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10 Feb


and here it is:

Pallas Athena on your doorstep
you don’t know what to do,
you’re going to quit the place, you fool.
Enjoy this false divinity while it lasts;
as much as I’d like to
give you a hand
they are bound with spiderwebs and candyfloss
and I cannot
get free.


oh never mind, I couldn’t find it.

Writing a song proves to still be ridiculous and elusive, much to my chagrin. I want to suddenly have Kevin Barnes’s lyrical geniusity osmosed into my brain. I want to be able to write semi-rhyming meter. I WANT TO WRITE A SONG, DAMMIT.


Oh and thanks to Wil for doing very kind things, if you ever need to reach something taller than you can reach and don’t have a handy stepladder, I’ll help you out.

The Bonnaroo setlist came out yesterday. I opened up my email (I’m subscribed to the mailfeed thing) and prepared to be awed…
but was severely disappointed.

Okay. Kings of Leon are playing (they are HEADLINING OH GOD WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO), which is great, sure, but I’ve kinda fallen out of favour with them ever since Only By The Night.
Stevie Wonder, okay, awesome…
Flaming Lips doing Dark Side Of the Moon…eh. I’d rather hear She Don’t Use Jelly or The Spiderbite Song…not too enthused.
The National: Eh.
The xx: WOOHOOOOOO (though I have yet to listen to more of their songs)
Les Claypool: He is the most badass bass player ever, in the history of the universe. He is friggin’ awesome. He makes that bass make sounds that they are not supposed to make. I’ve tried. I cannot do it.

Also: bunch of bands I’ve heard Wil say but haven’t actually listened to. Um, kind of a lacklustre Bonnaroo, at least to me. Maybe next year it’ll be better-


would make. my. life. A thousand times over.

Will write more maybe tonight, but probably tommorrow. I have a shitload of midnight drabbles to write up, but I don’t feel like doin’ it now.

top ten albums

3 Feb

(this is post 200, btw. Yay!)

1. Undefined.

2. Led Zeppelin’s II

3. Wilco- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

4. The Smiths-The Queen Is Dead

5. Sigur Rós-Takk…

6. The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

7. Radiohead- OK Computer

8. Sufjan Stevens- Illinoise

9. of Montreal- Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

10. Kid A- Radiohead

The eleventh through twentieth are rather more heterogenous and contain more older albums.
And if you’re lamenting the lack of Beatles, I don’t listen to them very often at all. I own Sargent Pepper, but that’s about it… Sorry, Beatle-philes. I’ve failed you.

Next post comin’ up!

somehow, someone

27 Dec

Oh, the lazy days.

Since most of my family is out of commission at the moment, we haven’t done anything all day, which surprisingly sits quite well with me.
What does not sit well is the loud music filtering through my door and busting my relaxed mood. The CD my little sister has placed upon the speakers is none other than the much-loathed (to me at least) Only By The Night. I have half a mind to waltz in and turn that mofo off. But no. I will sit here and let dear Dan Auerbauch (that is probably not how you spell his name, ah well) sing raspy blues wonders into my ears.
Well, my sore throat is slowly retreating, but my nose has begun to run. That I can deal with.
I’ve just partway finished making a list of bands I want to see before I die, and it’s pretty epic-looking. Hopefully I go to an urban university so I can sputter about watching Spoon stagger across the stage or Jonsí strum his guitar with a bow or Thom do that funny space alien face he doeswhen he sings real high- I want to experience all of that. I want to paint my face and go see Kevin Barnes do his dances. I want to be in the mosh pit of My Morning Jacket. I want to give Wayne Coyne a high-five or hug.
Oh, this life! It is one of infinite possibilities!