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you gave all of your savings to the poor

10 Apr

Alright! What happened this week?

I read about 7/8ths of Jacob’s book before giving it back to him, whih bugs me because it was rather good and I would like to finish it. It’s called Franny and Zooey, and it’s by the great J. D. Salinger. (Thank you, Wil.). Would reccommend. It’s not that long, you can probably get through it in two hours.
Annyway, what else? Ah- Kathleen and Rayquan and I went down to Art Thursday to satisfy the demented whims of our art teacher. There was a guy in one of the galleries who was putting on some sort of avant-garde thing; he had a bunch of rectangles of rusty metal lying about or propped up. I felt bad for him, so I talked to him and managed to drop a Stanley Kubrick reference (SCORE) before awkwardly leaving.
Then we schalomphed (that is definitely not a Yiddish word) around and ended up sitting awkwardly in the restaurant below Natasha’s house and listening to her and her dad screaming back and forth about what she was wearing. Oookay.
Didn’t record Gobbledigook yet. Shame. I’m going to bring in my snare next week and be PRO-ACTIVE about this! Jamesey, you should be proud!
Now that I’m done recapping the interesting parts of the days I missed, I can tell you about today: the NHS annual fashion show. Woo? I have to be at the Palms (a hotel) from 3:30 to midnight. Seriously? Way to sabotage my weekend, NHS… but at least it’s something to do, haha. And there are people I enjoy hanging out with that will be there as well, so I don’t think it’ll be quite as bad as I’ve heard from previous goers.
Also, I have a shitload of homework. FFFFFFFFFFFF.

Will write more later, probably at the show, but if I do the post won’t be up until tomorrow.