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shake shake shake

5 Jan

Damn that is a hyperactive song.
Went driving today, came home and was asked by my sister if the first paragraph of her “personal essay” was any good.
My little sister is applying to Deerfield Academy. We cannot afford to send her there, so unless she gets a full scholarship she’s stayin’ here with yours truly. Which I’d be happy about.

Anyway, school angst aside, i just had a minute dance freakout to Justice’s remix of Electric Feel. Best remix I’ve ever heard. It is (debatably) better than the original, I will have to place it on the Reccommended Listening page. I try to only put albums on there, but sometimes I only like a few songs…

Wil would be horrified by that statement, but let him suffer. Ahaha. Masochistic skater.
Probly gonna write more in a few hours, if my sister surrenders the main computer.