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4 Apr

happy easter, first of all, to those of you that practice Christianity. Yay Jesus!, I suppose.

Had some really freakin’ weird dreams last night.
In one, I was camping out in this giant warehouse-like building very similar to the huge flea market place in Paris. Nathan, Jenna-li, and I shared a little tent, and I got to keep the key.
The next day, I find that My Morning Jacket is playing a concert right next to our school, so I buy tickets (even though it’s in the middle of class) for my parents and me.
The concert is loud as fuck, they plqy Steam Engine as their first song, I am trying not to sing along as I am sitting next to an emo couple who send me death glares every time I do. Jeff James comes down off the stage and chats with me a while, then abruptly bursts back into song.
And that’s about all I remember. Not the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, but it was a good one and made me feel all concerty when I woke up.

Still sick. Bleh.

Going to…to…do something?