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keyboard mashing doesn’t even begin to cover it

30 Nov

okay, okay okay. Getting my thoughts straight is a long and arduous process, let me attempt to do so.


I have just asked Wil to burn me the Dirty Projectors album, the one with the dots on it, the one whose name I cannot remember. He played some of it over the speakers in the Pavilion before play practice, and it sounded wonderfully electric/acoustic and I want to examine that phenomenon further.

Kind of happy right now. Kind of excited for Saturday, as that is the cast party REPRISE day, and also kind of excited for Wednesday, which is my best friend in the universe’s birthday. YAAY

I have a niggling feeling that this week is going to actually be really okay, like nothing is going to fall on me. Speaking of falling, I think the gravity is especially strong today- I leaned over on a stool to put a pen into a jar and fell off. I…I don’t even know how it happened, but Acquaintance Jake and Wil stuck their faces over the table to ask if I was okay.  I was, somehow, but I kept tripping over my own feet for the rest of the class. Luckily I didn’t break anything.

I need to start learning Swedish, actually. I am planning to enter an exchange programme when I go to university and spend a semester or seven in Sweden, which would be absolutely fabulous.

Also, yesterday night, as I’m about to pass out, my dad sticks his head around my door and says “So! 2011! Bonnaroo, baby!!”

Of course this makes me sit up in glee, saying “Really?!” and kind of giggling.

“Yeaaaah! Or the next year. You can come down from college and meet me there!”

Oh, dad. There is a lot of stuff that goes on at Bonnaroo, and I am pretty darnded sure there are some illegal substances being passed around. If of Montreal plays there, I am very darnded sure. According to Wil, who has a friend who has gone to one of their concerts, it is very loud and smells strongly of weed. Fun.

Bonnaroo, if you’re wondering, is a HUGE (!) music festival that takes place in Manchester, Tennessee. It is amazing. Lots of awesome bands play there. HERE is where you can find the website, which has a list of the bands there. The tickets cost 210 dollars when you pre-order them, but it is SO WORTH IT SO WORTH IT UAAHH I WANNA GOOOOOOOO


sorry about that.


Well, I’ll write more tomorrow.


current thoughts

29 Nov

i’d like to see the nothingness

29 Nov

I’m home! Oh gosh, I have not wanted to return to my lovely abode so much after a trip, never ever. I now have several awkward tan lines (including a farmer tan and a temporarily red neck) and school tomorrow, and I just finished my homework. (Or at least what I’m going to do of it.)

I also just scrobbled over 100 plays on my iPod. That, my friends, is dedication to a cause. I really like, though I know exactly two people on there (one L- Wil and two L -Will) that I cannot find for I do not know their usernames. UGGHHH why do I have a bad memory

(for the record, if you are looking for me on my username is nannerspy)

Also, been writing lots of poems and drawing lots of doodles, most of which are nonsensical or just plain weird. They are awesome, however, and involve a lot of things from Riceboy (which I linked to earlier, somewhere). I may get around to scanning some things in the next little while.

also: is recommending bands I already know, does that mean I’m doing something wrong? I should hope not-

and also also: been thinking more about Bortglomt and I believe I am finally coming to a conclusion. I…aishiteru, is the best way to put it (albeit in romanized Japanese.) Aishiteru! It is probably wrong Romanized Japanese, but the thoughts behind it are what counts, and he’d know what it meant if I said it to him right now. Haven’t seen him for a while.

Well, that’s about all for now, as I am actually getting tired because of the ridiculously long boat ride. My dad is watching something about a pawn shop on TV, I am probably not going to watch it.

Will blog more tomorrow.


spare me the suspense

23 Nov

I have not blogged in the last two days, which may be a record for me, I’m not sure. In any case, Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday, and I will be having a helluva fun time. Hopefully.
Well, today was an unremarkable day, excepting the two periods of awesome I have every Day 2. Oh, the day system: it is a six-day rotation schedule that was put into effect two years ago, to much confusion and rage. Now it’s pretty integrated, and people like it because you can take many more classes than you previously could. Sweet!
I am rapidly running out of things to write about; I attempted to write some poetry earlier but ended up with a pile of crap and a much less motivated attitude.
Writer’s block sucks! It sucks a lot! It sucks worse than Owl City (who I only know of through my friends Genna and Lillian), which sucks pretty bad.
I suppose I’ll leave you all here then.

oh, dreaming softly

22 Nov

Lately I’ve been having very vivid dreams, very incredible and strange dreams involving mostly the same cast of characters.

Right now, they’re: Genna, Lillian, Acquaintance Jake, Wil, Bortglomt, Tweed, occasionally Agaetis, and my Great-Aunt Barbara.

No idea why they have deemed themselves important enough to begin frolicking about my dreamy landscapes, but there they are, acting quite unlike themselves. Jake, who is an (to quote Audrey) “angry writer”, usually ends up acting floofy and kind of almost high on some sort of chemical. Wil, who is rather mellow and not the sort of guy you’d expect to beat you up, usually becomes some sort of fearsome person. I have had a dream where he was a serial killer who hit people over the head with wrenches. Including me. Not a scary dream, somehow. He got captured by pink spherical aliens in the end, however, so it all worked out alright.

