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early 70s gymnastics

16 Mar

Feeling marginally better, which is nice. Still have a terrible sore throat, but I think I’ll be able to go in tomorrow.
So! What did I do today? Nothing. Nothing useful whatsoever. Hopefully tomorrow stuff will be done and cool things will happen, but atm I cannot think about future possibilities as my head is fit to burst and I’m thinking in loops of thought as opposed to more coherent sentences. My condolences.

Here, some midnight drabbles. Been a while since I’ve written any, hasn’t it?
my heart beats like a drum, reverberating through my shattered frame my enlightened skeleton. But our inhibited mysteries flood your soul. Leak through the openings. I am unsure of any an bass great guy he kind of bugs us [I cannot read the rest of this page at all.]
Inside the other rules and rumours when the sunbeams dodge the universal id our minds were sprained those social beauties crave terror-stricken heads under the planned escapades of thousands within our edgy thing that allowed off with the quiet team therapy
[next page:]
Oh the fickle stew of love, it thunders through my bones like a tiny apocalypse now under the skin under her bones she was nothing if not terrible. You are not the sort of person we’d known if given the chance-however unlikely. Your wrist? Gone. Back muscles? Yes. I don’t care about the cinema, but if you love the people make seams they have and hunt (scribbles) toast toast toaetsnfk
Lately I’ve been kind of lax about writing these. Going to do some tonight.

Will write tomorrow.

i am satisfied

3 Feb

I had a huge lovely post written, but I did something and inadvertently deleted it all. Here, I’ll try again.

Did some midnight drabbles last night, here are all the ones I can feasibly decipher.
a diaphonous meniscus of terribleturtle dreams under an unfortunate derivation class. It is not their birthday but we will celebrate it anyway; you were part of another kingdom of wonders and well other things, I suppose. Death/pain is like the sound a piece of sheet metal makes, like a twanky twan monday besides my ballon well our hearts importants things and how are we going to pay to motley crüe umlaut.

Been having loud, rolling sweeping thoughts lately; thoughts that make me want to scream my discoveries to the heavens. I blame these sort of on the rolling lovely sweetness of the music I’ve been listening to, as well as the inherent mind-twisting properties of psychadelic music (even without drugs, it is a trip all of its own). I am imagining triumphant glowing landscapes. I am thinking of mortality, and even beyond that, the questions of beyond the grave.
It’s when I start thinking about that sort of thing that I start to feel very small, very organic: more a part of the macrocosm. We are, really, all marvels of biological engineering- how are we able to think? Chemical reactions. All we are, all we ever will be, is limited by the simplest compounds, the simplest ratios.
Oh, to anyone who wonders.

There’s also something that makes me cry about all this nonsense, all these chemicals rioting inside my brain. How does it all work? What, in essence, are we?
Is there such thing as a soul?

Well, hell if I know. But I’d like to be one of the first to find out.

Yo soy una extraña en esta lugar sin tí.

(I am a stranger in this place without you.)

stories of the eye

28 Jan

Listening to them at the moment (thank you, Jenna w/ a J) and kind of zoning out. My mother has insisted that this is music for “potheads”, which I am not. I like the beat. It is sort of danceable, if you are so inclined.
Well, talked to Will today about maybe being a bassist for his band project thing, “Vladmir and (something)”. He is writing songs, they sound wonderful, I am going to maybe try and write some lyrics for him if I can figure out something not overused.
Also: I did some midnight drabbles last night, here they are:
the occasion is nothing more than an organised animal therapy session underneath the banyan tree- let your hobbit children like your hobbit feet entirely embarass the horrible things these terrible terrorist boys did. They peed on trees. Yes, I hae conclusive information. You know how glass is clear at the top, not where you break it
You know you’d like to become a dainty wonderkind, haha my Genna is better.
Not really asms! It’s wonderful! But herieteing we’re going to mule a child in Ney York and phallic’s favorite attack
of the beaties, of the windows beneath our studies, will ferrell’s end may not be that tall not taking boss residing
In human form is merely a parable to consider as hamster bread
No comment about that one. I think strangely whilst tipping off of sleep’s cliff.

The last few days have actually been rather nice and relaxing, kind of like being in a warm steam room (but still being able to breathe non-steamy breaths). I am going to do some stuff in the next few days that will not make me regret anything. This is good!
Although I am starting to get a little antsy about tout les trucs.
I might write an entire post in Frenglish, one that will deal wih some pretty heavy stuff. People’s names/codenames will be mushed around if I choose to mention any of them.

