why the fluff not?

6 Sep

so here I am, sitting at my nice computer tableydeskything listening to the Hives, and I just realized:

  1. Noah and the Whale is coming out with a new album;
  2. I have to download a track by Passion Pit;
  3. My internet is going ridiculously slowly;
  4. I don’t know what the bloody hell RSS is;
  5. and I just realized I have a really good idea for a segment.

I’ll deal with number five first. If you’ve seen Be Kind Rewind, you know what Sweding is, and why it is just plain hilarious; and if you haven’t, then I shall enlighten you- Sweding is taking a huge big-budget fancy movie and remaking it with as little props/sfx as possible, usually in around two minutes. Results are usually hilarious. Which is why I want to do it for a segment.

Number two next- I’m currently listening to said track (it finished downloading as I wrote the above paragraph) and I think I’m in love with this band- think a band-baby of Of Montreal and MGMT, with a tad more electronica and little drum-machine stings in the middle of lyrics. Man, it’s…it’s just mind-blowing; if you’re the sort of person who uses illegal substances, I think this would be a great record to listen to.  The record’s called Manners, and from what I’ve heard the rest of the album is equally amazing. Check it out!

Number one: It’s called The First Days Of Spring and may or may not be the album I am most looking forward to in the next month or so. Oh man I wanna hear it, I heard a song on the radio (satellite indie) and it sounds nice and somber like a few of the songs offa Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down. YUSSS PLEASE.

Number Three seems to have resolved itself, and number four is unimportant for now.

…just had to put that song on repeat because it is just guuaahahahah awesome.

Alright! Will blog more tomorrow, if my homework doesn’t weigh me down too much. Thanks for reading, readers!


One Response to “why the fluff not?”

  1. Ricardo Sebastian Ignacio IV 09/06/2009 at 9:29 pm #

    Wow… so many subliminal shout outs to me… thanks for the credit on Passion Pit btw, and as far as substance abuse goes… no comment lmao

    PS, count me in for sweding

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