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and i turned round- and there you go!

21 Jan

Things change quickly.
For instance: a group of friends (including me) have been planning this party for a little over a month now. A few days ago, the person who was going to host said party had to back out (he asked the wrong parent) and a backup was quickly found. Problem is, now said backup cannot host either, so we must wait until next week to have a party. Not that terrible in the whole scheme of things, but come on.

I’m overreacting, I know. It just bothers me when people abandon things last-minute.

And and- I may ask Hove. I’ll wait a few days- but- I am 50% sure I’m going to.

Tonight: gonna play some guitar, do a few midnight drabbles, maybe draw a little bit (just sketches), write a little.

Hopefully your plans work out, as mine usually don’t.

Protected: mindguisings

19 Jan

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it rolls on

19 Jan

Well, having my second go at getting my driver’s license. Ugh, I’m not that excited about it- it is rather stressful.
Well, if I manage to parallel park all nicely, I’m good to go- I can drive rather well on the open road, thanks very much.


We’ll see how it goes.

And as for the aforementioned Hove question, still mulling it over.

overflowing like a frothing pint of guinness

18 Jan

I am going to explode. Shit today was pretty great, last night was über (umlaut YAY) awesome thanks to Ryan’s continuous comments about how sexy the various women in Chicago (the play/movie) are. Ahaha, that was fun, that was fun.
Well, gonna try again for my license tommorrow, hopefully I do better than I did last time and actually get parked all nicely. Dang.
Oh, and as a nice present when I get to school, I get to do a Chem test third period! Oh happy day! (No.) Seriously though, this is the second test in as many weeks and I am getting a little tired of it. Just have to remember that formula… which I can’t think of right now. Shit! Ah, I’ll have to do a little review before I take the test.
So, in a few days I might be real courageous and ask Hove somethin’. But that is a might, and that is in a few days, so who knows. I am a little confused still, but I have a feeling that Taschen could care less, so I might as well-

Hopefully I’ll get things sorted soon. In the meanwhile, I’m going to sleep and maybe my dreams will tell me stuff. (Or maybe Taschen will steal my soul again with a kiss. Who knows?)

leif erikson

18 Jan

Everything is looking up, everything is suddenly becoming glorious. I am actually kind of surprised about this: I’d expected by this point to be a morose mope, but I didn’t think Hove would help and well I was pretty wrong.
Anyway, I am currently trying to write a short movie, or at least the skeleton of one. I don’t know how successful I am, since the script so far is a short six pages but will be longer. I might type it up later today.
Been looking around for more bands, unfortunately I’ve hit kind of a slump in my music-procuring skills- I need to talk to Jacob or Wil pretty soon to get some reccommendations.
Meh, I’ll write more later.