All this and more, with the next installment of YELLING LOUDLY AT SMALL CHILDREN:The Book: The Movie: The Pretty Okay Video Game: The Blog.

when roses fall from the ceiling

25 Jan

There is no need to duck.

Hey, original title! Sweet, I am creative!

Today limped along like a lame horse (in both senses of the word.) I have something wrong with my throat, though it doesn’t hurt, and cannot laugh without wheezing weirdly. On the plus side, Ryan finally presented me with a prickly pear (delicious) and then proceeded to interrogate me about who I found attractive in the high school, a question which I was rather hesitant to answer and instead just spat out a series of “I don’t know”s that he scoffed at. “What do you mean, you don’t know? It’s your own opinion.”
But I’d like to keep that particular opinion to myself, sir.

Besides that, school passed uneventfully, then my mum came to pick me up for a doctor’s appointment. Aaand, five hours later, here I am sitting on my bed, my dog lying by my feet and looking like she’s just passed out. (I took her for a long walk.)

Did some midnight drabbles last night, let’s see if they’re readable!
and other modern topics of conversation have no sense in destiny alongside the dead. Tomorrow is merely today with half a shot of scotch- our lies with noneothers’ in case of a zombie attack, I am well supplied with ninjas. I may attack you ’till the night ends, turning into the day
else I may not sleep tonight. Shock are like antler stirrel- oh that is what you are to me, an—
Merely serves to endear you in any hunted of in and underneath the hitler loves dance with an empty bar, wood slats over the top of your hand, underneath your family grew and flourished but really wasn’t all that bad. I may have broken records of honesty and terrible, lyrically axe meanies you may well me one of the awesomes fabulous things, scarves dressed into your worldly lifestyle, you could help me with an
I kind of might have eaten one of the toros on the floor. Yeah, these awesome bench wares.
A surprising amount was legible, but there are still bits and pieces that I can’t read at all.

Will write more tomorrow. G’night.

only a steelman

21 Jan

can be a lover/we celebrate our sense of each other

Thanks, Sufjan Stevens.

Well, today was pretty unremarkable besides the sort of depressing assembly (Haiti). Lillian and I revamped the ancient “riding the waves” inside joke, it was marvellous, Wil could not figure out what the hell was going on. In short, a regular day, a magnificent day.

Well, I decided on the bus today that I’m going to attempt to place the song I reference in the title into my post- so you can hear it. Maybe later for this one, as I am writing it on my iPod and cannot be bothered to go out and write it properly on the big computer. Bah. I only wish I could add files onto my posts on here… APPLE I’M TALKING TO YOU!

Did some very brief midnight drabbles last night, here they are (translated to the best of my ability):
sometimes it makes me wonder why I exist. Why did that grand fella in the sky create us, if not to let us find each other and fall in love. Perhaps it’s oneof the intense/amazing accomplishments of life. Consider your question answered- love love lvoe someone wih neural voices under our terror visits haha your hand me your brain repeats in crazy circles, your jade rule under the sinclair serious and your strange clarity through smoke. His legs seem as ladders- how do they work, knees like diamonds under the brett worldly attacks of very small question marks and equally small whitedad git of-
I can tell the exact moment I started falling asleep- my handwriting suddenly becomes much smaller, my hand not pressing so hard on the page, suddenly making littler and littler sense- and then it abruptly becomes indecipherable.

Sometimes I wonder why exactly we are here- what higher power (or what method of evolution) decided to place us upon this earth?
Why am I here? What will I do to change the lives of others?
Who, essentially, am I?

I am especially concerned with that question because I am a natural actor (my family has called me one since I’ve been little, I am not trying to toot my own horn), and I tend to take bits and pieces of others’ mannerisms and adopt them as my own. I have done this for so long now that I sometimes wonder who I really am, what my personality is like. Forget those stupid quizzes- I know enough about psychology that I can rig it and answer how I’d like to be, rather than how I am.
That’s why I’m doing the midnight drabbles. I am hoping (if Freud was right) that maybe a bit of my ‘id’, my primal conciousness, will maybe take shape and show me something.
In any case, it’s a great place to take song lyrics/painting ideas from.

Will write more later.

looking up

14 Jan

Everything is just FINE

no, seriously. Today has been pretty awesome thus far, I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow. Art! Yearbook! More art!
And now that I suddenly have ideas, things are forty times easier.
I just taught my dad how to sync things to his new iPod! I feel accomplished. Have you ever felt accomplished? Don’t answer that, of course you have.

