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your eyes are silent

15 Apr

Title comes from a Mondegreened line of Sigur Rós’ Gobbledigook. No idea what the actual line is.
Cannot think properly because my dad is playing the Strokes really loudly and Julian Casablancas is confusing my fingers. Baahhh.

I tried to write more songs today, all I ended up with were new lyrics for White Winter Hymnal, something based on Sun Hands, and the aforementioned mondegreens of Gobbledigook. Dammit! I wish I could write legit songs. Maybe over the summer something will click and I’ll be the new Zach Condon (No.) and write brilliant orchestrar stuff. Ppffft. Wish me luck.
On the other hand, I was looking through Goodbye Foom (the guy who does Pictures For Sad Children’s livejournal) and noticed that he’d put a link to the song he was listening to under the post. So I tried a few out. There was one (good) by Real Estate, but I’d already heard of them so I moved on. A few tracks later, I came to a song by…uh… I wrote them down, and the paper’s on my bedside table, but I don’t want to get up ‘cos I am really freakin’ tired. And comfy.
Taschen? Nothing to say about it. I am surprisingly warming up to the idea of being his accquaintance and nothin’ more. Hum!

i am glad you are 256 colours too

29 Jan

Title is a Black Moth Super Rainbow song, but really has no relevance to anyhing that happened today.
Well, it was a pretty normal day: Ryan yelled at me for messing with his hair, Wil talkedabout shoegaze bands I’d never heard of, Lil pushed me into a pole (twice), etcetera. Probably one of the most “normal” days I’ve had in a long time, which is actually kind of relieving.
Been thinking about Hove and Taschen more often, but the issue has been delegated to the back of my mind for the moment. Taschen has been giving me these passing glances that make me nearly stop in my tracks, which is extremely disconcerting and makes my ears go red. Luckily my hair is long enough to cover them, but still…
Whatever. Nothing is going to happen for a while, so I might as well lay low and take some stress off (not that I’m stressing out about anything.)
One more thing before I go- I am finally finally at peace with Fauberge and Shuggie- or, as you may know them better, Lillian and Wil. I no longer have to supress tears when I see them walk by together (I suspect Lil has told Wil about me and my crying spree and is being extremely kind by not making out/making kissy faces when I’m around… Or maybe they just think it’s awkward at school. Who knows.). I am eternally grateful to the both of them for helping me realize quite a few things and for opening my eyes to what I’d been too narrow-minded to see. Thank you, both of you.

Might as well end on an uplifting note, eh?
Will write more later.

beneath my bed a monster lurks

22 Jan

So! The weekend! Oh, it is long overdue, but I am merely happy at the momen that I don’t have to do anything for two days. (Well, nothing besides perhaps helping out a public artis with this plaque idea at ten thirty tomorrow at the Fredriksted museum [COFF COFF RYAN COFF COFF]).
So I’m hoping me and my momma can go hit up Officemax and get some new blank CDs, as the ones we have are craptastic. In the meantime I’m gonna make album covers for my mixtape gifts. They will be quite the shiznit, if I do say so myself. Pictures will be provided (as well as simple instructions) once I’m done.
Listening to Sufjan, I am feeling like a jellyfish and a bump on a log at the same time: I don’t think I could be much more mellow than this. Go ahead, try to make me scream about large sea mammals. TRY.

Completely different subject: Taschen may admire/respect me more than previously thought. Updates upon that subject later, or when I can safely make a conclusion about the little phenomena that are his eyes.

Will write more later.

Protected: mindguisings

19 Jan

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what in the name of robert plant is going on

9 Jan

Dang I had some good dreams last night. Quick recap:
The one that’s really clear in my memory right now took place at a beach with a low floating pier that a bunch of people were swimming beside. I was swimmin’ alongside Taschen and a few of hs friends, and we were talking about the Steam Age. I pointed out that if they’d invented vinyls (in the dream I said it “vin-yulls” but then correceted myself) back then, who knows where we’d be today.
Apperently Taschen liked that idea, and he laughed for a bit. Suddenly, the pier (rocking back and forth) forced us close together and he kissed me.
As we swum back towards the beach, one of his friends said to me, “oh, btw we’re water spirits. Taschen just took your soul.”
Cut to a trailer on the beachside, I am telling Genna and Lil about this encounter and taking a shower at the same time. Suddenly Kiaya appears, sees I’m in the shower already and expresses regret, which makes Lil ask me if I used the outdoor shower. I say no. She reaches in and turns the knob all the way to the “cold” side and doesn’t let me fix it for a full five minutes. A conversation with Jamesey about how much ick dudes spew followed… Then I woke up and cursed quietly to myself.
Second dream I am a lot more unsure about, but it involved Jake (not the formerly known as Accquaintance one) and some girl I didn’t know. Apparently Jake could turn into a woodpecker by twisting his elbow a certain way, and we all watched while he flew around. I was wearing a hoodie with a patterned inside of the hood (yes, I remember stuff like that). It culminated in Jake giving me a hug after trying to turn into a seagull twenty times and failing. Woke up and turned over.
Last dream I really don’t remember, I think it may have to do with Hove lying on his stomach but I could be wrong.

Dang I’m glad I remember these suckers. I love having dreams.