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many tiny elephants

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! I am psyched about it this year, despite being unable to take candy from the elderly. Lying in my bed right now, listening to Interpol and feelin’ pretty dang good.
I’m also pretty relieved, as I’ve finally realized my dilemma and I think the outcome will be pretty okay.
Moving on, y’know the woodcut I mentioned a few posts back? (if I ever did mention it…) If not, I’ll describe it: It’s basically a band poster for my fictional band, Mike Poons and the Bowery. (I’ve got half a mind to wrangle some instrument-adroit friends of mine and make it a reality.) So what’s so magnificent about it? I originally thought it would take approximately two months to carve out completely.
Took me a month. Now I can print it on Monday- I am looking forward to that so much, you have NO IDEA.
In other news, I’ve been looking through Failblog recently and it is hilarious. I giggle nonstop throughout reading it. I am on page 114, I believe.
Will blog more later today or tommorow.

in the town of dreamers

30 Oct

I am currently sitting on the couch, the last strains of Tio Bitar’s last song slowly moseying out through the maze of speakers on the walls, and I feel wonderful. It’s not that often that I really, legitimately feel great. I will proceed to savour this fantasticness, therefore, by eating some pizza I made. It’s coolin on the counter right now, but I am not nearly motivated enough to actually get up and grab it.
So, pseudo-Halloween today was great, my buddy Nathan and I were (respectively) Watson and Sherlock Holmes. I am tall and pretty skinny, he is short and stout, it worked out very well indeed. I am proud of our accomplishments.
Kind of wanting a box ‘o’ Dots right now, they are probably my favourite Halloween candy. Hopefully I can creep out a little and trick-or-treat for a few houses, though chances are I’ll just be handin’ out candy for small fry. Ah, to be small again.
I actually did try and write a blog post earlier today, but was distracted by Facebook and talking to Wil (he’s been out for three days with some sort of nasty sinus thing) so endedup writing a melancholy title and about three words. Sweet! It is languishing as a draft, maybe one day I’ll finish it. Maybe.
Might finish the Hourly Comic I started today, but I’m not feelin’ the fire. Maybe.
Whelp, s’bout it.

loud angry yells

30 Oct


That’s basically the beginning of Id Engager, but that’s not what I sat down to write about. What I am trying to get across here is


and I am Sherlock Holmes, even though no one can tell without my little hat thing and very fake pipe and equally fake felt mustache. I’m pretty sure Mr. Holmes was clean-shaven, but I bloody want to wear a mustache, inaccuracies be damned.

Jedaysa is writing an article about hand sanitizer next to me, I am wondering why the news is creating such a stir about that stuff, it’s ridiculous and this train of thought has been forcibly derailed.


I am a little annoyed right now, considering Wil was possibly going to crossdress but he is sick as a dog and has missed two days of school. I am bummed by this development. I was looking forward to maybe taking pictures and posting them up here, but he’d probably kill me dead. But no! I am disappointed, Wil, if you’re reading this.

Well, today is just going to alternately suck/be awesome. I’ll write more when I get home, I suppose.


apathy: a way of life

28 Oct

to be honest, I wasn’t really going to write a blog post today, as I’m feeling a little…bleh today. I have just been informed that I must miss my chem test in order to go film something for this project thing that’s extracurricular. I’m…I’m not that thrilled. Luckily I can spew excuses and fix this mess, and stay after school to complete said test. Dammit, acting instincts! Darn you to heck!

Eh, I can’t get angry right now, White Denim is crooning in my ear. I downloaded some of their earlier stuff yesterday, it sounds surprisingly like the Black Keys, all thrashed up and buzzing like a swarm of angry hornets.

“i use applesause religiously with my BACON.”

I was writing at school and someone wrote the above nonsense, I do not know why. They spelled applesauce  wrong, shame on them. I suppose I shouldn’t have left the computer on my Dashboard, ah well I am tired and ur.

I don’t have anything else to blog about, perhaps tomorrow.


stress is not beneficial

27 Oct

I have just gotten over 200 percent error on the lab we did today. Hurrah! I get to do it again! After school! Yay!

that was sarcasm, if you hadn’t guessed, and

tommorrow we have our PSATs, and many people are panicking because it actually counts this year. I wasn’t panicking earlier today, but I suppose Jamesey and Ryan’s “oh man this will change our entire future! Gasp!” -ness is starting to rub off, and I am just mildly freaking out.

