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27 Feb

“i sold you for parts”

Feels like I’ve been turned inside out like a sock.
Got a haircut today, it is fairly decent. Currently waiting to see if my headphones are comin’, probably not. Bummerrrrr.

Well, it seems that this blog is gonna be quite a bit more boring now that the main issues have somehow been resolved. I don’t have much else terrible to angst about: wait until around June and July, when I’m in France, to see some hopefully truly excellent angsting. Maybe; it depends if the situation arises.

People are coming over tonight! Excitement! We are going to watch Donnie Darko and eat mass amounts of chicken curry. Hopefully people actually make it rather than lie to me about it and leave me hanging. That would suck! That would really suck!
I hope that never happens to anyone I know. That is terrible.

What else…
Right: Gene Simmons’ son has been doing this comic for some company, which is all well and good. But if you’re like me, and read Bleach, Hellsing, or even One Piece, you’ll notice something a little familiar with the characters.
Too familiar.
The main event is over on LiveJournal (which I will link to later), and they’ve put together instances of his plagiarizing. It is pretty bad, I’ll tell you that much. One character (a bounty hunter? I don’t know the story that well) is basically a white-haired carbon copy of Kenpatchi. Some of the panels are even traced.
How is he getting away with this?
I am pretty proud of him for pissing off the internet this well. Good job, Nick. Now wait for the lawyers to try and lever you out of this mess.

Will write more later.

i was only joking when i said

2 Feb

I’d like to mash every tooth in your head…ohhohohhhh, Sweetness-
Ah, Morrissey.
Well, today was pretty great in comparison to other days (I guess)- though it feels like thursday and it most definitely is not.
Also been thinking about doing more (smaller) hourly comics, the only caveat with that is it takes me forever to ink anything, so I might just use a dark pencil and be done with it. (Maybe.) I’ll be posting them here, if I ever get around to making them.
Also: I’ve settled on two topics for my Think Tank class: the collective unconcious, and gender roles as illustrated by the media. (Or something like that.) I’m going to check ted.com for relevant videos.

Well- homework needs to be done. Will write more later.