before this…?

(formerly headed as “ideas”)

Okay, this page was going to be a list of things that I was going to do in the future, but since I don’t really want to write about the future at the moment, this will be a page about things I’ve done (related to some posts) in the past.

Basically, I was born in Canada, lived there for three years, moved to New Jersey for two years, where I met my still-friend Bobby, who is currently into Metallica and the Army. My family moved back to Canada for two more years before my dad got a job at Hovensa and we moved down here. That was in 2000, and if you care to do the math it means I was born in 1993.

Anyway. I was a shy little beastie when I entered Mrs. William’s second grade class, and I mainly read and was quiet before (on my first day, no less) Genna befriended me. Instant friendship! She was probably the reason I didn’t become an absolute shut-in at the tender age of 7. Aside from that, singing the territorial anthem, and the terribly depressing song booklet we all were given, I don’t remember much of that year. I was happy, things were cool.

The next year began and I jumped into third grade. This was the year I (stupidly) ran across a fire pit that I’d assumed was completely out, but wasn’t, and I ended up getting second-degree burns across my toes. Everyone in my class made a card for me the next day, and sent it to me while I was convelescing. They came in a huge blue construction paper envelope that I’ve since lost, but I’ve never forgotten it. It was probably the nicest thing that anyone had done for me (outside my family) up to that point. I got better, though.
The 9/11 attacks happened that year while my sister and my mom were up visiting relatives, and they were stuck in Toronto for the better part of the week. It was scary, and shook my little universe, and made me realize that some people weren’t as good as the ones around me.

Moving on to fourth grade. I don’t have very good memories of this year, let alone very clear ones. I kind of remember suddenly befriending Lil, though she hated me the previous two years. Seriously. In the yearbooks her family has from 2000-2001, my face (along with the faces of the other kids she didn’t like) is crossed out. Nice! We made up, though.

Fifth and sixth grade passed in a blur. They were pretty boring, basically, and I learned a lot about how not to act in public, etc. etc. I got through sixth grade by focusing on the incoming awesome that would be middle school…

…not. Middle school sucked, it sucked balls, and every time anyone brings it up I try my best to purge it from my memory. This was where things started to turn to the worst for me. I was loud, and I was annoying, and I didn’t realize either, which made me not exactly the most “hip” person to hang out with. I still had friends, though. Somehow. I also entertained an overwhelming fascination with scarves and long granny skirts, both of which still haunt me to this day. Somewhere in there, I went to Italy and got the single worst haircut of my life. I got into drawing manga, which at this point was a rarity. How good was I? Very, very bad. Also somewhere in there, I got a kidney infection and ran a 105 degree fever at summer camp. Exciting! Health-threatening!

Freshman year was fun. My hair was long, I thought myself invincible, I did wild and crazy things that my earlier scarf-loving self couldn’t have even imagined. I started my first doodle book. I didn’t end up finishing it over the course of the year, but I came close. Fell in love with a senior and was promptly disillusioned as soon as he graduated. Cut my hair. Got a guitar. First listened to Sigur Ros. Became best friends with Sierra and popularized the Frosh Pit. Went to Italy again that summer and had a fucking blast. Started to think with words like “fuck.” Started my first (failed) blog,

Sophomore year: exploded in joy and loveliness and happiness, came to school the first day wearing a skirt and knee-highs, that was one of the only pictures of me that made it into the yearbook. Started really intensely getting into music, expanding what I’d found over the summer. Got another non-speaking part in the fall drama. Obsession with [DATA REDACTED] began to reach critical mass, and subsequently imploded near the end of the year. But somehow, it still survived. Started to get really good at drawing. Got a tablet. Stopped writing fanfiction, thank god. Got a bass and silently cursed Mr. D throughout the three weeks of lessons I put up with before quitting lessons and learning licks from tabs. Started writing good poetry.

JUNIOR YEAR: Things did happen, most of which you can read about on my posts. I went to Vancouver and Boston over the summer and liked it a lot, then came home and started this trainwreck of a blog on the third day of school. Highlights: Speaking part in the play, sleepless night spent angsting, first party involving booze, ridiculous amounts of chem homework. And the drama. The drama.

SENIOR YEAR: currently goin’ on.

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