. My condolences, dears.

oh picture:


Ciao guys.

purple prose

14 Sep

seriously what are you thinking Mrs. K, setting a bunch of eleventh graders loose with the order to basically write purple prose about FEAR.

man i can see it now:

“Johnny, trembling torturously, turned the bright brass knob of the wooden door-type-thing until it was flush with the side of the opening plate thingy. He pulled the door open like a snail pulls its antennae out of its head.”

and on and on and on…oh god, I am ashamed that I have to write something like that, and in present tense, no less. I suppose I’ll survive this demeaning…thingy, though there are three more assignments of the same. I am writing it now, and actually it is really, really fun. Though ridiculous when read out loud- seriously, if I have to describe the way someone opens a freaking door in more than five words I know it’ll be ridiculous.

Here it is, if you’d like to read it:

Creeping towards the disturbance, his eyes furiously dilating to frantically capture any iota of light and miserably failing, he hears the noise again. As the horrible shriek of metal on metal, the sound of falling rusty chains, fades, his face forms an apprehensive rictus as he slowly, gingerly eases the weathered old door open. Nothing greets his quick anxious gaze, but it is the lack of something that makes his mind more frantic, his heart beat faster than before. He takes a cautious, wary step outward, pushing the screen door gently aside praying it won’t make a sound. The pitch-black night looks back at him through many taciturn eyes as he bites his lip and tastes the iron blood in his mouth. A light breeze rustles the tall oaks around the house as the mysterious sound comes again from behind him, deafening and closer than before. Heart pounding in his chest, rattling his ribs and seeming to shake his very body apart, he whirls around to find nothing again. This shakes him to his core, and he stands there for a few seconds, arms protectively around himself, before seeing a shadow flit swiftly across the lighted field. He runs towards it, stumbling and panting heavily in his rush, and finally thinks he sees the terror in front of him- reaches out- it is nothing again, and he sinks to the grassy ground sobbing, ignoring the itch of the ragweed and the sting of the nettles around him. His mind is on the brink of insanity, his eyes flicking from side to side nervously, unceasingly. His body shakes with ragged breath mixed with sobs as his hands twitch. The noise appears again, wafting through the air like a lazy breeze, and he stiffens as he hears the grasses behind him part. He turns so quickly he can hear the air whoosh past his ear, and is speechless, his eyes opened wide and his mouth agape in a silent scream as he realizes what he sees.

But I digress.

Oh what was that band- Oh yeah! Interpol! I haven’t ranted much about them yet!
They are lovely and kinda like if Modest Mouse took some downers and decided to make a few lovely slow albums. The guitar is just echoey and sublime- I really like these guys. They’re like the older, more mature cousin of Modest Mouse and the recent Kings Of Leon. RESPECT IS DESERVED.

hey so



Basically, I went on CuteOverload and this was on the front page smiling at me. W-who the hell makes huge inflatable duckies? I’m probably sure this was some sort of promotion for a corporation, but still! Huge rubber duckies floating in lakes? 
Okay, actually read the post, it’s some sort of art thingy by a Dutch guy. Kudos!

And this is just…whatwhatwhat:


I…I have no words. Thank you, CuteOverload, for these…uh, interesting…photos.


rejoice, internet gods

13 Sep

They have given me my blog back and I am very happy about it.

I’ve been listening to the Sirius radio station with indie stuff on it, and every time something I know about comes up on the playlist I do a sort of half-strangled squee and immediately turn it up. Yesterday the new Radiohead song “These Are My Twisted Words” came on while I was home alone; I had a Radiohead-fest for about three minutes, then got on with my life.  But man, that song messes with your head- it starts up seeming nice and slow, but then about five seconds in it speeds up and WHOA. First time I heard it it threw me off whack for a few minutes.

In other news, I am thinking about maybe doing something ridiculous for Hallowe’en, because damn more ridiculous things need to be done. I’m already going to be Sherlock Holmes at school (as many people know) but at the Hallowe’en party (if my parents consent to let me go) I am being some sort of fairy thingamajig. I will be wearing a skirt with feathers on it. FEATHERS.

I want to play more songs on my ukelele please give me suggestions because I don’t know enough ukulele songs, dammit. Also I finally listened to Boxer by the National all the way through about six times, there is nothing to hate about that record. The lead singer’s voice is deep and slow and very nice and sleepy, but when paired with the energy that is the rest of the band it gains a sort of…I don’t know, waking-dreamy quality that seeps into your head. Ada is such a great song- the lyrics are nice as well:

“Ada don’t talk about reasons
why you don’t wanna talk about reasons
why you don’t wanna talk-“

It’s neat how he makes it a little bit of a circle, and all that in front of a sort of flowing interesting piano loop. It’s good stuff, check it out next chance you get.

Also I will refrain from yelling more about Passion Pit until my aquaintance Jake revives his computer and burns me Manners. It is killing me not to talk about it, but I must hear the rest of this album in order to give a nice opinion.

So instead, Cold War Kids.
These guys are twentysomethings who just like to make noise- the catch being that it’s lovely barren simple guitar noise. There is always this mysterious emptiness surrounding their songs that makes the almost sharpness of the music stand out so much. It’s very cool stuff. They did a little LP of some of their new songs played live at their local record store, and damn I think it’s a helluva lot better than the stuff on the actual record.  The LP’s called “At Fingerprints” and seriously they should have played “Every Man I Fall For” like that on the studio version.

But I digress.

Also man I am looking forward to seeing both 9 and Zombieland, the former because TIM BURTON!!one!! and the later because of ZOMBIES!!ONE!!! Hopefully they both come to our theater, which is a bit of a gamble. Ah well.

um I think that’s enough for now, if I remember anything that I was going to add I suppose I’ll add it.