6 Sep

For some reason, now that I’ve heard Sufjan Steven’s Illinoise, I keep wanting to be the last person clapping at events and maybe yell out a half-hearted “whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo” like a tiny owl.

But that’s a little random, let’s move on.

Been listening to Sigur Ros’s Hvart-Heim for the last couple days, man is it lovely. Jonsi’s voice kinda carries me off to Icelandic worlds of…of Iceland (okay adjective failing, I know), the music is so soft and soothing…man there is nothing to hate about this record.

Also forgot to rant a little about this: my mother is suscribed to the magazine Real Simple, and I (being a tad bit of a compulsive reader) read it every time it comes. The last page of every magazine has something lighthearted and apparently funny to the average American mother (but mostly lost on me). And oh god, it mentioned Kings Of Leon.

WHAT IS GOING ON. Caleb Followill, what have you done? I ASK FOR AN ANSWER. How did four semi-rednecks who played nice, but not verywell known indie stuff mutate into some uber-music guitarpimps who are known by suburban soccer moms? I AM PUZZLED. (if you don’t know why I’m so annoyed by this, see below rant re: KOL.)

Grr it just bugs the hell out of me. But somehow the advent of Death Cab For Cutie (who I loved at age eleven and got a little tired of just as Narrow Stairs came out) does not bother me- maybe because it got some airtime, then quietly decended into obscurity again. I still like those guys, I just bought the album Transatlanticism and am relieved that I still know the lyrics to all of the songs.  Yay Ben Gibbard! He has some pretty intimidating ‘chops, though:

View Image

Seriously I think those things might be sentient. Watch out for the new music star: BEN GIBBARD’S CHOPS! (though MAN that’d be a little weird, singing chops…what would they sound like? It’d depend on what shampoo he used on them.)

Alright!  My “indie ranting” quota has been fufilled! I am free to rant about other stuff!

Like my dog Cassie, who is small and vaguely Black Lab-ish, but isn’t. She’s very very cute and wakes me up at ungodly hours of the morning by standing on my boobs and licking my face until I sputter and shove her off. She then proceeds to saunter off to my little sister’s room and give her the same treatment. Gotta love ‘er!

Alright gonna play tennis, ciao.

2 Responses to “Woo-hoo-hoo!”

  1. Blayan Cougau 09/06/2009 at 8:21 pm #

    Love that dog… lolz

    We gotta do french at my place some time again, very fun lol.

    • brosandi 09/06/2009 at 8:48 pm #

      Hee. I love ‘er too…

      YEAH! I was gonna do a study group thingy at my house tomorrow, ’bout one ‘o’ clock…I’ll put the details on Facebook later. 8D

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