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i am glad you are 256 colours too

29 Jan

Title is a Black Moth Super Rainbow song, but really has no relevance to anyhing that happened today.
Well, it was a pretty normal day: Ryan yelled at me for messing with his hair, Wil talkedabout shoegaze bands I’d never heard of, Lil pushed me into a pole (twice), etcetera. Probably one of the most “normal” days I’ve had in a long time, which is actually kind of relieving.
Been thinking about Hove and Taschen more often, but the issue has been delegated to the back of my mind for the moment. Taschen has been giving me these passing glances that make me nearly stop in my tracks, which is extremely disconcerting and makes my ears go red. Luckily my hair is long enough to cover them, but still…
Whatever. Nothing is going to happen for a while, so I might as well lay low and take some stress off (not that I’m stressing out about anything.)
One more thing before I go- I am finally finally at peace with Fauberge and Shuggie- or, as you may know them better, Lillian and Wil. I no longer have to supress tears when I see them walk by together (I suspect Lil has told Wil about me and my crying spree and is being extremely kind by not making out/making kissy faces when I’m around… Or maybe they just think it’s awkward at school. Who knows.). I am eternally grateful to the both of them for helping me realize quite a few things and for opening my eyes to what I’d been too narrow-minded to see. Thank you, both of you.

Might as well end on an uplifting note, eh?
Will write more later.

holdumst í hendur

9 Jan

Hummus is ridiculous when you have a crappy blender and a short attention span. Dayum. I currently have tahini all over my jeans, I need to do some laundry. Maybe later.
Anyway. I keep remembering the dream with Taschen, I am starting to wish it was reality (probably not) and so I will…I will… Uh, I will do something. There.
Oh, and on the 23rd Wil’s hosting a party where we will watch Tarantino movies and go glazed-over and slackjawed at his immense CD collection. And manga collection. This party is third in a series that we are having, our goal is to have one every month. So far we’ve had November and December. I’ve claimed hostage for February, we’ll see how that goes.
I put Takk… in my CD player today. I’ve logged about five plays so far. Oh jeezus. I like this record because I don’t have to listen to the lyrics; it is passive. The opposite would probably be Of Montreal. Kevin Barnes really has something to share with us, I guess. (Besides the fact that he is one crazy mofo.) Jonsí, however, doesn’t force his lyrics on you. (And I don’t speak Icelandic anyway, so what do I know?)

Probly gonna play bass for a few hours, I need to learn some new songs. Any suggestions?

shake shake shake

5 Jan

Damn that is a hyperactive song.
Went driving today, came home and was asked by my sister if the first paragraph of her “personal essay” was any good.
My little sister is applying to Deerfield Academy. We cannot afford to send her there, so unless she gets a full scholarship she’s stayin’ here with yours truly. Which I’d be happy about.

Anyway, school angst aside, i just had a minute dance freakout to Justice’s remix of Electric Feel. Best remix I’ve ever heard. It is (debatably) better than the original, I will have to place it on the Reccommended Listening page. I try to only put albums on there, but sometimes I only like a few songs…

Wil would be horrified by that statement, but let him suffer. Ahaha. Masochistic skater.
Probly gonna write more in a few hours, if my sister surrenders the main computer.

east of the western horizon

4 Jan

hey, that sounds like a “deep” song title!

Been talkin’ to Wil about Skeletal Lamping, he holds that it is a very mediocre (okay, bad) album, I hold that it’s okay but not the best, we cannot get anywhere in this argument because I suck at arguing and he has infinitely more musical history than me. Well, you’ll have to judge for yourself. Same thing about Passion Pit: You may hate it. You may love it. You may only like it when you’re stoned to high heaven. Whatever. It’s music, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

For instance, I absolutely LOATHE Praxis, but I respect all members of the band (coff coff Buckethead) because they are very good at what they do. Even though I hate it. Hey, you’ve gotta give ’em some respect for being that good at creating noise.

Music is a very subjective art- actually, scratch that, all art is subjective. I’ve entered art contests, I haven’t won any of them for the simple reason that I do not follow the mold.

Oh! Speaking of art, here’s the plate (and print) that I had talked about previously, the one with Mike Poons and the Bowery on it:



Totally worth the three/four weeks it took to make it. It looks great. I have like sixty copies in my room, I need to give them to people soon.

That about wraps up everything I’ve got today except this tidbit:


just got to be

26 Dec

Tweed is Wil.

There, I said it, I’m done. I will no longer use that codename (unless, of course, I forget and slip) on this blog. He is no longer a secret part of my life-I’ve accepted the shitty things I’ve done to him (mind you, that was last year, when I honestly didn’t care what he thought), and I hope to put that behind me and maybe re-acquaint him, perhaps delve into a spot of friendship. Perhaps.

Well, will write more later.

holiday festivities

20 Dec

Firstly, happy non-denominational holidays to everyone, yay snow and lack of obligatory pre-calc- wait, never mind, we have homework over the break. Ugh.
So, my family is rather strange. I will be spending christmas in their company, rather than with my gigantic extended family (who are Canadian and positively nuts). I am actually quite glad about this. None of my cousins on my father’s side have anything in common with me; the one cousin that does, Lindsay, is twenty-something and is a tattoo artist. (A totally bitchin’ tattoo artist, I might add. If you ever find yourself in Calgary lookin’ to get a narwhal needled into your arm, she’s the gal to ask.)
But anyway. I’m going to a live nativity scene tonight where there will be small donkeys, smaller goats, and possibly one large horse. Woo-hoo! I am excited. I will sing christmas carols with the passion of a thousand christmas-spirited bees. I may even throw in some interpretive dance (no.).

Also, on a completely different topic, I was talking to Wil about the earlier post wherein I put a list of awesome 2009 music things. Yeah, I realize some of it’s a little off. I have a bit of a warped concept of time, for which you can blame the school system. So imagine MGMT being released in 2009, and we’re all good.
I do have some more midnight drabbles, but I’ll put them up later.
Also, going to delete Pride Of The Magi (probably) because I’m not going to be able to think of a coherent plot without the aid of illegal substances.


come on, chemicals

17 Dec

i’ve been waking up and sobbing all night but I know I shouldn’t be
some faulty emotional balance I presume
what makes fauberge so much better than me, tweed? is it the height? the domineering attitude? the wit?
and I am ashamed to be so jealous, but sometimes it is the only emotion i can feel right now- i need a comforter, a soothsayer, a person to hold me close and tell me everything’s gonna be alright, a shoulder to lean on in my embarrassing weakened state.
i love you tweed. you are great in so many ways. but I understand you will never reciprocate my feelings, so can we put New Orleans behind us and just be friends? Not this stupid awkward friendship we have right now, but legitimate friendship without worries, free to say whatever.

That’s all I ask, if it’s not too much.