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a request

25 Nov



famine affair

27 Oct

Due tospending about three hours today working on an Of Montreal contest remix, I have the titular song stuck in my head. It is agony.

Also haven’t been writing much lately, that reason is SENIOR YEAR and by third quarter it will be back to normal updates.

Till then check out my tumblr, or bug me with comments. I will be writing. Less. But still writing.



14 Oct

I think I am digging the accompanying Wolfgang Amadeus Pheonix remix CD more than the actual album. This is not suprising. I’ve been listening to the damn thing for the last three weeks, it works very well as “wake up plz” music.

“Hello moon… Bitchin’.” <- this is courtesy Parker. I will, one day, put this on a shirt and wear it and feel good about myself.

WELL this week I went kayaking with all the ladies in my class, which was supposed to be a "team building" excercise but in reality just ended up having us go into pairs and kayak around boats whilst having one person blindfolded. Yay communication! I think I can now reliably tell you which side is my right/left without having to consult any table of knowledge.
Ohhh speaking of that, I am learning to dive since I need to know in order to get a job. Also I am applying for the semifinals of the Merit Scholar, woo!
–I just had to run to the main computer and send my essay out, actually. It's due tomorrow. Phew.
That's not all I did since last post. I also fufilled my goal of making something bigger than myself- said "something" is an 8-foot long piece of paper that would've ordinarily been used to cover the bulletin board but now has a black tempera person outlined on it (kinda) and swirly things and will be camera'd tomorrow if I can wrangle it.

ALSO: a bit of drama. I'm gonna let it ferment a while and see if it amounts to anything. If so, I'll consider writing more details. If not, it shall fade into obscurity.


will write later.

tell her tonight

26 Sep

Warm and comfortable and without a complaint worth expressing. I am in bliss. I am full of sheer and utter content. I would like nothing more than to curl up and fall asleep, but as I am still making little plans for tomorrow I think it’d be a bit of a bad idea to try and close my eyes at the moment.

Je te manques.

Going to be writing absolute shittons of letters in the next little while, mainly because I recieved a bunch and haven’t gotten around to replying, and also because I promised some people I would and then forgot. Woe!

I listened to SO MUCH False Priest today: I have Janelle Monae and Kevin Barnes running glorious circles around my head; Solange Knowles is dancing in the middle singing that Sex Karma song which kind of makes me think it should’ve been on Skeletal Lamping simply for its subject matter.


There is no Georgie Fruit.


and goodnight.

our ignoble caste

15 Sep

False Priest verdict: Decent.
I say this for two reasons, one of which is the fact that I actually like the majority of songs on this album, though some parts of them make me grit my teeth in a little bit of agony. Still. I have reasonable faith that in a few weeks I’ll get used to it.
Secondly, the thing that most bugged me about this album is the total lack of any structure. Take Hissing Fauna for an example: you have the first half of the album, up to The Past Is A Grotesque Animal, and then the second half, which is radically different. Skeletal Lamping repeats this, the turning point either being An Eludarian Instance or Gallery Piece. I enjoy this structure, it reminds me who I’m listening to, it gives me benchmarks so I know what song I’m at.
But False Priest lacks this subtle touch, which kind of throws me off completely. The songs begin to blend together- after
Coquet Coquette, pretty much everything sounds the same- a phenomenon I’ve never, ever heard in an of Montreal album. Quite frankly, I’m disappointed.
But, leaving album structure aside, the lyrics reach new heights of what-the-fuckery, Kevin Barnes decides to throw in some quite excellent sort of Nick Cave-y spoken word bits, Janelle Monae is at the top of her game, and whatsherface, you know, Beyonce Knowles’ sister (I am deeply sorry for forgetting your name, jesus christ I can’t remember anything) sounds divine.
Better than Skeletal Lamping? Yes.
A new classic Of Montreal record? No.

Hopefully their next album will incorporate some of their ideas from this one, add the wild & crazy stuff from Skeletal Lamping, throw some structure in there, and maybe bring back some little quirks from their early acoustic stuff. That would probably result in a record as good as, or mayne even better than, Hissing Fauna.
We can only get better from here.

Cap and Gown photos were today, guess who is not flattered at all by a mortarboard? Me!
I finished my epic Tame Impalas video thing, it will be here shortly.
Life’s proceeding along just as planned.
I dreamt of the Poet last night.

Will write tomorrow.


12 Sep

Well, another day. Proofread Ryan’s app for St John’s, ate a sandwich, did my Brit Lit project (turned out decent, btw); all good things.
Kind of tired.

(though Pitchfork gave them a bad review I don’t care I’ll like it anyway)





24 Aug

Been trying to get relatively mentally prepared for school, since it is one of those things that jarrs me into wakefulness and reminds me that there are actually other people out there. I haven’t gone anywhere in the last few days, well besides Orenda’s party, which was fun and rather tasty. (Her mom can cook.)
Been listening to a lot more Radiohead and Dungen than usual, which is nice for a change. I wore Franz Ferdinand out over the last two weeks, I’m giving them a break. Currently listening to that Brazilian Girls song, “Pussy,” that is actually decent sortareggae/ska with magnificent (I may dare say glorious) lyrics. I’d actually recommend it.

Narrative of France trip will continue in the near future, though I don’t think anyone’s as excited about reading the completed thing as I am. Whatever, I’m writing it anyway because I said I was going to. That is reason enough.

Still wondering what’ll come of the Poet and me: how things will proceed. I have this strange memory of us talking over the heads of everyone trying to leave the auditorium. Actually pretty funny, to tell the truth, but moments like that are when I thank god for giving me long-ass femurs. Yay being tall! It is sometimes handy, I swear. Being short would be nice if you wanted to be compact, but I can be suprisingly compact for someone as large as me. There’s a lot of folding involved, take my word for it.

Hm, trying to think of anything else to drabble about–um, False Priest? Excited. I want to hear this record. If it is as bad as Skeletal Lamping I may cry to Kevin Barnes and ask him hackneyed questions like “how could you do this to yr fans?!” and he’d be all “daaaamn i like it, betch” and then do some Sunlandic walk away and swing his hips like a drag queen. I would be rendered speechless.

S’bout it for now.
Will write tomorrah.