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holdumst í hendur

9 Jan

Hummus is ridiculous when you have a crappy blender and a short attention span. Dayum. I currently have tahini all over my jeans, I need to do some laundry. Maybe later.
Anyway. I keep remembering the dream with Taschen, I am starting to wish it was reality (probably not) and so I will…I will… Uh, I will do something. There.
Oh, and on the 23rd Wil’s hosting a party where we will watch Tarantino movies and go glazed-over and slackjawed at his immense CD collection. And manga collection. This party is third in a series that we are having, our goal is to have one every month. So far we’ve had November and December. I’ve claimed hostage for February, we’ll see how that goes.
I put Takk… in my CD player today. I’ve logged about five plays so far. Oh jeezus. I like this record because I don’t have to listen to the lyrics; it is passive. The opposite would probably be Of Montreal. Kevin Barnes really has something to share with us, I guess. (Besides the fact that he is one crazy mofo.) Jonsí, however, doesn’t force his lyrics on you. (And I don’t speak Icelandic anyway, so what do I know?)

Probly gonna play bass for a few hours, I need to learn some new songs. Any suggestions?