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fish lips

27 Dec

I have a cold.
My throat is burning, my nose is running, I have spoken three words today thus far, and I’ve just finished House Of Leaves.
That was certainly a helluva book.
I will write a more coherent review/writeup of it later, when I can think in a straight line rather than in loops of thought.
Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.

arguments over small rodents

25 Dec

House Of Leaves has mind-raped me to within a few inches of my sanity. I suppose I should attempt to take breaks between chapters, but dang this book sucks you in and doesn’t let go. It is very well written, but mindfucks in the worst way. I will never look at mysterious doors the same way.
Not that I see many mysterious doors, but-
What most freaked me out wasn’t the sheer size of the chambers inside the house, but how they randomly grow and shrink and trap you and drive you to madness. Also, when they’re escaping the house and Tom dies- the description of his hands, crushed and skinned to the bone- terrified me. I do not like hand-related gore. Other gore, fine. Hand-or-face related gore, oh god almighty.
I guess I’m gonna have to finish this book soon, but daaamn terrifying.

Especially some of the footnotes, after a while, when Johnny’s starting to lose it. He’s scary to me because he reminds me of myself- same sort of apathetic attitude (and no, I am not a tattoo apprentice who smokes weed and does ecstasy on a regular basis. Nor do I participate in one-night stands.)

So, besides House Of Leaves, my momma is sick and has taken Sudafed. I warned her she’d be drowsy. She is. Extremely so.

Also, I am planning on doing cool and awesome things over the next few days. Like putting my new journal to use as a bedside dreamcompanion/midnight drabble journal.

Goodnight all. Have a terrific boxing day. I hope you have less nightmares than I will tonight.