When people ask me where I get my art ideas, I am kind of tempted to lie and say something outrageous, but in reality it’s all in my dreams. Dreams!

I am actually going to write this entire blog post about dreams- man I am lame. I…I’m going to draw. Okay? Okay.



(oh, and my essay/resume worked out fine.)



essay woes

22 Nov


You should probably consider accepting me to this prestigious society because I’m a pretty dang creative individual with some unique talents, such as the ability to trip over microphone cords, lead a group of bemused and confused people around both New Orleans AND Paris, and make myself understood in Italy, France, and the states south of the Mason-Dixon line with very few sarcastic “y’all”s included.

I am a versatile person. I act, I am musically inclined, I can hold up my end of a conversation about Led Zeppelin, I can draw pretty well, I plant trees in my spare time, I am a Scrabble android, and I instantly can make any conversation, no matter how  mundane, ear-bustingly awkward.

 Okay, real essay now.

 I don’t like writing about myself, as it makes me seem like something that last time I checked I am definitely not. I am not some grandiose exclamation of fabulosity. I am not an uber-artist capable of rendering glorious landscapes with a flick of a brush. (Actually, I hate landscapes. Hate them!) I am not a musician that routinely writes songs and has the voice of an angel. I am not an A student. I am barely a B+ student. I do not work, I am lazy, and I would rather like it if no one would remind me because every time someone does it is like a stake to the chest. And, in case you didn’t figure that one out, that hurts.

So went the first two drafts of my mandated NHS self-selling application essay. God, I hate writing this sort of thing. I did write some bullshit about how great I was in the end, but it was a long road, painful and full of potholes…

…okay, it took me fifteen minutes, ten minutes more than it would’ve taken me to write something more charismatic and original.

But I digress. I suppose college applications will be hell for me next year, haha!


attack of the sandmen

21 Nov

I would write something meaningful tonight, but I am too exhausted and so that will have to wait for tomorrow, presumingly whilst I write my English essay. Fun stuff.

hey there, life

20 Nov

School ended and I took about five minutes to realize that it’s the weekend, therefore I don’t have to go home and slog through my homework for two-odd hours. This is good! And next week is Thanksgiving break, which will probably be awesome. My family is going over to St. John with a few other families and camping out on the beach, so that will be quite entertaining.

Still listening borderline-obsessively to Skeletal Lamping, as I keep hearing it I find things I like more and more about it. That tends to happen quite often with albums I’m unfamiliar with. For instance, when Wil burned me The Soft Bulletin and I’d never heard the Flaming Lips before, I put it in my CD player and listened through it once. I hated it. Listened to it again. It grew on me. Listened to it about four times and I started to really like it. After about seven listens I loved it, and still do. With albums I’m familiar with (OK Computer, for instance), I just start finding little details every time I listen to the song. Some things on that album sound much different when you’re using headphones, and it’s neat to realize that.

So for the last day and a half I’ve been reading  Rice Boy, a beautiful little webcomic with a very cohesive and frenetic (yay, big words!) plot that has positively gorgeous art, very deep little remarks, and a little horned orange creature named Gerund. The same artist has drawn another comic (on the same site) using similar characters from (presumably) the same universe, but I have yet to sink my teeth into that.

Speaking of reading things, I am facing a dearth of good literature. All I’ve read in the last few months is A Clockwork Orange, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Skinny Legs And All…and maybe the first few pages of The Shining. I need to read more. I already have a list going; it includes Slaughterhouse Five and House of Leaves, both of which I need to get around to reading, and soon. Any suggestions?

That about wraps it up for today, except that I need to learn some guitar songs that can be played by three or two guitars at the same time. YEEAHH JOURNALISM GUITAR FREAKOUT POTENTIALLLL


probably wondering

19 Nov

alright. I probably should not be writing this, but here I am, kind of looking out the window to make sure my dad’s not pulling in (because he’d be angry that the dishes aren’t done)… actually, I’m going to go do the dishes.

Hang on.


Alright, the dishes are done and the potatoes are in the oven; I am theoretically free to blog, though that might change as soon as my father walks into the kitchen. Ah well!
Anyway. Wil and I have been talking about Pitchfork’s biases, and as far as I can tell they:

  • Hate Beirut (one of my favourite bands)
  • Love Radiohead (to an excess)
  • Love Fuck Buttons (apparently!)
  • Love Flaming Lips (and so do I)
  • HATE Owl City (a sentiment shared)
  • …etc.

Basically, they’re pretty darndedly biased about quite a few bands.

But that’s okay!

…I really don’t have much else to write about, except that today was AWESOME besides the fact that I kind of failed a math quiz (I hate memorization, and we had to memorize sines/cosines/tangents) but I will fix that soon.

Anyway, will blog more tomorrow, maybe if anything exciting happens.


energy globules of energy

19 Nov

sorry about the buffy-speak, but: life is fabulous at the moment


will blog more when i return home this evening