I am not thrilled, to be completely and brutally honest. Actually, to be frank, I am bloody tired of this shit. I do not want to be told what to do by elders for the rest of my life, but that is probably what is going to happen.

anyway, I’m going to stop being a negative nancy and talk about HAPPY STUFF!

Like C. Visar Vagen!

or like the White Denim song I’m currently downloading. Hopefully it’s a good one, as I haven’t been able to find Regina Holding Hands anywhere. Or a tab of the song, either! I mean, come on guitar geniuses! Write a tab so us less-talented people can partake in the awesome!


I am pretty much exhausted so I’m just done. Done.


moving on

25 Oct

So. Tonight is my school’s International Dinner, an insipid event where overprotective soccer mothers cooly guide their children to go to instead of some other, more “edgy” party.

But I’m going tonight, so I guess I should stop putting it down. Anyway, there’s a lot of food, and halfway through eating said food they have a talent show. Usually there are about seventeen participants, but this year Mr. D (the rest of his name will be obscured so I don’t get yelled at by moral guardians), our rather…we’ll call him unique for now, alright?…band teacher has decided that his steel pan band is more important than that talent show nonsense and cut the acts to seven.


I was going to audition, but then thought “this will be the saddest talent show ever” and didn’t even sign up. Now instead of hearing more children be cute and play  instruments or dance or sing, we will be treated to a disgusting view of Mr. D’s sweaty back.  For some reason he finds it necessary to be at the front of any band he directs, even though when you’re playing steel pans you NEVER look up unless you’re not playing anything or you’re playing the six-pan bass. 

In case you haven’t noticed, this guy bugs me. Backstory: I used to play vibraphone really, really well, then got into high school and couldn’t take Band my freshman year. Tried again sophomore year, and since I can’t read music he utterly humiliated me in front of th’entire class. I quit, dropped the class, and never looked back. The irony is, that year they’d just gotten a new vibraphone and no one else played it. Now my friend Ben dabbles in it, but he mainly plays piano. Mr. D just sticks whoever he can find in the vibraphone slot for most of the concerts.

Our school used to have a really good music programme, but now people are getting tired of Mr. D’s attitude and terrible jokes and refusal to play anything other than jazz music, and they’re quitting. The high school band is about fifteen people strong, about ten of which are freshmen.

Alright, done venting about that. Listening to Fleetwood Mac right now, I have a soft spot in my heart for them. I actually do listen to a lot of music, though my friends insist (rightfully, considering what’s on my iPod at the moment)  that I only listen to one kind of music.
Ha! I appreciate all types, besides that mass-produced Disney-ified crap that consistently spams the top 50 slots. No. That stuff is, truly, crap, though your mileage may vary.
But really! I enjoy rock (of course. Come on. Led Zeppelin? Hell yes!), blues (Taj Mahal is a beast), jazz (Duke Ellington), rap, even (I have great respect for Jay-z and Danger Mouse’s Grey Album), electronica (PASSION PIT), country…well, not hard-core country, and not Taylor Swift country, but the kind like they had in O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

But I do complain a lot about music I don’t like. That’s just my nature. Though usually, if it’s a popular song and I like it, I’ll complain about it a little but secretly think “gee, pretty good.”

In other news:

I am looking forward to play practice tommorrow. So much. I want to go backstage and talk on invisible telephones and draw on the backdrop and do the Scooby-Doo-esque headpoke with Jake, since we’re never exactly sure when we come onstage. I love our cast.
Two years ago, we did a play called Into The Woods, and our cast by the end of it was practically a family. The same thing is happening here. We’re all friends and we all laugh with each other- the cast party is gonna be something else. I can’t wait.

Aah, warm thoughts. Will blog tommorrow.


such a geeky feeling

25 Oct

I’m sitting outside and blogging after doing some yard work. What does this make me? Am I too addicted to blogging to appreciate the little things in life?
Actually, no. I spent about three hours yesterday lying on the floor listening to Led Zeppelin vinyls on my neighbor’s turntable. And so I discovered that the record I got in Paris, II, has a huge scratch right in the middle of The Lemon Song. Goddammit.
I did find that said neighbors have the Joy Division record Closer, so I rocked out to that for a solid hour this morning before having to walk their dog.
But now I’m nice and comfy, Cat Power is playing in the background and I am happy.
Will blog more tonight.