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your eyes are silent

15 Apr

Title comes from a Mondegreened line of Sigur Rós’ Gobbledigook. No idea what the actual line is.
Cannot think properly because my dad is playing the Strokes really loudly and Julian Casablancas is confusing my fingers. Baahhh.

I tried to write more songs today, all I ended up with were new lyrics for White Winter Hymnal, something based on Sun Hands, and the aforementioned mondegreens of Gobbledigook. Dammit! I wish I could write legit songs. Maybe over the summer something will click and I’ll be the new Zach Condon (No.) and write brilliant orchestrar stuff. Ppffft. Wish me luck.
On the other hand, I was looking through Goodbye Foom (the guy who does Pictures For Sad Children’s livejournal) and noticed that he’d put a link to the song he was listening to under the post. So I tried a few out. There was one (good) by Real Estate, but I’d already heard of them so I moved on. A few tracks later, I came to a song by…uh… I wrote them down, and the paper’s on my bedside table, but I don’t want to get up ‘cos I am really freakin’ tired. And comfy.
Taschen? Nothing to say about it. I am surprisingly warming up to the idea of being his accquaintance and nothin’ more. Hum!

climbing up the walls

24 Feb

So I decided, when I walked in the door today, to listen to Radiohead.
I have neglected them recently, what with my sudden influx of strange electronica and fuzzy blues. It is nice, you know, to go back and listen to an album you loved way back when. I guess OK Computer isn’t a very good example (as I still love it), but it holds to more ancient things.

Basically, this is how my music taste came about:
From birth till about first or second grade, I was weaned on 80s madness and Dave Matthews and The Smiths and Counting Crows. Once I realized tha I could choose my own music (around the end of first grade), I fell in love with the Spice Girls. I thought they were awesome; I can still sing some of their songs. I have fond memories of jumping on a friend of mine’s trampoline while singing at the top of my lungs.
Well, that went on until we moved down to St. Croix (middle of second grade), and I guess I went back to my regular diet of 80s and 90s mush. I have a CD from about that era, it is full of Dave Matthews, Rush, the Pixies, Wilco, that other similar band and actually some Weezer. Good Weezer.
That went on until about seventh grade, when my dad discovered Death Cab For Cutie, which suddenly opened my eyes to the world of awesome soon to follow. Next came Radiohead (but only bits and pieces of albums), then Modest Mouse, then…
By ninth grade, I had been alerted to Sigur Rós and Interpol and Spoon, via myriad sources. I do not remember how I found Spoon, but I am pretty happy I did. Cold War Kids followed, then Vampire Weekend, then MGMT, then Dungen, then Beirut…
And by the end of the summer, I was extremely well-versed in bands.

It’s difficult, though, to find so many bands (and good ones, too!) without people around you who know of them. I talked to Wil about music so often in 9th and 10th grade, as well as listening to Will and Josh blab about what they were listening to. And there was always Youtube, or Sirius XM U, or my friends in the states to give me the heads’-up on bands I would’ve missed. Thanks!

Also, if you want to find new bands, go on Pandora.com or create a profile on Last.fm. They’re both free sites, and both give all sorts of band reccomendations. Check ’em out!

Also, on yesterday’s angsting topic:
WHO CARES. I don’t, at least not anymore.

Gonna write some poems!

looking up

14 Jan

Everything is just FINE

no, seriously. Today has been pretty awesome thus far, I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow. Art! Yearbook! More art!
And now that I suddenly have ideas, things are forty times easier.
I just taught my dad how to sync things to his new iPod! I feel accomplished. Have you ever felt accomplished? Don’t answer that, of course you have.

And the year rolls on.

I’ve been listening to a volatile combination of Vampire Weekend, White Denim, and Spoon, I am not too sure how long I will survive being bombarded by all this coarse joy before I explode into confetti.
Oh oh oh I did some midnight drabbles last night, let me show you them.
they are probably not very good as I was kind of awake while writing them, but we’ll see.
One day, maybe, the flashes behind my eyelids will cease, turning into a completely different person through music. You are my glorious one, you follow me and make me realize my flaws and changes and your delight of your delight together inside hearts from scratch homegrown.
You don’t understand your own mind, let alone others’ minds; together, away from home, life continues. Not your fault, not your reasons for love or lack thereof. I’d mind if you didn’t move how I’d thought, but I’ve king things are okay.
Your mind, though, is a strange ferocious animal, your breath unnatural. You always outthink when you ring your doorbell, together his love
I’ve never quite done this before, you know what I gtab light, not your terror or the glory on the way we work, the way neath the truth, attack the spaces in between morals and say it’s a service for your community, your love and mine may love the life surrounding. Gobhead. Take another drag on your cigar. It’ll kill you shouldn’t beast oh I cannot write tonight, I’m thinking too much.
Going to do some more tonight. Luckily for this one it was almost totally legible, besides some scribbles scrawled haphazardly along the bottom of a page and a crossed-out I.
I am occasionally frightened by the stuff I write: I ask myself how something like that, extolling love and beauty and all that shit, could possibly come out of this little head of mine.
For reference, it occasionally makes me break out in random dancing when I’m home alone or sequestered in my room. Sweet? Sweet.

I will write more tommorrow.