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back to the life

6 Mar

What did I do today?
Let’s see…

-Finally ripped Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, though I’ve had the CD for probably five years. It was about time I’d gotten around to it. A Day In The Life? Yes!

-Checked my formspring three hundred billion times, no one is asking me questions. -tear-

-Did Chem homework. Hess’ Law! Yay!

-Did Art homework, the assignment was something along the lines of painting something with colour, I did a self-portrait but since I cannot draw realistic noses (especially mine) I have a bandanna over my face, not that you can see much of my face anyway. I’ll take a picture of it and put it up here later.

-Phoned someone about possible job opportunity.

-Made tuna salad.

-Read about six cheesily dramatic short comics, they made me giggle. It’s one of my guilty pleasures in life.

-Listened to Contra maybe five times, skipping Giving Up The Gun (I cannot stand it, cannot stand it.)

-Tried to think up song lyrics, failed, went back to reading cheesy drama comics

-Read the rules for the France programme. Suprisingly, they say nothing about having the opposite sex in your dorm room, or doing questionable things with said member of opposite sex. Hm.

-Downloaded an excellent cover of Animal Collective’s “My Girls”, it is called “My Boys” and is by Taken By Trees. It is not electronic in the least, there is an accordion, the singer’s voice is angelic and sweeping. If you like the original, try this one out. It’s a good redo.

-Tried to learn some Black Keys songs, but I am not nearly good enough as Dan Auerbach at playing speedy licks. Dang! Maybe I need to get an electric guitar…eventually.

-Fed the dog.

-Thought about doing some facepainting, but lost interest.

Suprising lack of angsting, but then again I’ve got nearly nothing left to angst about. Sweet!
Will probably write more later tonight, or tomorrow morning.

ridin’ the waves

25 Feb

Okay, correct me if I’ve missed anything,but:
Tanning=kiss on the cheek.
Walk on the beach= kiss on the lips.
Surfin’ the waves= sex with protection
(the above) without a surfboard=Whoa, goin’ for a baby.
Skimboarding=feelin’ up
Bodyboardin’= fellatio
Sharks= STDs
Buildin’ sand castles= marriage
Chicken fight=threesome.

Wanna add any more? Or have I gotten them all?

you’re such a mystery

3 Feb

Title from the extremely catchy of Montreal song The Party’s Crashing Us. It is dance-worthy, it gets stuck in my head for hours until only Sigur Rós can get it out.

Well, today was alright. Gave Wil his mixtape, he kind of made a noise of assent which lifted my spirits. Currently listening to Ryan’s, which is probably my favourite of the lot. Tomorrow he will recieve it!

(unless, of course, I choose to keep it for a few more days cos it’s a very catchy mix.)

Also: last night, I compiled a rough list of my top 10 albums (ever); however, thislist does not have a number one spot and will probably never have one. I have a philosophy about top-whatever lists that no one else seems to get. Basically, I can’t call something my number one favorite until I’ve experienced every single one of those things. This philosophy is exponentially easier to go through with types of goat rather than albums. Plus, my music knowledge is fairly limited, so I am constantly finding more bands that are cool/very good. For perspective, I hadn’t really listened to Neutral Milk Hotel until about two months ago, and they are AWESOME. I have yet to listen to their full albums, but they’re the first things I’m going to buy when I get up to the States. (Or Paris.)

I’ll type that up next post, as I have math homework to do that may reach down my gullet and throttle me. Ugh, trigonometric identities. Why?

Also did some midnight drabbles, might type those up later.

two thousand and ten

31 Dec

Well, only a few hours to go.

I kind of wish I could spend New Years with my friends rather than my parents-maybe have a little champagne (like a single glass- I am not an advocate of binge drinking) and count down together, loudly. Haha! Oh that would be fun. Perhaps next year, if I can arrange it.

I think it’s about time for an AWESOME THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED THIS YEAR list. So:

•France. I went there.
•New Orleans. The Quiz Bowl team goes there and proceeds to have a blast. Besides Monty, of course, who sat in his hotel room and ate Pop-Tarts and drank Coke. Ew.
•Ryan first sets foot on island.
•Sierra comes down to visit, tells me about all her boy-drama and gets burned at the beach
•I get into DUNGEN.
•MJ dies.
•The 80s experience mass revival by teenagers
•Passion Pit.
•The Xx.
•I go to Vancouver.
•I get a bass!
• Kyle and Lillian finally are an item… for a month. Then Kyle starts being a bit of a dick and the relationship decays from there, leading to me squishing the tears out of Lil.
•iPhones. Everyone has them.
•Death Note. Bleach. Japanese things are suddenly very cool.
•Lots of new album/EP releases (see earlier post re: releases)
•Bortglomt worms his way into my conciousness
•Lonely Island.
• Flipper babies make Wil cry (from laughter)
•I watch Donnie Darko and instantly respect Jake Gyllenhal
• Sudden Kid A epic
• I start this blog!
•White Denim
•Another Bonnaroo
•French class suddenly gets REALLY HARD
• A Clockwork Orange. Stuck. In my head.
• Dark Knight, Avatar, New Moon all released

I can proabably think of more, but I’ll finish this list tomorrow.
One more blog post today. Probably at eleven/12 or so.

somehow, someone

27 Dec

Oh, the lazy days.

Since most of my family is out of commission at the moment, we haven’t done anything all day, which surprisingly sits quite well with me.
What does not sit well is the loud music filtering through my door and busting my relaxed mood. The CD my little sister has placed upon the speakers is none other than the much-loathed (to me at least) Only By The Night. I have half a mind to waltz in and turn that mofo off. But no. I will sit here and let dear Dan Auerbauch (that is probably not how you spell his name, ah well) sing raspy blues wonders into my ears.
Well, my sore throat is slowly retreating, but my nose has begun to run. That I can deal with.
I’ve just partway finished making a list of bands I want to see before I die, and it’s pretty epic-looking. Hopefully I go to an urban university so I can sputter about watching Spoon stagger across the stage or Jonsí strum his guitar with a bow or Thom do that funny space alien face he doeswhen he sings real high- I want to experience all of that. I want to paint my face and go see Kevin Barnes do his dances. I want to be in the mosh pit of My Morning Jacket. I want to give Wayne Coyne a high-five or hug.
Oh, this life! It is one of infinite possibilities!