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18 Mar

Going to Disney World tomorrow, hopefully we will have a blast and do cool things.
Internship? OVAH.
Me? Wondering if Wilco had mind reading powers.

Anyway, going to buy clothes ‘n’ things up thar in Florida. Probably going to pick up the My Morning Jacket album It Still Moves, and if I can find it I’m gonna get Rokkurro’s debut album. (Probably not.) Not getting any Modest Mouse, as I have already coerced Nikhil into burning a few CDs for me. Of course, this is if I can remember to bring him some blank CDs.
Also probably going to get some books, I don’t know which ones yet. Maybe some manga? I haven’t read any physical manga in a few months, I think that’s telling me something. In any case, I am going to hit up a Borders, I am pretty sure.

So an advance apology for the lack of post that you all will suffer through for the next few days.
Maybe suffer’s too strong a word… Whatever. I won’t be writing, unless there is wi-fi at the hotel and I can hook my iPod up to it.
last words for now: The Internet is a series of tubes.

Also, I hope all you guys in Spain get back safely and without rape memories. And for Adara, I hope those stairs left you alone.
Love y’alls.

just a little heat

13 Mar

Strangeness abounds in the land of Carambola, at least tonight it did. Weirder things have happened, sure, but I am about 50% sure something odd is going on upstairs at the moment, if you catch my drift. If you don’t, that’s perfectly cool and I congratulate you.
Besides the weirdness, things were pretty great today: I ate more chinese food than I really should have and am now suffering for it (dammit!), I am freakin’ exhausted and feel pretty crappy as well.

Going to bed, will write more when I get up/am not feeling bluhhh.

red morning light

31 Jan

So: good news! I am going to Paris this summer! I am ridiculously excited! This will very well make me jump around like a bunch of angry bees…
Wait, that made no sense, but I DON’T CARE! So excited!
Unfortunately, this means Bonnaroo is a no-go, much to my dismay. But there is always next year. I will go to Bonnaroo eventually, mark my words.
So, just wrote my essay thing for the application, it is pretty alright but needs some revision, which I’m going to do in a few days. Well, when I’m finally able to do the application online (the internet has been running ridiculously slowly lately).



Have a good day, y’alls. Might write more later, if I feel so inclined.

stories of the eye

28 Jan

Listening to them at the moment (thank you, Jenna w/ a J) and kind of zoning out. My mother has insisted that this is music for “potheads”, which I am not. I like the beat. It is sort of danceable, if you are so inclined.
Well, talked to Will today about maybe being a bassist for his band project thing, “Vladmir and (something)”. He is writing songs, they sound wonderful, I am going to maybe try and write some lyrics for him if I can figure out something not overused.
Also: I did some midnight drabbles last night, here they are:
the occasion is nothing more than an organised animal therapy session underneath the banyan tree- let your hobbit children like your hobbit feet entirely embarass the horrible things these terrible terrorist boys did. They peed on trees. Yes, I hae conclusive information. You know how glass is clear at the top, not where you break it
You know you’d like to become a dainty wonderkind, haha my Genna is better.
Not really asms! It’s wonderful! But herieteing we’re going to mule a child in Ney York and phallic’s favorite attack
of the beaties, of the windows beneath our studies, will ferrell’s end may not be that tall not taking boss residing
In human form is merely a parable to consider as hamster bread
No comment about that one. I think strangely whilst tipping off of sleep’s cliff.

The last few days have actually been rather nice and relaxing, kind of like being in a warm steam room (but still being able to breathe non-steamy breaths). I am going to do some stuff in the next few days that will not make me regret anything. This is good!
Although I am starting to get a little antsy about tout les trucs.
I might write an entire post in Frenglish, one that will deal wih some pretty heavy stuff. People’s names/codenames will be mushed around if I choose to mention any of them.

All this and more, with the next installment of YELLING LOUDLY AT SMALL CHILDREN:The Book: The Movie: The Pretty Okay Video Game: The Blog.

holiday festivities

20 Dec

Firstly, happy non-denominational holidays to everyone, yay snow and lack of obligatory pre-calc- wait, never mind, we have homework over the break. Ugh.
So, my family is rather strange. I will be spending christmas in their company, rather than with my gigantic extended family (who are Canadian and positively nuts). I am actually quite glad about this. None of my cousins on my father’s side have anything in common with me; the one cousin that does, Lindsay, is twenty-something and is a tattoo artist. (A totally bitchin’ tattoo artist, I might add. If you ever find yourself in Calgary lookin’ to get a narwhal needled into your arm, she’s the gal to ask.)
But anyway. I’m going to a live nativity scene tonight where there will be small donkeys, smaller goats, and possibly one large horse. Woo-hoo! I am excited. I will sing christmas carols with the passion of a thousand christmas-spirited bees. I may even throw in some interpretive dance (no.).

Also, on a completely different topic, I was talking to Wil about the earlier post wherein I put a list of awesome 2009 music things. Yeah, I realize some of it’s a little off. I have a bit of a warped concept of time, for which you can blame the school system. So imagine MGMT being released in 2009, and we’re all good.
I do have some more midnight drabbles, but I’ll put them up later.
Also, going to delete Pride Of The Magi (probably) because I’m not going to be able to think of a coherent plot without the aid of illegal substances.