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righting the boat

29 Dec

By personal request, Agætis is Ryan.

He just started up a new blog over at http://www.skinnytiejump.wordpress.com , you should probably check it out as he has some very cool videos that have been/are going to be posted.

Whelp, it’s morning. I am kind of numb right now, a little shocked but I’m okay, really. Maybe. Sort of.
Psh, it’s prom. Who cares if I go or not.

You know, I’m just gonna stop writing about that sort of thing, about personal matters, because they do not really make a difference in the way this world works, how it goes round. My stupid little fucking whines about life/love are not that important. I am a drama queen. I am a denizen of the stage.
And really, besides all that, I don’t want to be ignored. Shit, whenever I speak, try and tell a story, there’s always someone who’s ready to interrupt and ignore.
Like Morrissey writes: “There’s always someone, somewhere, with a big nose who knows, who’ll trip you up and laugh when you fall.”

Did some drabbles last night, I’ll see if I can decipher them.

we’ve come a long way

20 Dec

For the record, this is post 101. Can you say “awesome”?
Also, I woke up at five this morning because my head was on something uncomfortable, aka the notebook I write my midnight drabbles in. This is the second time this week it’s happened. Jeez.
But I did get about a page and a half of readable words, so here they are:
Odin’s sleep apneA beauty in the form of the psychoanalytic pretentious eletists (sic)- you know my mind is a fragile person but our past is breaking along with the sage of the mountain folk our dearest nave, know our terror lovely spoon, taste the rich delicious soup taste oh our one seeing mead god +love the norse mythology tee most, kittens segment on the nave monday anger in a set on high mary
Our own neverending story shout loud sweet nothings to the winds
Bortglomt thinks and the terrible day we fool there are you bulling us tree
The othello…mansion…or r
I fell asleep. The last line is nearly incomprehensible, but I tried to read it. Without success.

So, last night’s party was quite magnificent, albeit with a lack of dancing (fine with me). Jake, the non-acquaintance one, suddenly appeared, much to my surprise. He’s lucky he didn’t stay in New England. I heard about the blizzard, good luck to all you up there.
So! There was much talking, I melted some chocolate over a double boiler, Jamesey discussed the benefits of wearing preposterously large boots, Ryan used me as a footstool, Kaitlyn mistook Korean for Peruvian (somehow!), Kyle headbutted me three times then suddenly felt terrible about it and gave me a hug…
It was a good party. Had a lot of fun. Would go again, five stars.


well, thinkin’ about what I wanna do today, but nothin’s really exploding in my face at the moment. I’ve got to draw some more stuff for Pride Of The Magi, but that’s about it, really…