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escape the carapace

3 Jan

Fjkslfh today, today why did I bother getting up today I feel like a lump of goo.
Didn’t get to download anything and currently suffering for it, I guess I’ll ask Wil to burn me the Xx’s new CD. Kind of glad about goin’ back to class Thursday, as well as getting my license next Monday. I’m a pretty okay driver, if I do say so myself.

So. Been working on a new drawing style, also been drawing some stickers to put up during Jump-Up or the like. I haven’t been to a single one this year and it is weiiird.
Also, I need to get the fuck over Bortglomt as soon as I can because I’m only going to hurt myself by falling in love with him.

Gonna draw somemore, see if I can wrench the main computer away from my daddikins.

it reels and calls us

28 Dec

Drinkin’ sinus-clearing tea, hopefully it does me some good as my nose is running like Jesse Owens. But I’m recovering. I hate being sick. It is the most feeble thing for me to be, all sniffly and pathetic rather than my usual She-Hulk stride. Bah. Plus I also hate the hundreds of Oriental pills my mother forces me to take, ones that probably have mandrake root and lemongrass ground up inside.
I like lemongrass, actually. Smells delicious.
I just caught a sneeze. Hell yeah.

Aaaalso, also also, I believe I may have boken Agætis’ heart again. Well shitshrooms. Hopefully he does not dwell on what has been said- oh, have I mired myself in a swamp of friendship-turned-romance? Dear god I hope not.

Also, I have a prom plan. Ooohoo. I am not the sort of chickadee who waits for a guy to ask her to prom. No. I am asking peeps. The first one is Bortglomt, though I am pretty damn sure he is going to decline. Then I go to Agætis, who I believe will accept, but if not I go to Jamesey. Well, if he doesn’t accept I start asking random dudes. That’ll work eventually.

Haha! Oh, this’ll be fun.

Aaand going pier jumping tomorrow, woohoohoo.

Will write more later tonight, probably in the next ten minutes.

déjà vu

26 Dec

(we have all been here before)

Well, tonight I might be seeing Avatar, the one without the flying buffalo and cute little bald monk-kids. The one with blue aliens. Why are aliens always green or blue? They might be coloured in shades the human eye couldn’t see and…
Okay, I know I was going to reveal who Tweed was today, and yes, I still am, but not at the moment.

I’ve found recently that I like the early-morning silences, the soft rumble of the refinery sort of menacingly comforting, if you can imagine. I have spent about seven years living near this plant, so I am pretty used to it.

Also, I dreamt about Bortglom last night. We were in disney-land for some reason, I don’t remember why, but a bear attacked and Savannah thought she should leave the two of us alone and we talked before my dad threw a pineapple-sized grenade at me, pin still intact, and told me to use it as “protection.”

all is calm, all is bright

24 Dec

well, I am lying in my bed listening to Skeletal Lamping and reflecting. I suppose it’s a little too early to start think about new year’s, but eh, that’s where my mind currently resides.
But I will wait a while- some of my mental machinations may be resolved by then. Such as my descision to ask Bortglomt to prom. I am ninety-five percent sure he will say no and I will end up either going alone or going with Agaetis or somethin’. But it is definitely worth a shot, if only to prove that I am brave enough to do something quite so rash.
But still, looking forward to tomorrow morning- presents lovingly wrapped, parents insisting on taking fifteen million pictures. Ugh.
Oh, and I did some midnight drabbles last night, here they are:
vocational occasional bastards on a golden sea your mind is more beautiful than you know our data daughters are beautiful and quick shoot your arrow
The clouds don’t worry all will become a delightful outcome our minds warped by your (scribble)geramy your tetrology
Beauty all the days we dance for you and you only laugh a little louder oh why not launch your mind ahead
Kangaroo blunt sayings of the wet winter we mustn’t decided beauty of the terror we will spray your caracas lovers
Love of course not, that is merely one very long boss list of our belights love changed our terrors we leaving, or gorgeous brothers dance as unicorns beneath the sentence by I’m a roset see yeah I was seen? And of me there are six douius attacks we love, if we could, but the terrible delightful things we think defile the definiyions of a small land.
And our words will predate us, or at least mine will, if I ever decide to do swathlin
I am ridiculous.

