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spare me the suspense

23 Nov

I have not blogged in the last two days, which may be a record for me, I’m not sure. In any case, Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday, and I will be having a helluva fun time. Hopefully.
Well, today was an unremarkable day, excepting the two periods of awesome I have every Day 2. Oh, the day system: it is a six-day rotation schedule that was put into effect two years ago, to much confusion and rage. Now it’s pretty integrated, and people like it because you can take many more classes than you previously could. Sweet!
I am rapidly running out of things to write about; I attempted to write some poetry earlier but ended up with a pile of crap and a much less motivated attitude.
Writer’s block sucks! It sucks a lot! It sucks worse than Owl City (who I only know of through my friends Genna and Lillian), which sucks pretty bad.
I suppose I’ll leave you all here then.