27 Jan

okay, maybe I just like abusing special accented characters, so sue me.

Anyway. Today was pretty great, nothing really new to report EXCEPT
that Jenna (w/ a J) is probably burning me one of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s CDs AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Cue gasp! I cannot wait to stick it into my boombox and start drawing; it opens up awesome ideas from the deep crevasses of my cerebrum.
No progress on my paradigm. Been feeling little pips (okay, strange word, but that is quite accurately what they feel like) of love or something whenever I see either of them- oh, what will I do?Hence the paradigm, as above. I will hopefully come to a conclusion soon- but I’ll probably keep stewing about it for a few months more.
Going to take a picture of my room (or my cave, really) and place it upon here at the soonest opportunity so y’all can see where I live during the weekdays. I merely come out to use the washroom and eat. It is a magnificent cave, if I do say so myself…and pictures will be provided later.
Cast of Characters page will be updated hopefully sometime this weekend, if not then the following week. I will get it done, just there are obstacles in the way (namely, my little sister) that I must first move/get rid of.
Also: I need new headphones. I am going to check Urban Outfitters (they have some nice-looking ones for 60 bucks, but I’m more concerned about durability than sound quality at the moment). Anyone got a good brand that is very durable and has a reasonable price?
Will write more tomorrow. Until then, goodnight.

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