And the year rolls on.

I’ve been listening to a volatile combination of Vampire Weekend, White Denim, and Spoon, I am not too sure how long I will survive being bombarded by all this coarse joy before I explode into confetti.
Oh oh oh I did some midnight drabbles last night, let me show you them.
they are probably not very good as I was kind of awake while writing them, but we’ll see.
One day, maybe, the flashes behind my eyelids will cease, turning into a completely different person through music. You are my glorious one, you follow me and make me realize my flaws and changes and your delight of your delight together inside hearts from scratch homegrown.
You don’t understand your own mind, let alone others’ minds; together, away from home, life continues. Not your fault, not your reasons for love or lack thereof. I’d mind if you didn’t move how I’d thought, but I’ve king things are okay.
Your mind, though, is a strange ferocious animal, your breath unnatural. You always outthink when you ring your doorbell, together his love
I’ve never quite done this before, you know what I gtab light, not your terror or the glory on the way we work, the way neath the truth, attack the spaces in between morals and say it’s a service for your community, your love and mine may love the life surrounding. Gobhead. Take another drag on your cigar. It’ll kill you shouldn’t beast oh I cannot write tonight, I’m thinking too much.
Going to do some more tonight. Luckily for this one it was almost totally legible, besides some scribbles scrawled haphazardly along the bottom of a page and a crossed-out I.
I am occasionally frightened by the stuff I write: I ask myself how something like that, extolling love and beauty and all that shit, could possibly come out of this little head of mine.
For reference, it occasionally makes me break out in random dancing when I’m home alone or sequestered in my room. Sweet? Sweet.

I will write more tommorrow.

a small way of saying hello

2 Jan

I dreamt about going to Bonnaroo last night. There was my dad and me and my mom, no sign of my sister, and we drove there in my aunt’s campervan thing but were unable to park for like three hours cos we had to register our vehicle or somethin’. Can’t remeber the rest of the dream, but we did finally start setting up our tents.

Anyway. Wrote some midnight drabbles last night, they are cool and unusual (haha see what i did there haha) and here they are.
trout and trot alike, both questions I ask of an uncertain brood. Your eyes are that of rubies your diamonds arecklightful and I want you as my own paradigm kisses we realize your life is what I trust or darkness lightening our never will attach together how else would it fade like so, our eyes crumbling your minds fearing the worst we have to offer
Your comprehension of the lazy days would amaze and break others, though we wish our minds were suddenly showers in an existential shower, our inhibitions lost in a subtle flurry, our codes blue greened into the light our favourite pastimes, green, blue. Occasionally you alwayw celibate pool screw wonderful with all attacks our monster in the crib. They a millionaire oh our world is full of skulls who that’s terrible who is now a sweater.
Armageddon dislike the settings of the accurate assassin corrupt and dastardly which we’d swap because it’s far too entertaining.
To be right off, blueberries ah god I think quite are some sand you will get of nile, something.
Now it’s merely (unintelligable) even if my stead place of soft milk I love to search all that lives
Both mine…perpendicular…the hour
I love the(scribbles)
Well, that made a lot of sense. Haha.
Also, in case you’re womdering why I’m doing all this writing at night, it’s to find song lyrics. I do not think in rhymes. But occasionally, looking through all this scrawled nonsense, I sometimes find some good ideas. You should try it. You don’t have to do it every night, just whenever you feel like it. And start scribbling. Just don’t fall asleep on your book. It’s not comfortable.

Well, only a few more days of break left. Hopefully I can get a beach day in with my friends, but with my last week of driving lessons coming up, probably not. Drat!
Well, on the plus side, Wil is coming home so I’ll be able to talk to him about Neon Bible and White Denim and all that jazz. And I’ll be able to talk to Jacob about music as well. Yay!
Will write more in the near future.

