and berlin is so ugly in the morning light

11 Feb

If I were any more cosy, I’d just outright explode.
Well, I am kind of looking forward to tomorrow, as there may be a chance that people have gotten me Valentine’s Day gifts (which will make me very happy). Lillian continues to vehemently deny that she is getting me roses/candy, which means that of course she is. Genna has said that she’s bought me a ticket for the Win A Date With… raffle. I don’t know who she signed me up for. If it is Shaquaaaan, I hope I do not have to suffer through the most awkward ‘date’ in three hundred years.
I may do some slight redecorating this weekend (and a definite basket-clearing), my wall o’stuff is looking pretty sparse now that things have fallen off. I must find my Blu-Tack! It will stick even the heaviest watercolor paper to any nonporous surface with the strength of a thousand ANGRY BEES!

These last few days have made me feel quite wonderful. Thanks, all who contributed to this week of cherished-feeling-ness.

Going to bed, else I will wake up cranky and unable to function properly (which is bad in Think Tank).


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