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heimsdalgate like a promethian curse

5 Apr

Pretty sure I spelled something in that title wrong, who cares.
Well, did pretty much nothing today. Tommorrow is gonna be a Crapsack Monday, woo-frickin’-hoo, so I guess I’d better enjoy my dwindling hours of semi-freedom by writing a post.
And here I am.

Nothing to write about at the moment. Absolutely nothing. There are no little clever things popping out from my brain saying “Write about me! I’m exciting!”. There are no terrible puns trying to get me shot. (Metaphorically.)
And I didn’t do my French homework. Crap!

Well, okay, here’s something: I got my report card today. Apparently they forgot that I didn’t do the “mandatory” physical fitness testing. Yay! I love passing through the radar like that! I didn’t even really have to hide, unlke Jamesey or Jenna-with-a-J. Haha! I feel triumphant!
And on the subject of report carding, I am floating by quite nicely. Maybe not getting straight As, but how about straight B+s? That’s alright in my book, at least.

Goin’ to bed. Will write tomorrow.

shock me like an electric eel

5 Jan

A caveat to those out there who do not know: Don’t listen to Kid A before going to sleep, like I’m doing. It is scary. It is frightening. I want to get up and change the CD, but the thing is that it’s also really good.

Anyway. Dang. I did basically nothing today besides drawin’ and drivin’ and helping Hannah with Super Mario Galaxy (which, btw, we need some help with on the Purple Coin thing for the Battlerock Galaxy. Ridiculous, I tell you. If you’ve got any tips, lay ’em on me. (that always sounds weird sorry)
Also, tomorrow is the last day of Wonder-Break, so I’m gonna have to go back to school and slog through more chem and math and art history madness. Dang. I also get my new schedule, I am hoping it is not riddled with blanks or terrible classes. I hope I’m in Journalism. Dang.

Today is just a dangy day. Can’t think of anything else to write but this tidbit:

ceasing to exist

8 Dec

it pays to have friends in the food service industry

Natalie Dee comics, yes.

UUGGH this week. This week needs to go and explode itself, Tarantino-style. I do not want to exist right now. I want to melt into a puddle of nonexistence and just…just explode.

and found Bortglomt looking back at me today; I think I never have felt quite as infatuated as I do with him. I…I kind of…I…never mind.

‘Bout all for today. Will write more tommorrow.

difficulty befriending puffins

8 Dec

well, currently sitting in the Pub, probably should be somewhere else but I am too apathetic to even give half of a shit. Instead, I will sit here, pipe Passion Pit loudly into my ear, and attempt to ignore Bortglomt over there who is doing…something.

I just ripped the Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead, and I finally realized: it’s VICAR in a Tutu, rather than “BABBLING in a Tutu”. This makes quite a bit of my life suddenly make sense. Also, bubbles.

The kid next to me, presumably a freshman, is writing something about magical metal detectors. That find jewels. He is also watching Stewie (from Family Guy) shove someone down the stairs multiple times. I see no humor in this. I see no awesome in wistfully watching Bortglomt from across the room. I see no awesome in listening to him babble about colleges.

I see no awesome in today, thus far.

And Jamesey just asked me about French homework, much to my chagrin- I kind of suck at helping people with homework, which is why I kind of went “eh imparfait and conditional” then slowly slinked away back to my chair. There is nothing to write about today. There is nothing to do today.

Today is just a big glomp of nothing.

(and I am still wistfully staring at Bortglomt from across the room. Damned beautiful people!)

in case you haven’t guessed

2 Dec

oh, you don’t need to play with my heart; I wish you could just sing out what you feel ’bout me, if it was mean or loving or in between. Just tell me- the truth is better than anything else you could give me.

Well, that felt good. Listening currently to Rocks and Daggers by Noah and the Whale, this may be the song I make a music video to. I need to borrow myself a camera though, and soon- perhaps my Journalism/Broadcasting teacher will let me do so. Or maybe I’ll do it in Flash! (No.)

I’m all video-centric because of a few things: Firstly, Acquaintance Jake and Wil are doing a movie for their senior projects, and listening to them talk excitedly about it has sparked my interest. Secondly, I’ve been watching Blogotheque videos practically nonstop and I cannot get my mind off taping a band. A real band!

Also sort of confused (hence the opening paragraph) about that damn Bortglomt- I really think I’ve mired myself in a swamp with this one. He is everything I’d ever wanted, and dammit how long did it take to figure it out? A long friggin’ time! Plus he wears the most awesome clothes- a man with fashion sense. Yes, please. If only to compensate for my utter lack of matching ability.

But it is just irritating, not knowing and wondering and waiting.

I will keep waiting.

spare me the suspense

23 Nov

I have not blogged in the last two days, which may be a record for me, I’m not sure. In any case, Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday, and I will be having a helluva fun time. Hopefully.
Well, today was an unremarkable day, excepting the two periods of awesome I have every Day 2. Oh, the day system: it is a six-day rotation schedule that was put into effect two years ago, to much confusion and rage. Now it’s pretty integrated, and people like it because you can take many more classes than you previously could. Sweet!
I am rapidly running out of things to write about; I attempted to write some poetry earlier but ended up with a pile of crap and a much less motivated attitude.
Writer’s block sucks! It sucks a lot! It sucks worse than Owl City (who I only know of through my friends Genna and Lillian), which sucks pretty bad.
I suppose I’ll leave you all here then.

castles floating in the birdcage sky

13 Nov

I am probably the most downright pooped I’ve been in the last year and a half. Play practice has proceeded to suck all the vitality out of me, despite my feeble protests. All my grades in my classes are slowly sinking lower…hopefully I can fix this problem soon. Tomorrow is the last performance, sadly, and I will be reduced to a jelloid mass by the end of it. But cast party! Yaaaay! I am excited.
In other news, been listening to very mellow music recently (currently, C.Visar Vagen), stuff like Sufjan Stevens and Wilco and some Death Cab. But the song that really has the power to rendr me speechless is Sigur Ros’ Agætis Bjirun (or however it’s spelled). The piano! The acoustic guitar! The little minor bits! I love this song; I would like it to take up residence in my heart for the rest of my life.
Well, getting tired here, plus I have to take off my makeup so I don’t smudge it all over everything (I hate stage makeup with the passion of a thousand angry bees), so going to retire for now. Will write more tomorrow.
Ciao, all.