all is calm, all is bright

24 Dec

well, I am lying in my bed listening to Skeletal Lamping and reflecting. I suppose it’s a little too early to start think about new year’s, but eh, that’s where my mind currently resides.
But I will wait a while- some of my mental machinations may be resolved by then. Such as my descision to ask Bortglomt to prom. I am ninety-five percent sure he will say no and I will end up either going alone or going with Agaetis or somethin’. But it is definitely worth a shot, if only to prove that I am brave enough to do something quite so rash.
But still, looking forward to tomorrow morning- presents lovingly wrapped, parents insisting on taking fifteen million pictures. Ugh.
Oh, and I did some midnight drabbles last night, here they are:
vocational occasional bastards on a golden sea your mind is more beautiful than you know our data daughters are beautiful and quick shoot your arrow
The clouds don’t worry all will become a delightful outcome our minds warped by your (scribble)geramy your tetrology
Beauty all the days we dance for you and you only laugh a little louder oh why not launch your mind ahead
Kangaroo blunt sayings of the wet winter we mustn’t decided beauty of the terror we will spray your caracas lovers
Love of course not, that is merely one very long boss list of our belights love changed our terrors we leaving, or gorgeous brothers dance as unicorns beneath the sentence by I’m a roset see yeah I was seen? And of me there are six douius attacks we love, if we could, but the terrible delightful things we think defile the definiyions of a small land.
And our words will predate us, or at least mine will, if I ever decide to do swathlin
I am ridiculous.

Aaah. Well, it’s been a good day. It’s been a good month, really. I guess the christmas spirit is finally getting to me, so I think I’m going to draw a little and go to sleep.

Happy holidays, everyone. I hope your hangovers are gentle and your parents are generous.
I also hope you take a little time to appreciate the little awesome things in life, like taking towels rigt out from the dryer and swaddling yourself in their fuzzy warmth. That’s how I remember living in Canada (I was six.)- wet cold followed by fuzzy warmth.
Well, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Love.

everything in its right place

22 Dec

More midnight drabbles:
Somehow your psyche is poisonous to me- you are my safest bet, you are my glorious one, you are my delight and I cherish you forever and ever.
Of course not, the young flower of the sun stretches, feels alright, it is our beautiful love that supports your universal travels- into the pit, into the beats and the creaks of poor society’s demise, our Norse gods flying to defend us with hammers and axes and flying warrior maidens. When will the silly records break and spit the sound among the stars above, we weren’t made for this world, but I wouldn’t want to meet someone who was.
Sometimes the centuars can make me weep; my shallow heart is fragile and may break witha few angry words. You are a bicycle, sturdy but my steed shall not buck me, the king upon the horse. Your language speaks in strange lightning bolt sentences of fire & brimstone, an ancient pact you are the sons of the great forest, we cannottrust ourselves, we are the terror and the reeling and the light and we shall read from our ties and jump about, sparrows released, like doves, oh the pride and the victory
One day your beauty will stagger the land and shine from your soul like a strobe. You are my beautiful one, you are the one I love, but not the one I can have Piano fires telephone wires, we dance and sing to rid ourselves of the devils that be inside our minds are abysses, deep and full of wonders we cannot see, full of the treasures of the stars, the things behind the veil of reality.
I have not been here before this is not happening

Got pretty lucid.

we’ve come a long way

20 Dec

For the record, this is post 101. Can you say “awesome”?
Also, I woke up at five this morning because my head was on something uncomfortable, aka the notebook I write my midnight drabbles in. This is the second time this week it’s happened. Jeez.
But I did get about a page and a half of readable words, so here they are:
Odin’s sleep apneA beauty in the form of the psychoanalytic pretentious eletists (sic)- you know my mind is a fragile person but our past is breaking along with the sage of the mountain folk our dearest nave, know our terror lovely spoon, taste the rich delicious soup taste oh our one seeing mead god +love the norse mythology tee most, kittens segment on the nave monday anger in a set on high mary
Our own neverending story shout loud sweet nothings to the winds
Bortglomt thinks and the terrible day we fool there are you bulling us tree
The othello…mansion…or r
I fell asleep. The last line is nearly incomprehensible, but I tried to read it. Without success.

So, last night’s party was quite magnificent, albeit with a lack of dancing (fine with me). Jake, the non-acquaintance one, suddenly appeared, much to my surprise. He’s lucky he didn’t stay in New England. I heard about the blizzard, good luck to all you up there.
So! There was much talking, I melted some chocolate over a double boiler, Jamesey discussed the benefits of wearing preposterously large boots, Ryan used me as a footstool, Kaitlyn mistook Korean for Peruvian (somehow!), Kyle headbutted me three times then suddenly felt terrible about it and gave me a hug…
It was a good party. Had a lot of fun. Would go again, five stars.


well, thinkin’ about what I wanna do today, but nothin’s really exploding in my face at the moment. I’ve got to draw some more stuff for Pride Of The Magi, but that’s about it, really…