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my body is a cage

25 Feb

that keeps me from dancing wih the one I love, but my mind holds the key.

Looking forward to Sunday (and the subsequent day), I am going over to St. Thomas with Wil and Lil and Genna and J’nee and Dylan and Jorge and Ben and Matthew and Udi and I think that’s it. It is going to be wondrous fun! All us female types are rooming together, which will make for some interesting sleep arrangements (I usually thrash around in my sleep).
Actually, that reminds me of Science Bowl two years ago, when Genna and I were sharing a room with blissfully seperate beds. I kind of half-woke up in the middle of the night, staggered over to Genna thinking “She looks cold,” and fell asleep on top of her. She had a fever. She continually reminds me of that sleepwalking episode, which is probably the only one that I’ve had.
Sleep is very, very strange. Usually I sleep like a worn-out five-year-old; soundly and limp as a towel. I am not easy to move when asleep: 157 pounds of deadweight is not fun to lift.
But I dream.
I dream often and vividly, and lately I’ve started writing down bits of my dreams so I’ll remember them. I haven’t had a nightmare in at least eight years now, partly because I realize halfway through said nightmare that it’s a dream so I start over again, and also probably because I have three dreamcatchers hangin’ by my head.

Gahhh headache feels like someone’s driving long nails through my cranium


Oh, and previous post is merely a list of inside jokes that I need to remember. Nothin’ special.

what in the name of robert plant is going on

9 Jan

Dang I had some good dreams last night. Quick recap:
The one that’s really clear in my memory right now took place at a beach with a low floating pier that a bunch of people were swimming beside. I was swimmin’ alongside Taschen and a few of hs friends, and we were talking about the Steam Age. I pointed out that if they’d invented vinyls (in the dream I said it “vin-yulls” but then correceted myself) back then, who knows where we’d be today.
Apperently Taschen liked that idea, and he laughed for a bit. Suddenly, the pier (rocking back and forth) forced us close together and he kissed me.
As we swum back towards the beach, one of his friends said to me, “oh, btw we’re water spirits. Taschen just took your soul.”
Cut to a trailer on the beachside, I am telling Genna and Lil about this encounter and taking a shower at the same time. Suddenly Kiaya appears, sees I’m in the shower already and expresses regret, which makes Lil ask me if I used the outdoor shower. I say no. She reaches in and turns the knob all the way to the “cold” side and doesn’t let me fix it for a full five minutes. A conversation with Jamesey about how much ick dudes spew followed… Then I woke up and cursed quietly to myself.
Second dream I am a lot more unsure about, but it involved Jake (not the formerly known as Accquaintance one) and some girl I didn’t know. Apparently Jake could turn into a woodpecker by twisting his elbow a certain way, and we all watched while he flew around. I was wearing a hoodie with a patterned inside of the hood (yes, I remember stuff like that). It culminated in Jake giving me a hug after trying to turn into a seagull twenty times and failing. Woke up and turned over.
Last dream I really don’t remember, I think it may have to do with Hove lying on his stomach but I could be wrong.

Dang I’m glad I remember these suckers. I love having dreams.

déjà vu

26 Dec

(we have all been here before)

Well, tonight I might be seeing Avatar, the one without the flying buffalo and cute little bald monk-kids. The one with blue aliens. Why are aliens always green or blue? They might be coloured in shades the human eye couldn’t see and…
Okay, I know I was going to reveal who Tweed was today, and yes, I still am, but not at the moment.

I’ve found recently that I like the early-morning silences, the soft rumble of the refinery sort of menacingly comforting, if you can imagine. I have spent about seven years living near this plant, so I am pretty used to it.

Also, I dreamt about Bortglom last night. We were in disney-land for some reason, I don’t remember why, but a bear attacked and Savannah thought she should leave the two of us alone and we talked before my dad threw a pineapple-sized grenade at me, pin still intact, and told me to use it as “protection.”

oh comely

13 Dec

basically: I have to buy Neutral Milk Hotel’s second album as soon as I can, else I will explode into a not-so-nice shower of blood and gunk.
So to take my mind off of that, I’ve been doing the following before I sleep: writing in a notebook, eyes closed, mind blank.
Usually I forget what I’ve written in the morning, but then I look at it and it reads like the lyrics to an Of Montreal song.
Here’s last night’s, or at least what I can read of it:
The promised land, your father’s grave,’when we fall it willnbe beautiful and magnificent, but unfortunately this (scribble) will fail we’ll end up confused and terrified.
A lesson from some beatiple [sic] darlings A beautiful the original…

Are bent built by crackered soy bands, an opportunity island kissed the night
Coals would put understand, the adamantine neck quivering around them
Tender, loving onslaught- too saga(?) every night and speak your name, quietly
And it’ really the duality in things, and the fire and the holy glory and the beauty that I enjoy…


There is more, but my blind handwriting is ridiculously difficult to read.

But the stuff that I can read and didn’t write here- that will stay hidden.