18 Mar

Going to Disney World tomorrow, hopefully we will have a blast and do cool things.
Internship? OVAH.
Me? Wondering if Wilco had mind reading powers.

Anyway, going to buy clothes ‘n’ things up thar in Florida. Probably going to pick up the My Morning Jacket album It Still Moves, and if I can find it I’m gonna get Rokkurro’s debut album. (Probably not.) Not getting any Modest Mouse, as I have already coerced Nikhil into burning a few CDs for me. Of course, this is if I can remember to bring him some blank CDs.
Also probably going to get some books, I don’t know which ones yet. Maybe some manga? I haven’t read any physical manga in a few months, I think that’s telling me something. In any case, I am going to hit up a Borders, I am pretty sure.

So an advance apology for the lack of post that you all will suffer through for the next few days.
Maybe suffer’s too strong a word… Whatever. I won’t be writing, unless there is wi-fi at the hotel and I can hook my iPod up to it.
last words for now: The Internet is a series of tubes.

Also, I hope all you guys in Spain get back safely and without rape memories. And for Adara, I hope those stairs left you alone.
Love y’alls.

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