Aaah. Well, it’s been a good day. It’s been a good month, really. I guess the christmas spirit is finally getting to me, so I think I’m going to draw a little and go to sleep.

Happy holidays, everyone. I hope your hangovers are gentle and your parents are generous.
I also hope you take a little time to appreciate the little awesome things in life, like taking towels rigt out from the dryer and swaddling yourself in their fuzzy warmth. That’s how I remember living in Canada (I was six.)- wet cold followed by fuzzy warmth.
Well, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Love.

universal baby showers

19 Dec

I come up with the strangest titles. It’s my way of adding pizazz to the world.

anyway, today I took apart a cauliflower- WHY do people eat them? Who was the first guy who saw an  albino broccoli pokin’ out of the ground and thought “Hey, I bet I can eat that!” He needs to be punched in the face and-


Sorry about that.

I am currently having a pretty good day, despite not doing anything much for the last twelve hours (actually, that’s why it’s so great). My friend Kathleen is having her birthday party tonight, I am going. I will probably have a good time. There will not be anyone I can make a fool of myself in front of, which is a godsend as I do not want to have an existential crisis tonight.

And I actually can’t wait until January, as it is: 1. the month of the SON OF THE CAST PARTY WOO
and 2. Wil’s birthday month. I am going to maybe burn him a mix CD, if I can get my dad to fix it for me.

And also- I’ve been thinking about it, but I might go ahead and reveal a code name in a few days. Might being the key word- I think things have progressed enough that I can-

but the weird thing, really, is that after a while I start to think of these people as having two quite distinct personalities. Like Bortglomt. He has the other personality (his real name) and then the one that I write about- the kind one, the one that randomly meets my gaze. Weird, I know, but still. If you ever try writing with code names, you’ll find out the same thing, I’m pretty sure.

My parents are talking about money, I do not want to listen so I’m going to go maybe play guitar.

Will write more later.

sewn across the board

18 Dec

Here are the midnight scribbles I’d promised:

The ceiling hems us in like a technicolour dreamcoat-fence, wild fiddles paying chimpanzee routes off to Mipposham that is not how it is pronounced, I know I know. Boredom villages of the motorcloud spear, remote a darker age an unenlightened society? Imagine yourself, Bortglomt, be my pheasant
But eventually your birds will fly, your sun will whine and die the world is only mortal, you know
That which is immortal may never be real. Never be real + be a woman. I spent all night
We will win Elf Power lovers phallus attacks, thousands of the carrot mgeris a
Tererors attack of the sunlandic kissers into my arms; things can merely get better, I must relax until our bombs are eaten by a soviet general first can use the revolutions into the dias of our life nosed santa
I am an unknown marketabilitycherub, rushing things
The wings the terror of the)
Dreaming are not realistic opinons of love but our
Different styles, marriage just shackles and a soul


Probably one of my favourites thus far, luckily I didn’t write over myself too often with this one.

Kid A sketches comin’ soon.

come on, chemicals

17 Dec

i’ve been waking up and sobbing all night but I know I shouldn’t be
some faulty emotional balance I presume
what makes fauberge so much better than me, tweed? is it the height? the domineering attitude? the wit?
and I am ashamed to be so jealous, but sometimes it is the only emotion i can feel right now- i need a comforter, a soothsayer, a person to hold me close and tell me everything’s gonna be alright, a shoulder to lean on in my embarrassing weakened state.
i love you tweed. you are great in so many ways. but I understand you will never reciprocate my feelings, so can we put New Orleans behind us and just be friends? Not this stupid awkward friendship we have right now, but legitimate friendship without worries, free to say whatever.

That’s all I ask, if it’s not too much.